Guest Author Katie Reus (With Giveaway!)

Update: I am SO, so sorry for the delay in posting the winner’s information!!! Katie and I were both out of town when this post went live. She thought I’d picked the winner,and I thought she had! My deepest apologies!!!

A random winner was selected, and that person is…kyla whitley. Congrats!

Thanks so much to Cynthia and the ladies at Magical Musings for having me here today!

When this post goes live I will be in lovely New Orleans for the Authors After Dark conference. New Orleans is one of those cities that I never get tired of visiting. There’s so much history and magic there that it’s hard not to love it. And talk about things to do! In addition to the conference which I know will be keeping me busy, there are a few places I hope to visit while there.

The first is Café du Monde. Even though it’s summer, I’m looking forward to having a café au lait. The second place I know I’ll be seeing is The French Quarter. The hotel is right in the middle of it so at least I know that’s off my ‘to do’ list. Third on the list: ghost tours! I’m a big fan of anything supernatural and even though I’ve been multiple times before, taking a ghost tour at night through the French Quarter is kind of awesome. There are so many historic areas and since I’m a geek, I don’t mind getting a history lesson.

I don’t know if there will be time but I’m also hoping to get in some cemetery time. That’s right, I like to visit cemeteries in my spare time (and no, I’m not kidding). In New Orleans, most graves are in above ground vaults and some are more ornate than others. Supposedly the voodoo queen Marie Laveau was buried in St. Louis Cemetery #1 but according to my husband (and many others) that’s just not true. That certainly doesn’t stop people from flocking to see her tomb. All around it there are markings of three XXXs in a row from people hoping she’ll grant them a wish.

The Garden District is also on my list. This covers a lot of ground, but the story I’m currently working on has a few scenes that take place in the Garden District so I’m really hoping to make it. And last, but not least, I hope to hit up Jackson Square on Saturday before the book signing. On weekends there’s so much going on there. Live music, a plethora of artists, psychics and street performers abound.

As I’m typing this blog I’m getting even more geared up to go! I don’t think I could ever narrow down any place as my absolute favorite to visit, but New Orleans definitely ranks up there in the top ten. What about you? Where do you like to visit? Or where do you dream of visiting? One random commenter will be drawn to win a copy of Primal Possession (US only), the upcoming release in my Moon Shifter series.

About Primal Possession:

To protect her, he will unleash the beast within…

As his pack’s second-in-command, lupine shifter Liam Armstrong gives orders and takes what he wants—until he meets red-headed, blue-eyed December McIntyre. Liam knows the human beauty is his intended mate the moment he sees her, but December is far too strong-willed to accept his protection.

December, whose brother is the town sheriff, has every reason to mistrust shifters after one killed her youngest sibling. But the forceful and handsome Liam has gotten under her skin in a way she hadn’t thought possible, and the desire she feels for him is almost too much to bear.

When a radical hate group targets all humans known to sympathize with paranormal beings, December is attacked in her bookstore. Reluctantly, she turns to the only one who can help her: Liam. And he is going to take her to places within herself she never knew existed.

Purchase info: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Book Depository


A little about Katie: I’ve been reading romance since a young age—ever since I discovered my mom’s hidden stash. Luckily the addiction stayed with me into adulthood. I write paranormal romance and sexy romantic suspense for Carina Press, Harlequin Nocturne, and NAL/Signet Eclipse. To learn more about me please visit my website, my blog, facebook or find me on twitter @katiereus.

About Cynthia Eden

Award-winning author Cynthia Eden writes dark tales of paranormal romance and romantic suspense. She is a New York Times, USA Today, Digital Book World, and IndieReader best-seller. Cynthia is also a two-time finalist for the RITA® award (she was a finalist both in the romantic suspense category and in the paranormal romance category). Since she began writing full-time in 2005, Cynthia has written over thirty-five novels and novellas. More information about Cynthia can be found at
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23 Responses to Guest Author Katie Reus (With Giveaway!)

  1. Amy R says:

    I would love to visit New Orleans. I never really minded one way or the other, but between you and Cynthia talking about it (and writing it into stories) I have wanted to go more and more. Another place I would like to go is Paris, London, or Australia. Never been outside the US, but if I had to pick it would be to those places. Congrats on the success of your books! I have only started reading them (Red Stone Security), but I did downloaded Lover’s Instinct the other day (as well as Cynthia’s Bleed For Me!) and have really learned to love novella’s! Have a great time in New Orleans!

  2. Misty Evans says:

    Katie, I hope you’re enjoying the author conference and seeing all the sites on your list. The ghost tour would be a hoot and the cafe au lait…yum.

    I have a voodoo priestess in my Witches Anonymous series and now I want to send her (and myself) to New Orleans just so I can check out Marie Laveau’s grave. XXX!

