Against My Nature

Getting up early that is.  Even when I absolutely positively have to get up early.  Like this past weekend.  I was out of town on business.  Despite the great resort I stayed at, the great food, awesome margaritas, and the cowboys to gaze upon aplenty, my ass had to be out of bed by 6:30 a.m.  (who the hell does that?!) each morning to be at the board table by 7:30  A-effing-M!

I did it.  I wasn’t late.  Not even once.  And one of those days I woke up with a serious hangover.  I was totally regretting margaritas 4-6 for many reasons. But I got up. Where there is a will, there is a bloodshot-eyes-oh-my-god-why-did-I-do-that way.

It’s also against my nature to be punctual, hence the late blog.  Ok, actually that’s a lie (not about being punctual, those of you who know me, know the term On Time gives me hives,) I knew I had to blog here on the 21th.  I have it written down, on a post it right next to my computer.  I looked at it several times yesterday and last night, but it never occurred to me that it was actually going to be March 21st   today!  Where the hell has this month gone?  For me, always on deadline and traveling, the days just blurred into one continuum.  My apologies.

But this does bring me to an interesting question:  What do you do because you have to that goes completely against your nature?  Post a comment to the question and I’ll pick someone to win a copy of GUNS AND ROSES, a Murder She Writes anthology (it’s awesomeness!)

PS, just for some cuteness, here are two pics of my Granddaughter.  I took her for her first mani and pedi yesterday.

Baby wanted pink flowers.

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Award winning author Karin Tabke isn’t just another author with steamy stories to tell, but a cop’s wife who has “seen it all and heard it all.” Karin also writes paranormal romance as Karin Harlow with her L.O.S.T. series hailed as paranormal romantic suspense at its “chilling and sizzling” best.
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22 Responses to Against My Nature

  1. Deana H. says:

    I so love margaritas and your baby’s nails are very cute. I like the pink accent. How old is she now?

    Deana H.`s last blog was …How To Pick Up Girls

  2. Edie Ramer says:

    Promotion is completely against my nature. I’d rather just write my book, publish it, and then write the next one.

    How fun for your granddaughter. She’s a goddess in training.

  3. Your granddaughter is darling and I love the toes.

    I’m with Edie. PROMO goes against my grain and I’d rather submit to a root canal than do a lot of it–but I do it. 🙁

    Also hate to HAVE to get up in the morning. If I wake up on my own at 5 AM that’s fine. But if I have to? I’m exhausted all day and grumpy. I’m grumpy today.
    Casey Clifford`s last blog was …Early Spring: A Weather Gift

  4. Liz Kreger says:

    And I wasn’t with you during that Margherita moment … why? I would have hauled you out after the … uh … fifth one. Yeah, that would have worked.

    Love your blog, Karin. Those pictures are too cute for words. I remember the first time Erin and I got mani-pedis. It was such fun. I’m thinkin’ we’re gonna have to do that again soon.

    Let’s see … I hate getting up early even though I do so every morning at 6:00 or 6:30. Totally goes against the grain. But it seems waking early is sort of a gimme when listing things we hate to do.

    Y’know what I dislike doing? Playing board games. I do it because my daughter enjoys them, but for me its like nails on a chalkboard. Totally irritates me. Does that make me an evil person?

    • Liz, it might have been because you were in WS and I was in the heart of Texas! But we’re going to make up for that in Chicago next month! can’t wait.

      No, you’re not evil for not liking board games, they’re called bored games for a reason. Yawner.
      Karin* Tabke aka Harlow!`s last blog was …CAPA Winner!

  5. Amy Atwell says:

    Having just spent an afternoon getting a mani-pedi with my sis and niece last month, I absolutely appreciate the photos of the granddaughter. Bet she had a blast. As for things I hate to do but know they need to be done, er… doctor checkups. You know the annual eye exam, physical, mammogram. Oh, I go, but I hate scheduling them and reporting for duty. Heck, I think I need to take the cat in for her annual shots.

  6. Dale Mayer says:

    Hi Karin,

    Love the toe picks! I need to spend a day with my daughter like that!

    I’m an early morning person and love getting up at 5 or 6 and go for a 5 k walk. (Don’t shoot me!) but I couldn’t possibly get 4 of those drinks down nohow! I’d have been asleep after 1.

    There are so many good answers to the things I do that go against my nature – Amy’s points make me shudder because I long overdue on all the above. Edie brought up promotion and that gives me the chills, but I do it because I have to. I hate driving now after years of running kids everywhere. I’d love to never have to do it again, but I do it all the time, because I have to.
    Dale Mayer`s last blog was …Livia Quinn is my guest at Magical Musings

  7. Cynthia Eden says:

    Her little toes are adorable!!!!
    Cynthia Eden`s last blog was …Guest Author Casey Crow (With Giveaway Fun!)

  8. Karin, those toes are the cutest!

    I really hate promo, too. And ironing. 🙂

  9. Liz says:

    Once upon a time, going to bed and getting up, but bodies do change. Now, up late and up early and, with luck, a nap in between.

  10. bn100 says:

    I’d say getting up early.

    Cute pictures.

  11. OMG, she’s gotten so big. I can’t believe she’s 2+. And such a cutie-pie. =o)

    I’m not a huge fan of crowds. They didn’t use to bother me, but now… :shudder: I don’t do malls, movies at the theater, or live shows because all those people standing nearby freak me out. But if I have to be in one, I do it whether I like it or not – like when I was in sales and had to go to conferences. Or this past weekend where I was needed to help with fire evacuees. You do what you gotta do and worry about the angst afterwards.

  12. Cris says:

    I’m going to go against the grain here and admit that I’m one of those morning people that everyone loves to hate. “Sleeping in” for me constitutes getting up at 7:00 instead of my usual 5:00-5:30. Yes, even on weekends. And I just happen to naturally wake up that early and be wide awake the moment I do, no coffee necessary (I don’t drink it!). Yes, feel free to hate me :P. But I must admit it can be a bit annoying: I’m a doctoral student working in a laboratory and my advisor is NOT a morning person– which means that any meetings take place in the afternoon. Sometimes after I’ve been in lab for ~12 hours.

    Something I hate but do because I have to? Giving talks. I’m the least public-speaking-adept person you’ll meet (and have zero ability to think on my feet in front of a crowd), but science requires lots of talks. I’m up for one in front of the entire department in 3 weeks… yay?

  13. Alina D says:

    Hi Karin! I am with you on the getting up early. On week days I have to get up at 5:30am to get my oldest up for school and it sucks! I love sleeping and would do it as much as possible if my kids would let me, lol! The other thing I really don’t like right now is writing a synopsis. I mean really why do we have to try and explain a 200 page book on two pages and try and make it good enough that someone’s gonna wanna publish it from reading those two pages! It so hard! Ok there my rant for this morning, lol!

    Your granddaughter is adorable! Have a wonderful day!

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