Have You Made It Yet?

I’m not talking about dinner. I’m talking about, are you where you have worked to be?

I’m not.  Well, I was on track to make it, and then my goals changed. Many moons ago B.P(before published) my goal was to sell to a New York publisher.  After I sold, I asked the  hubster, “Now what?  I’ve achieved my goal.”

His response was, “Shoot for # 1 on the New York Times Bestseller list.”

To which I replied, “Actually the NYT isn’t an accurate account of best selling, the USA Today list is the most accurate.”

He gave me that look that said, “You know what I meant!”

And so, that was that. My new goal: Hit a list and hit it big.  I sold more books, expanded my writing chops to include medieval historical and paranormal suspense.  I’ve self-published a couple of books with a few more in the works, including YOU’VE GOT MURDER, a fun, smart, fast paced murder mystery I co-wrote with Edie.

In January ’12 it will be six years since my first book was released.  I can’t say that I’m where I expected to be six years later.  That I have remained gainfully employed writing romance novels is definitely part of the long term plan, but somehow I thought by now, I’d have my own TV show. Or at least a few movie deals in the works. 😉

Instead, I’ve pulled back on the writing.  Something more important came up.

My granddaughter. I love that kid. I love her more than I ever expected to love a
grandchild, and her wellbeing means everything to me.  It’s a mutual admiration thing: she loves me too.  We do a lot together including yoga.  (we start next week!) She’s my sunshine and always gives me a reason to smile.

Then there are my kids.  I have four, three of them are married now.  Somehow, I thought when they moved out, I wouldn’t hear from them all that much, but that isn’t the case. I’ve become the matriarch of my family. My kids are still learning, still evolving, still
trying to find their way in this crazy world, and they look to me for guidance. Which is kind of funny because growing up they never listened to me at all.  They like being here, in the home they grew up in, with all its familiar sights, sounds and smells. It’s their safe
comfortable place. And though they’re adults, they’re still my kids.  They will always be my kids.  We’ve always been a close family, but as they grow up they have come back home in many respects.  And well, to them, I’m home.  And I like it.  I like being the one the kids come to and know they’re safe. Oh, I’ll call them out if I have to, but they know it’s
because they screwed up, and they always know after the calling out, my love never wavered.

I didn’t expect to be in this position at this time in my life.  I really thought I’d have a TV
show.  Or something!

But along my journey for what I thought I wanted, I got sidetracked and discovered what I really wanted. To stay involved mom, and uber grandma who writes romance. In that regard, I’ve hit all the lists. I’ve made it!  (except for the TV show, which I’m still holding out on.)

The silver lining for me as a writer, is, I see some warm, fuzzy contemporaries in my future.  I mean, aren’t we supposed to write what we know?

So, what about you?  Have you made it?  Or have your plans changed along the way?

About Karin Tabke aka Karin Harlow

Award winning author Karin Tabke isn’t just another author with steamy stories to tell, but a cop’s wife who has “seen it all and heard it all.” Karin also writes paranormal romance as Karin Harlow with her L.O.S.T. series hailed as paranormal romantic suspense at its “chilling and sizzling” best.
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17 Responses to Have You Made It Yet?

  1. Edie Ramer says:

    I’m not where I wanted to be in my writing, and my plans are fluid, always changing. But this last week we saw my grandson once, my son twice, and my husband’s family. I’m making plans for Christmas week with my family. Friends are coming over for dinner this Saturday.

    And even though I’m not where I want to be yet, that’s part of the journey. I’m really looking forward to our book coming out. And I have a fantastic idea that I’ll be working on next year. It makes me happy just to think about it. It’s all good.

    • Edie, I can’t wait for YGM to release either! Who knew our journey would include self-pubbing? I think it’s an exciting time for many of us and because of that, I’m really zen about a lot of things.
      Dinner at your place this Satuday sounds like fun. 🙂
      Karin* Tabke aka Harlow!`s last blog was …National Bestseller

  2. I’m certainly not where I thought I’d be when I started this journey almost eight years ago. I was sure that first book would sell and I’d be catapulted into writer stardom. (Or at least catapulted onto the best seller lists.) Each book I’ve written I was sure I would sell. None of them have yet. But still, even if I’m not exactly happy with how things have turned out so far, I’m content. I’m writing – which is something I never thought I’d have the stick-to-it-iveness to do. And I’ve got tons of writerly friends. Which is always good.

    I can’t wait to see what comes next for you, Karin. Whatever is it, I’m sure it’ll be awesome.

    • Beth, writerly friends sure are the silver lining of our journey. Not sure where I would be without you all.
      I wrote a lot of words before I sold, but what kept me going through all of the rejection is what keeps you going: you know you’re going to sell. You believe in you. That’s huge. Maybe I will get that TV show… 😉
      Karin* Tabke aka Harlow!`s last blog was …National Bestseller

  3. Misty Evans says:

    Karin, you’re a superstar even without the TV show. 😀

    Your granddaughter is adorable and your story about being matriarch of the family and loving it is inspiring. What a great example you are for the rest of us.

