Margery Scott and her two loves (with giveaway!)

I’ve known Margery Scott for a while. When she published her first western romance, Emma’s Wish, I bought it because of our friendship. This was at a time when I wasn’t finishing a lot of books I’d purchased – or even picked up from the library. Not because they were bad, but I was crazy busy and they just couldn’t compete with everything going on in my life. I started to read Emma’s Wish, kind of expecting the same thing to happen. Instead I found myself whipping through it. Delighted. Margery brought the characters to life, and it was a joy to read about Emma and Sam and Sam’s three children.

Now I have Margery’s other books on my Kindle, and I’m so pleased to have her as my guest today to tell us about two of her loves.

Edie, thanks so much for inviting me to visit Magical Musings today. You asked whether I prefer to write historical western romances or romantic suspense.

Do I really have to choose? I love them both. Does that make me fickle? Unfocused? Scattered?

I’ve always loved history, except in high school when learning was confined to politics and wars. I wanted to learn about the people, what they wore, what they ate, how they lived and loved. My love of history probably came naturally since I was born in Scotland, a land steeped in history. My heritage goes back to Robert the Bruce, and many of my ancestors were Border reivers who spent their lives stealing cattle – and the flag – from the English. I have yet to write a Scottish historical, but I do have an idea brewing. There’s something about a man in a kilt with a giant Claymore. 🙂

When I moved to Canada, I was introduced to US television and westerns – Wagon Train, Gunsmoke, Wyatt Earp, etc. Both Emma’s Wish and Wild Wyoming Wind are set in the US west, and I’m looking forward to writing more western historical romances, too.

I’ve also always loved a good scare. Not the gratuitously graphic horror movies of today, but psychological thrillers. I grew up on Alfred Hitchcock, the master of suspense. Remember the shower scene in Psycho – black and white film, no gore, but scary as H-e-double hockey sticks? But since I also love a happy ending, stories of men and women falling in love in the midst of danger and fear really appeal to me. Devil’s Harvest is exactly that – a murder mystery/ romantic suspense with a medical twist.

Leave a comment for a chance to win an electronic copy of Devil’s Harvest. Edie will announce the winner on Saturday. Here’s a short excerpt:

Think about it.

Taryn couldn’t stop thinking about it as she picked up her speed and followed the path leading past the fountain and into the trees. Mason was murdered. Even though the police hadn’t confirmed it yet, she was convinced. The puncture mark on his neck wasn’t made by anyone trying to resuscitate him. She’d bet on it. And if he was murdered, and Luke’s friend didn’t die the way they said she did …

The path wove beneath a canopy of shadowy oaks. She picked up speed, her jumbled thoughts skipping through her brain with every step. She didn’t trust Luke. But he needed her help.

Her mind wandering, she only faintly registered the rustle of pebbles skittering from beneath someone’s feet. As they grew louder, she turned, ready to move aside for a faster runner. He was moving quickly, and it was only as he drew closer that she realized he was wearing a ski mask and gloves.

He was no jogger out for a run.

He was chasing her.

But why? Her heart thundered in her chest. Her knees quaked. She increased her speed. The gap narrowed. Her breath heaved, burning her lungs. She couldn’t run any faster.

She shot a quick glance behind her, her panic rising. Her foot twisted on the uneven ground and she stumbled, crying out as her knees and palms scraped across the gravel. As she tumbled down the embankment, twigs clawed at her skin. Dirt ground into her. Dust stung her eyes. Her head collided with something solid. Pain rocked through her. Her vision began to swim.

Dizzy and disoriented, she tried to crawl away. A sharp pain surged up her leg when she moved. Nausea welled up inside, and she knew she was going to be sick.

Through a haze, she looked up. The man who’d been chasing her was standing at the top of the embankment. Watching her. As he slowly began to pick his way down the hill towards her, the world went black.

Devil’s Harvest is available on Amazon, B&N, AllRomance Ebooks and Smashwords

Edie here, with a question. What about you? Do you just read one genre? Or, like me, do you enjoy reading more than one genre? I do get on a genre kick sometimes, but after a while the books start sounding like each other. I need the variety.

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29 Responses to Margery Scott and her two loves (with giveaway!)

  1. Edie Ramer says:

    Margery, that’s a fantastic excerpt! Thanks so much for being our guest!

    I actually didn’t watch Psycho. I have a very active imagination. I was afraid that after seeing it I might never take a shower again. I saw Hitchcock’s The Birds, and ever since, when I see a lot of crows together my heart beats faster and I get nervous.

  2. Chris Bails says:

    Great excerpt. This sounds great and would love to finish reading. Thanks for the chance to win. You are a new author for me and always looking for new books and authors to check out.

  3. beth watson says:

    Great hook Margery. Loved it!

    I read mainly Young Adult because that is what I write. However, I love amateur sleuth and mystery. I also like romantic comedy, but not alot of those being pubbed. And Brit Lit, because UK still pubs Chick Lit style books I can’t find here anymore.

    Good luck with Devil’s Harvest Margery. Having a medical twist, that is an intriguing title. I will add it to my list and maybe read something other than YA this year!

