Tis The Season For Deadlines and Distractions, Fa La La La La, La La La La!

So, those who know me, know I procrastinate, but always, somehow, get the job done.  Case in point:  Deadlines. I have too many to count at the moment.  I don’t even want to count them, they make me tremble and shake.  They make me want to go back to bed each morning.  They are daunting.  The holidays compound the stress of it all.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. <cover your ears!> I live for this shit!  LIVE. FOR. IT!

I mean seriously, Live for it. 

I’ve gotten better about protecting the work. I’ve been noticeably absent from commenting here on MM, as well as over at Murder She Writes, and my two personal blogs?  Heck if I can remember the last time I posted.  Facebook? Hah! Karin Harlow has fallen off the face of the earth and Tabke is just barely treading water. Forget tweeting. But I’ve had to do it.  I’ve gone no mail on several loops.  It kills me to do it, I love my loopmates, but if I’m reading blogs and commenting or facebooking or tweeting or conversing on the loops, the work doesn’t get done.  It needs to get done, the only one who can do, it is me.

Oh, but there are so many other distractions!  I cannot say, no, to my granddaughter.  Can’t do it. It’s not in my DNA.  She wins 100% of the time. Decorating for Christmas? I just this past weekend kicking and screaming decorated my tree. It killed me!  I needed to be writing! Christmas shopping?  Hahahahah!  I have purchased one present.  One. I have no plans to go out shopping again.  Internet shopping here I come!  Christmas cards?  Ugh.  So not there yet.

I don’t need no more freakin’ distractions!

Did I mention we bought a new puppy?   Yeah, as if my deadlines needed a puppy.  It’s been 8 years since we’ve had a puppy in the house but it was one of those things I had to do for someone I love.  We lost my father-in-law this past summer, his death hit the family hard.  My husband has had a particularly tough time, and with the holidays here, I knew it was going to be really hard.  To make matters worse, hubby’s dog, Brit, a 13 year old rottie he rescued ten years ago was fading fast.  We had to put her down a month ago.  Not only were her hips about to go, but she was riddled with cancer.  It was the humane, right and incredibly difficult choice to make, but one that had to be made. And so it was done.  Dad’s death set me back 10 weeks on a deadline.  I’m fortunate to have a wonderfully understanding editor.  Brity’s death set me back another week.  But I was concerned about hubby.  He was sad.  Very sad.  We’d talked about getting a Cane Corso when the time was right, and well, I felt the time for my husband was right.  Corsos are not cheap.  Money is very tight in the Tabke house at the moment, so tight, hubby has taken on a job with crazy hours, while I burn the midnight oil writing.

There was no doubt in my mind that a puppy would help hubby in many ways. And me being a research hound that I am, had been chatting with a breeder over the course of a few months, thinking when the time was right, this was the breeder we’d get our pup from, just so happened, she had a pup come available. We hadn’t planned on a puppy this year, but…As I said, Corsos are not cheap. So, how was I going to pay for this very expensive puppy?  I did what any loving wife would do for her grieving husband:  I sold my diamond tennis bracelet.  Hubby was not happy, but I cannot express to you the joy it gave me to go to my jeweler, who btw is awesome, get a nice chunk of cash, go to the bank, deposit that cash, then call the breeder and ask where to wire the money. 

When we picked Bella up at the airport and her sweet little face poked out of her kennel, and my husband lit up, I knew that that lovely diamond and gold chunk of jewelry could never warm me like his smile. (And for those who know me, you know how much I lurve my bling!)

So, who do you think is taking care of the puppy? Moi.  Hubby’s hours are crazy.  So, what’s another distraction? I mean now we have three dogs, and two cats in the house, so what’s another warm body that wants my attention?  I just shrug it off and work an hour or two longer, and ignore a few more emails, skip a few more blogs and hunker down and protect my work and my family.  And with the holidays staring me in the face?  I’ll find a way to do it all, I always do.  After all, I do live for this s%@*!

How about you? What sacrifices do you make for either your work or a loved one?

