Guess the Saying Contest

The final clue! Sorry it is a tad late. I’m giving everyone until midnight Monday, March 9th, to send in their guesses to michelle diener [at] gmail dot com (no spaces), and we’ll put the correct answers in a hat and pull out a winner. To repeat the rules: We have a writing saying in mind and have posted an image a week to give you clues as to which one. Sort of an online charades. After the final clue goes up (which is in this post), we’ll give you all a day to email us your guesses, and those who guess correctly will go into a draw for a Margie Lawson lecture packet of your choice. You can click on the links to find clue # 1 and clue # 2. Good luck!

About Michelle Diener

Michelle Diener writes historical fiction and fantasy. To find out more about her and her novels, you can visit her website.
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