  3. Edie Ramer says:

    Katie, I have a voodoo doll in my office, made by a Louisiana writer, and it’s supposed to bring me good luck. I feel better everytime I look at it.

    I’ve visited New Orleans before, but it was many years ago. I’d love to go again, and I would certainly take the ghost tour. If I could go anywhere right now, it would be Scotland, Ireland, Wales and of course, England. And then I’d love to go to Australia to visit my CP, Michelle Diener.

  4. CrystalGB says:

    Hi Katie. Your new book sounds great. Love the cover. I dream of visiting Hawaii someday.

  5. RachaelM says:

    I have been to New Orleans many times and I love it. The history and atmosphere there is unlike anywhere else I have ever been. I live in Southern Alabama so its also not to far for me to travel.

    I am jeaous of all the updates and status from Authors After Dark. I wish I could have went. I hope you have a great time and thanks for the giveaway.

  6. Marie says:

    As a photographer, I’ve always wanted to go to New Orleans. The place is not only magical in more than one way, it is also breath taking. I cannot wait to read your new book!

  7. Marie says:

    As a photographer, I have always wanted to go to New Orleans for it’s beautiful scenery and cemeteries. It is full of history, magic and beauty. I cannot wait to get my hands on your new book!

  8. kyla whitley says:

    I think Europe would be my choice (England, France, Italy, etc.), with all the history and old structures. My ancestors are from Norway and Ireland, so would want to go to those two places also. 😉 🙂 😆 😀

  9. Welcome, to MM, Katie! I love NOLA! Love it. But not in August. 🙂 That’s the reason I didn’t go to AAD, because the heat and humidity that time of year do me in and even though the con is indoors, how can anyone not go out into the Quarter? But now I wish I had just said, forgetaboutit, and gone! Have fun and stay safe!
    Karin* Tabke aka Harlow!`s last blog was …CAPA Winner!

  10. bn100 says:

    That sounds like fun. I’d like to visit New Orleans.

  11. That is the one Southern city I haven’t been to yet that I want to go to. I have to admit because its known as such a party city (and i’m not a party person) it intimidates me. Is it okay to go there as a family with a young child?

    Went to Charleston, SC last year and loved it! Also loved Savannah.

  12. Tanya C. says:

    I’d love to visit New Orleans just to go on the ghost tours that are offered.

  13. Raonaid Luckwell says:

    Couple friends of mine were able to go to NOLA for ADD – I asked one of them to get me a souvenir from there, something small, so I could live through her experience. Little article of something that I can look at and just sort of daydream about visiting, knowing deep down that I will never get to see the places I want to. So having a piece of that place mailed to me so I can hang around my computer would be the next best thing

  14. Raonaid Luckwell says:

    Forgot my addy Raonaid at gmail dot com

  15. Lisa A Roberts says:

    i would like to go to new orleans and also ireland . would like to win this book . thank you

  16. Dale Mayer says:

    Hi there – welcome to Magical Musings! And boy would I like to go to New Orleans. It’s on my list, just not any time soon. 🙁

    I am also privilegded to have a voodoo doll hanging in my office from another writer friend! She watches over me my keyboard.

    Love the cover. Good luck with the new release!
    Dale Mayer`s last blog was …Blog Tours – now!

  17. Stacey Marin says:

    I would LOVE to go to Scotland and Ireland 😀

    stacey (dot) marin (at) laverne (dot) edu

  18. Welcome to MM, Katie! I’ve been to New Orleans, a very long time ago, in 1989. Absolutely loved it. Have fun at AAD, at least two MM bloggers will be there, so I’m sorry I can’t be, just to hang out with them. 🙂

    I’ve never been to the Amalfi coast in Italy, and I would love to.
    Michelle Diener`s last blog was …Book sightings

  19. Barbara Elness says:

    I love to visit Southern California – because that’s where my friends and family are. I’ve been on vacation a twice in the last year and we did some touristy things, it was a lot of fun. I’d love to visit New Orleans – I did a drive by when I moved from California to Florida, but didn’t get a chance to really stop and check things out. My dream city to visit would be London, and I’ll get there one day. 😀

    Barbed1951 at aol dot com

  20. Cynthia Eden says:

    thanks for posting with us, Katie!!!!

  21. Natasha says:

    I would love to visit Germany or Finland. Thanks for the chance to win!

  22. Katie Reus says:

    Thank you Cynthia & the ladies at MM for having me! And thank you to everyone who has commented. I apologize for not being able to individually respond, I’m at the AAD con now and my online time is limited. I’ve loved reading your answers though 🙂

  23. donnas says:

    Congrats on the new release! Last time I went to New Orleans I had a lot of fun. We did the French Quarter ghost tour and it was really interesting. Hoping to get to go back and do a cemetery tour too.

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