I have sitting in front of me, a $15.00 Barnes and Noble gift certificate up for grabs today, all you have to do is answer the question and I’ll pick a random name later today!

About Karin Tabke aka Karin Harlow

Award winning author Karin Tabke isn’t just another author with steamy stories to tell, but a cop’s wife who has “seen it all and heard it all.” Karin also writes paranormal romance as Karin Harlow with her L.O.S.T. series hailed as paranormal romantic suspense at its “chilling and sizzling” best.
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26 Responses to Tis The Season For Deadlines and Distractions, Fa La La La La, La La La La!

  1. Lynn Cahoon says:

    What sacrifices do I make? All of them. LOL. Seriously, I love the giving part of life. But I’m learning to give to myself too.

    (I have a Bella too. She’s an eleven year old Pom. I was into Disney characters at the time.)

  2. Edie Ramer says:

    Karin, a dog is definitely worth more than bling. I have two dogs in my office right now, just waiting for me to get up and give them a treat. And when they aren’t here, my cat is here, on my desk or climbing on my lap, wanting attention. Like you and your granddaughter, I’m unable to ignore her.

    One thing I’ll happily sacrifice is cleaning. lol Another thing I’m sacrificing is promotion, which I should be doing. But I can’t do it all, and I think getting another book out is more important.

  3. Carrie Lofty says:

    My sacrifices for work basically constitute free time of any kind. If I’m not spending time with my kids or my husband, I’m working. Granted, a lot of that work bleeds over into fun when I IM too long with my writings partners. But I can’t remember the last time I watched a television show, and reading time has been scarce. I’m just enjoying my momentum too much to stop right now. Though, we’ve planned a mini ski trip for just after Christmas. I wonder if my husband and I will be able to remember how not to work. Heh. I think we’ll manage 🙂

    Have a great holiday season, Karin!

  4. :HUGS: I wish I could do something to help.

    I try not to look at the things I do as sacrifices. For instance, f I can’t be on my computer writing because Daughter needs it for school, that’s okay because she’s learning – and five years of giving up my computer for her schooling paid off when she got accepted to CSU. =o)

    I do whatever it takes for the people I love and that’s okay with me. And if the people I love need to step aside so I can write, that’s okay, too. (At least, it better be or I’ll be kickin’ some butt. :wink:)

    • Thank you for the hugs, Beth! 🙂 I seem to be needing them more and more lately. Thank goodness for friends, yes? One thing that has really gotten me through the rough spots over the years are the friends I’ve met on line.

      Sacrifice is a two way street, so kick butt as needed to get in your writing time! How exciting for your daughter! Good job, mom!

  5. Amy Atwell says:

    Great post, Karin–I’m always in awe at how much you accomplish. Being on one of those writer group loops with you, I will say that we all understand there are times when you have to absent yourself from the social network to protect the work. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: When I grow up, I want to be just like Karin!

    I find it challenging in my world to be ALL things ALL the time. I try to achieve some sort of balance over a week: quality “wife” time, quality “writer” time, quality “daughter” time, quality “cat care-giver” time, quality “board chairman” time, quality “marketer” time, quality “critique partner” time. But honestly, there are days when I feel like I’m fighting a losing battle. It’s hard to keep all the fronts going. I think Christmas magnifies it because it’s another level of family expectations.

    But we manage. And we should celebrate the successes, not bemoan where we came up a bit short. Congrats on the new puppy. Definitely bringing your household more love than a bracelet. You’ve made me wonder if I should cull through my jewelry box. I own dozens of nice pieces I *never* wear!

    • Amy *you* make my head spin with everything you do!

      As far as culling the jewelry box, I say go for it! Once I found out what the jeweler was giving me for my bracelet, I was like, I have all of this other stuff I never wear! But a word of caution: just for the hell of it, I also took the bracelet to another jeweler in town, he offered me 1/8th of what my regular gal did. I’m sure my gal gave me top price because, well, I think I may have paid for a few semesters of her son’s college over the years, and she knew what I was using the money for *and* she loves my hubby, so she was generous, but still, the other guy was insultingly low. Both of the jewelers are private working bench jewelers, not a chain.

