Olympic Fever!


I’ve got it bad.  I always have.  I love everything about the Olympics.  From the opening ceremony to the in depth look at the unsung heroes and heroines whose journey is revealed as they run, jump, swim, shoot, lift, wrestle, dive etc for that most hallowed of all titles: Olympic Champion!

I’m not only in awe of the gold medalists, but of all the athletes who make the Olympic team.  I mean think about it.  Let’s take China or the US for example: the competition for just a few spots on each team is ridiculous.  The time, the money, the blood, the sweat and the gallons of tears spilled to get to that sacred place is remarkably awesome.  It takes more than will and talent, it takes a parent who is willing to go all the way and a village to back them.

Some athletes ride the glory wave all the way to their event and when that moment of truth comes, they choke, leaving the door open for the ones who have been lurking in their shadows to truly shine because they not only have the talent and determination but they have the poise and the nerves of steel to hold it all together to give the performance of their lives.  Amazing.

I cannot imagine the pressure those kids are under.  The agony of defeat before the entire world can never be erased.  But the glory of the gold, that ultimate high of knowing you are the best in the world in your event: nirvana.  That is something that will go down in the annals of Olympic history. The hard work that got you there and the pride of your accomplishment will sustain you for the rest of your life.

Winning one gold medal is an achievement in itself but two, three, four or eighteen?  My God, how often does an athlete like Michael Phelps or Mark Spitz come along?  Once in a lifetime?  In my case two.  How many perfect performances do we see?  Nadia Comaneci, that 13 year old little girl from Romania who captured our hearts in Montreal so many years ago, whose performance on the uneven bars was a stop-in-time moment for her, her nation and the world.  I still remember that perfect performance and the elation I felt (yes, even as young as I was, I was glued to the television during Olympic time).  The world stood still in shock and in awe and then we all cheered like mad for her. Years later she would defect to the US and marry US gymnast Bart Connor.  J I knew I liked that girl for a reason!


It’s moments like that, the overcoming the adversity that draws me to the Olympics every time.  While I cheer my country, I also cheer for athletes from other countries.  As hard as it is for an American to make the US Olympic team, for other nations it’s virtually impossible.

The Olympics always reminds me how lucky I am to live in this great nation and that I should never take my freedoms for granted.  Especially when I hear about teams disappearing from the Olympic village to seek asylum from the country they are representing.

Are you an Olympic addict like me?  If not, do you watch at all? What is your favorite event or who is your favorite athlete?

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Award winning author Karin Tabke isn’t just another author with steamy stories to tell, but a cop’s wife who has “seen it all and heard it all.” Karin also writes paranormal romance as Karin Harlow with her L.O.S.T. series hailed as paranormal romantic suspense at its “chilling and sizzling” best.
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  1. I sort of lose my nationality at the Olympics. As you say, every win is so deserved, I just love watching it, and don’t really care who gets the medals, just that they do. I’ll admit to always feeling a quiet sense of happiness whenever South Africa wins a medal though. As a country, its had a lot of other things on its plate, and the money and facilities aren’t always there to train the athletes, yet year in and year out, athletes of world class standard emerge. I love that!
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  2. I’m right there with you, Karin. Sure, I cheer harder for the U.S. athletes, but they’re all out there doing incredible things. That little Aussie gal who beat all the U.S. gals in hurdles yesterday was amazing. And the the British guy who worked with his U.S. running mate to win the 1500m. And let’s not forget about the Chinese divers and the Mexican divers. Wow. That’s some cool stuff.

    But Aly Raisman winning the gold on floor exercises was priceless. You go, girl. Oh, and my favorite athlete? Ack, there are so many. I’m going with Missy Franklin. She’s just so damn cute and talented. Or Nathan Adrian – also too cute and talented for words.
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    • Watching Aly win that gold last night was exciting! I loved watching our girls win team and then Gabby win all around gold. I watched the men’s high bar last night and I think my jaw was on the floor the entire time. the flying Dutchman was out of this world amazing. I still can’t believe what I saw.

      as an aside, I think I got as much fun out of watching Aly’s parents in the stands as I did the athletes’ performances. 😉
      Karin* Tabke aka Harlow!`s last blog was …CAPA Winner!

  3. Edie Ramer says:

    I’m not an addict, but I do love watching it. The women’s gymnastic were my favorite, and I caught a lot on TV. I was thrilled when Gabby Douglas won. She was fearless and there was a joy in her performance, too. But, really, I was rooting for all of them, and felt bad for the ones that choked or even made a tiny error that counted against them. They are all the best.

    • Edie, I felt so bad for the Romanian girl who had the bronze but because the judges screwed up Aly’s score and had to recast it, lost. I mean I was happy for our girl, but that Romanian girl must have been heartbroken, but dayum if she didn’t come back and do an amazing floor routine!
      Karin* Tabke aka Harlow!`s last blog was …CAPA Winner!

  4. I love watching the Olympics, too, Karin — especially the gymnastics events, although, I hold my breath so much while they’re on that I almost turn blue ;). I remember being a little kid and in absolute awe of Nadia Comaneci. Even now, when they show clips from her Olympic performances, I can’t take my eyes off the screen. She must have had nerves of steel. And, like you, I’ve found it really interesting how some athletes that we haven’t heard as much about really show their strength under pressure. To me, though, just being there makes them all winners.
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    • Marilyn, I love watching the relay races, whether in the water or track. I end up on the edge of my seat when it’s close. Same with gymnastics. I pray whoever wins, wins for best performance not because someone totally choked.
      Karin* Tabke aka Harlow!`s last blog was …CAPA Winner!

  5. Misty Evans says:

    This year, I watched a lot of the Olympics with my kids and it renewed my love of this special meeting of athletes. I’m a huge tennis fan, so I had to watch as much of that as I could while it was on. The kids got into it too. We’d watch the tennis matches in the morning and play tennis in the afternoon. We watched lots of other stuff as well and enjoyed rooting for all the participants. Very inspiring.

  6. Beth Watson says:

    The Olympic athletes are a huge inspiration for me to achieve my goals. When I heard that the one gymnast from China had only seen his family 17 days in the last 4 years I was like, WOW, talk about some major sacrifices to achieve your dreams. I’ll no longer whine if I’m writing 10-12 hour days for a week to get a manuscript sent out. I feel like a total slacker compared to these athletes.

    I hadn’t watched the Olympics for years, but I’m glad I got back into them this year. The US Women’s Gymnastics team made me proud, not only that they took gold, but with their maturity and sportsmanship. When that poor Russian girl flubbed up her floor routine in the all around and her teammates snubbed her I felt so bad. Too much pressure for someone so young. Especially when her diva teammate had just screwed up the balance beam. I’m so proud of the way our girls treated each other and their competitors.

    Yay Team USA!!!

  7. Beth I feel the same way about my writing in comparison to these Olympic athletes! I’m such a slacker!
    Karin* Tabke aka Harlow!`s last blog was …CAPA Winner!

  8. Liz Kreger says:

    After reading all the lovely comments about watching the Olympics and the thrill of watching top athletes rise to their best … I’m almost afraid to say that I have little or no interest in watching the games. Yes, I admire the strength, the fortitude and the determination of these men and women, but for myself? Sorry … I probably watched all of two or three events. I do remember watching Nadia Comanechi score perfect tens and was thrilled … but that was probably the last time I really watched the Olympics.

    Great blog, Karin, and a wonderful tribute to those athletes who have worked so hard to get to where they are now.

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