Poem: Write about You by Stacie Penney

I cannot write about your
eyes; their every changing blue to grey—
their midnight ringing baby blue—
mirror mine, while laughter
surrounds us.

I cannot write about your
smile; its activity and
motion — first, wide; second,
cocked at the corner — while
blood rushes to our faces.

I cannot write about your
cheeks; their pink
surfaces and dimpled centers
have combined the traits
genetics provides.

I cannot write about you;
static words cannot capture
your dynamic forces.

Stacie Penney

All rights to the above work are vested in the author and no part or portion thereof can be printed, duplicated or copied without permission.

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4 Responses to Poem: Write about You by Stacie Penney

  1. Thanks for sending this in, Stacie. I love it.

  2. Edie Ramer says:

    Stacie, even if I didn’t know the circumstances behind the poem, I could tell you wrote this about someone you love deeply.

  3. Stacie says:

    Thanks, ladies!

    The days that I can write something like this make me really happy to have the power of words.

  4. Very nice poem, Stacie. Seems to me that you managed to write about this person quite well.

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