    I made most of my goals for this year and right now I’m enjoying the holiday season to the max. When New Year’s rolls around, I’ll tackle another set of goals and keeping moving forward. For me, that’s the best goal of all.

  4. beth watson says:

    Keep dreaming for that TV show Karin. I’m dreaming about a movie based on my book even though I have yet to publish after 11 books and 11 years of writing. But yes, I’ve gotten sidetracked also, which has been a good thing, since writing can be fulfilling yet very disheartening. So I haven’t made it yet with my writing, but one of my goals upon graduating high school was to travel, alot. And I’ve achieved that goal. I’ve been pretty much everywhere domestic and have traveled to many exotic locations and experienced many cultures. And I’ve traced my Irish genealogy and have been traveling to Ireland meeting all my rellies. So in many respects I’ve made it, however, I am stilling on the track to getting published which is my biggest goal!

    Good luck with your TV show!

    • Beth, traveling is something I want to do! I envy you that. In the past it has been time constraints that prevented me from going, now it’s–I don’t know, I don’t have an excuse. I guess just like every goal, I need to just make it happen!

      Keep writing, chica, it will come. Maybe we’ll celebrate your first sale on the Emerald Isle?!
      Karin* Tabke aka Harlow!`s last blog was …National Bestseller

  5. Jill James says:

    I’m almost where I want to be — in writing and in life. I have a few more books, one the book of my heart, that I wish were already out in the world. I don’t have to sell millions, I don’t have to be on a bestseller list, although it would be nice. Think of the vacations I could take. 🙂 I just want to be out there and see enough sales to say, “Hey, someone likes my books and they are reading them.”

    This week I sold 2 books in the UK. The UK!! The other side of the world. Two people found my book. That was so special!!

    My kids aren’t where I want them yet either. They have some more growing to do. Army son is progressing nicely, Reader Daughter, not so much. She is 30 today and sometimes acts 16. But my grandson, The Genius. I have high hopes for him.

    Guess I’m in a nice place after all.
    Jill James`s last blog was …Blog The Writer – Sue Swift/Suz deMello

  6. Congrats on the UK sales, Jill! You have worked so hard to be where you are. You deserve nothing but success.

    I can’t believe your daughter is 30 today! When did that happen? Dayum. Life just flies by. Your grandson is adorable and such a sweetie. Go granny! Will I see you Saturday?

  7. I’m not sure if i’ll ever make it, in that as soon as I accomplish a goal, another seems to take its place. Movie deals would be my ultimate goal 🙂

    But you’re right, in the end, the only thing is really going to matter is our family. When we’re on a death bed, I doubt we’ll be thinking about our book deals and any sort of lists.

  8. Liz Kreger says:

    My journey seems to be taking its own good natured time. No, I’m not where I wanted to be four years ago when I first published … but by the same token, my wants and needs are continuously changing. Yes, I want to publish more books. Yes, I would love to hit a best seller list. And yes, my own television show would be awesome.

    However, I’m not going to let the most important things fall to the wayside on that journey. My daughter … whom I love to pieces. My husband … my family … my friends. Each are important to me in their own way.

    Will I continue to write and hope for those lofty goals? You bet I will. We all have to have something to aim for, but if the journey takes longer than I anticipated? So be it.

  9. Dale Mayer says:

    Hi Karin,

    Lovely pic! I’m glad you’re still so close to your family. It gives me hope that I can create the same kind of loving extended family. The time for mine to move out is coming fast and I know my heart will break even if they move just next door.

    Am I where I expected to be? So not. But then I couldn’t see this option back then. I’m happy though and even though I’m working my butt off – I am seeing some results! That’s a major part of my goal. There will always be more goals for me. But I have to say that for the moment, I’m content!

  10. Dale, they come back after they move out. the nice part about that is, they sure do appreciate you more!

    You’ve worked really hard to get where you are at this time in your career, hard work is always rewarded. There\’s a lot more coming your way. Congrats!
    Karin* Tabke aka Harlow!`s last blog was …National Bestseller

  11. Karin, yoga with your grand-daughter! That is just fantastic. I can just picture it! 🙂

    Funny, the other day I remembered a list of things I hoped to accomplish stuck with a post-it note onto the inside of my wardrobe. I’ve since hit everything on that list but one. But hey, it’s early days. Some days I thought I’d never be published, but now I’m on my second two book deal, and life is good.

    I’m also all over enjoying my kids and the holiday season this year. They are still at the age when this is all so magical, and I love helping them hold on to that magic.
    Michelle Diener`s last blog was …Talking about Dangerous Sanctuary, a Susanna and Parker short story

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