Review: Defining Moments by Faye Hicks

Book info:

Title: Defining Moments
Author: Faye Hicks
Publisher: Amazon & Smashwords
Publication Date: December 2011

Book Description:

‘Defining Moments’ is the story of Ellie Ward, a professor with a knack for making bad decisions at life’s crossroads, often with tragic consequences. At the age of nine, Ellie accidentally discovers a time portal near her childhood home, one that opens to her in situations of extreme trauma and emotion. Passing through the portal takes Ellie back in time to the key decision points that precipitate her life’s tragedies, enabling her to change those decisions and avert the crises. The downside is that she never has any idea what the specific ‘defining moments’ were, and so she never knows how much of her life she is going to have to repeat to undo a bad situation.

When river ice studies take Ellie to a remote town in Canada’s Northwest Territories, she agrees to go along with three other people in a tiny, single engine plane to scout for ice jams. Ellie’s decision not to insist that they turn back before venturing too far from town becomes another defining moment in her life, when their engine fails and they crash land in the bush. As the only able-bodied survivor Ellie’s graduate student, Brenda, must take on the burden of keeping the others safe as they wait for help to arrive. Fearing that Brenda will crumble under the emotional strain, Ellie shares her personal journal as a diversion. As the hours of waiting turn into days, Brenda immerses herself in Ellie’s autobiography, and we join with her in reading of Ellie’s multiple lives, loves, careers, passions and losses. Brenda is astonished to read that her professor has managed to go back in time and reverse those bad decisions that resulted in tragic outcomes. Is this actually possible, or is Ellie’s journal just a work of fiction? And if it is possible, and Ellie has found a way to rewind the clock to each defining moment in her life, will she live to get the chance to do it this time?

My Thoughts:

Did you ever wish you could go back in time to the most crucial moments of your life and change the decisions you made? I’m sure everyone has thought about it, in one form or another in their lifetime. Ellie Ward the major character of this book can.

From accidently discovering in childhood that she can go back in time and change the outcome of her life, Ellie has been using this power to change her life over and over again.

This comes to light when she is involved in a plane crash with her student Brenda. To calm Brenda down and take her mind off the situation, Ellie hands Brenda her journal to read.

From the onset, I loved this book. This book can be likened to someone handing your the journal of their life. Or in this case three lives.

It’s an insight into three separate lives lived by the same person Ellie and is written in a clear, insightful and engrossing style that will keep you riverted till the end.

Due to the way it is written you almost believe that you are reading someone’s diary, and no matter what people say most of us are curious creatures. It’s the nature of the beast.

Ellie’s journal spans from 1970’s Canada to the present day.

I will not shed any light on the outcomes or contents of her lives as that would spoil the enjoyment of the book. Does Ellie’s life end up perfect in the end or will she continue to go through the cycle of change? You will have to read it to find out.

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