      Good luck!

  6. LaDonna says:

    Karin, raising hand here on the world stops for my grandkids thought. Oh, and my daughters too. I totally understand the dog versus tennis bracelet decision, and whole-heartedly agree on your choice. I’d have done the same thing.

    Like Edie said, cleaning is an option. I do adhere to deadlines too, and my debut experience in that area gave me a glimpse of what it’s like and I was happy when I discovered I CAN do it and that there’s nothing wrong with my drive gear when I need it. 🙂

    I love what you did for hubby too! And, I’d be lost without online Christmas shopping, since we live in a small town without any shops to do that.

  7. Liz Kreger says:

    First of all … I have to announce my own winners from my Monday giveaway. I’ve been having a hard time getting onto the internet.

    However, my winning commenters are Berinn and Brenda H. I’ll be contacting both of you and letting you chose which book you want. Actually only one of you will get the choice. 😆 The other will have to take the remainder. 😉

  8. Liz Kreger says:

    Second … Karin, you are a doll. I actually got teary-eyed when you mentioned selling your jewelry for the pup. Nice sacrifice … particularly knowing how you love your bling. No, a new puppy is probably the last thing you needed, but I’m sure it was worth it to make hubby happy.

    There isn’t much that I wouldn’t do for my family. In my case … time is my greatest sacrifice. There is never enough, yet if you need to … you always manage to squeeze in a little bit more.

    Great blog, Karin. Happy holidays to you.

  9. L.A. Lopez says:

    Any critter in your life always makes things better. We never planned on a dog, a cat or anything after we lost Bear, but here we are with two black cats, that drive me nuts at times. Life is so much fuller with them.
    I drive 1 1/2 hrs every Monday morning at 5am, fighting traffic, the weather, and crazies on the road to take care of my two grandkids so they don’t have to go to day care. I spend Monday, Tuesday and sometimes Wednesday with them, away from home, and hubby to do this. I love every moment of it, the rest of the week my DIL’s sister cares for the kids. It’s worth every moment, every hour of sitting in traffic. I’m very close to my grandkids, need I say more.

    • L.A. Lopez! I like the ring of that! I think if noone was looking I would become a pet hoarder. I love animals and how much they give us without knowing how happy they make us. And Grandbabies, is there really anything better?

  10. What a beautiful post, Karin. A pet for a loved one to love is priceless…your husband’s heart must be so full of joy right now… As for sacrifices, I shove aside household tasks (often), a full night’s sleep, most TV/movies/fun reading, and long visits with friends or phone calls. I still try to get together with those friends and family closest to me, but it’s not for as long as I’d like or as frequently.

  11. Donna S says:

    Sleep, seriously its sleep. Could really use a couple more hours a day.

    • Donna, one of my most favorite things to do is sleep. I have gone from a solid must-have-8-hours-a-night to, 4-and-a-half-should-about-cover-it. Certainly not by choice, but I’m a night writer and the puppy is a morning puppy.

  12. Cynthia Eden says:

    I am very much feeling the season of distraction.

  13. Like you, my participation with my writing community gets much less when I’m busy. My family also gets less elaborate meals (makes them appreciate it when they get the good ones, later, though :)) and my reading, which I love, gets shoved aside.

    Karin, take care of yourself, don’t get too run down!

  14. Dale Mayer says:

    Ah Karin, how I can relate. As a single parent of four kids and four cats, I know all about sacrifice. The thing is, when done in love, who cares. There’s nothing like putting a smile on a child’s face or getting a hug from my one of my six foot sons in public when they see me.

    It’s all worth it in the end.


  15. Mariska says:

    am i too late ? DANG !! 🙂

    What sacrifices do you make for either your work or a loved on

    i was quitting my job, for my 1.5 yos baby (he’s 4 yos now). And since then I’ve become a full time mommy 🙂

    at first, i thought it’ll be very boring but hey I was wrong. I’ve met so many wonderful Authors and friends.

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