  4. Thanks, Edie. I’m so pleased to be here. You should watch Psycho sometime. No gratuitous gore, yet still so scary. It’s a classic. I agree with you re The Birds. I saw that at the drive-in and I was terrified to go outside in daylight for ages. It was a great date movie though 😉
    Margery Scott`s last blog was …Happy 2012 – a day later

  5. Thanks, Chris. I’m going to let Edie choose a winner. Good luck.
    Margery Scott`s last blog was …Happy 2012 – a day later

  6. Thanks, Beth. I don’t read much YA, but I do like romantic comedy. I think it’s a hard genre to write since comedy is so subjective.
    Margery Scott`s last blog was …Happy 2012 – a day later

  7. Sherry Gloag says:

    That’s an awesome hook and has me captivated. i’d love to win this book, f not it’s on my wish list.
    Yes I switch genres in my reading quite regularly, for the same reason, Edie.


  8. I do read across genres. I don’t read horror because it screws with my dreams. But mystery, paranormal, romance, name it, I’ll read it. I got to thinking about that this week and I’m all about the characters more than the genre. Give me good characters who make logical decision, or at least decisions that conform to the traits you’ve given your characters and I’m on board!

  9. Margery, I loved the excerpt and I’m so glad you were a guest on MM today!
    And, in answer to your question, Edie, I read almost every genre. I’ll admit to having a fondness for humor, so I especially like my romances, paranormals, historicals, mysteries, thrillers, memoirs, cookbooks, etc., with a touch of comedy, but the only thing I really can’t read is work that’s very violent (gives me nightmares). So I’ve been warned about certain novels that I know are quite good but are probably not best for me personally. 😉
    Marilyn Brant`s last blog was …Happy New Year!!!

  10. Those covers are great! I’ll read anything, just depends on my mood. I could never decide on just one!

  11. Great excerpt. I really want to know what happened next.

    Janice Seagraves`s last blog was …Research

  12. Liz Kreger says:

    Thanx for joining us here at MM today, Margery. Totally with you with regard to gratuitous gory movies (and books). Not my forte, but I do enjoy a good scare ‘pon occasion. Loved the excerpt. Devil’s Harvest sounds like a winner.

  13. Misty Evans says:

    Loved the excerpt, Marjorie! I’m a big romantic suspense fan, so this is right up my alley. And like Cynthia, I’m more about the characters than genre, although since I like a lot of action, I mostly read RS and urban fantasy/paranormal.

    Congrats on all your success and I hope you visit us again here at MM!

  14. Margery – great excerpt and cover.

    Edie – Psycho and The Birds both scared the heck out of me.

    When I’m writing (short contemporary romance), I read in a different genre and pick up romantic suspense, mystery, YA, just about anything. For me, as Cynthia said, it’s all about the characters. If I’m intrigued by them, I’m hooked into the story.

    Barbara White Daille`s last blog was …Wednesday Wisdom: Just Do It

  15. Brenda Hyde says:

    Margery– you sound so much like me with the shows you watched… I’m watching Hell on Wheels on AMC now and realize how much I missed a good Western show. As far as reading- I’m all over the place. I read every genre– I love them all, though I didn’t start reading romance until a few years ago because I was a book snob and didn’t realize what I was missing! Now I’m trying to make up for it, so I do read a lot of romance, but I love fantasy, sci fi, mystery and suspense as well.
    Brenda Hyde`s last blog was …My Five Star Books for 2011

  16. I apologize for not responding to everyone’s comments. My internet was out most of yesterday. Figures, doesn’t it? The one day it matters. I hope it’s not too late.
    Margery Scott`s last blog was …Happy 2012 – a day later

  17. Cyndi, I, too, read across multiple genres. I’m with you on the horror, yet suspense should mess with my head just as much but I read that.
    Margery Scott`s last blog was …Happy 2012 – a day later

  18. Thanks, Marilyn. I’m so glad Edie invited me to be a guest today. I’ve really enjoyed it.
    Margery Scott`s last blog was …Happy 2012 – a day later

  19. Lori, that’s exactly why I write all over the place. Can never decide on just one genre.
    Margery Scott`s last blog was …Happy 2012 – a day later

  20. Liz, it’s just my opinion, but it seems to me that some moviemakers these days have gotten lazy. It’s so much easier to have blood and gore filling the screen than to create a scene and write the dialogue so that the viewer is just as scared but not grossed out.
    Margery Scott`s last blog was …Happy 2012 – a day later

  21. Misty, thanks. I’d be happy to visit again any time.
    Margery Scott`s last blog was …Happy 2012 – a day later

  22. Janice, thanks. What happens next is suspense, action, romance and HEA 😀
    Margery Scott`s last blog was …Happy 2012 – a day later

  23. Sherry, thanks. I don’t know when Edie will draw the winner. Good luck.
    Margery Scott`s last blog was …Happy 2012 – a day later

  24. Thanks, Barbara. I agree with you, Edie and the others. It’s all about the characters. Give me a hero or heroine I can root for and you’ve got me until the last page.
    Margery Scott`s last blog was …Happy 2012 – a day later

  25. Brenda, I watched the first episode of Hell on Wheels. I was so looking forward to a good western series again, but it is pretty violent. I really do have a problem with extreme violence on TV, which is why I can’t watch horror either. Weird since I have no problem with body parts and blood in real life 😕 Right now I’m watching a new miniseries on Canadian TV called Bomb Girls, the story of several women who worked in the munitions factories during WWII.
    Margery Scott`s last blog was …Happy 2012 – a day later

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