Our fascination with psychics and their abilities

As my Psychic Vision series grows, the emails, questions and personal experiences from readers continues to grows. It’s interesting how many of us have had experiences along this realm. It’s just as interesting to realize how the fascination with psychics and their various abilities continue to grab our attention. In Tuesday’s Child, Sam connects with a

killer’s victims…and then with him. In Hide’n Go Seek, Kali connects with violence to help her find people…particularly when a killer wants to test her abilities…and fail. With Maddy’s Floor, Maddy is a medical intuitive that can see the energy patterns in her patients…and the killer who is trying to kill them.

I’m currently revising book 4 in the series. In this story, Alexis is a transmitter…and receiver. I’ll leave it up to the reader’s imagination to see how that is going to play out! 🙂

Psychic abilities have long been a fascination for the public we’ve all been hooked on since kids with cartoons and superheros that grew into movies with XMen, Fantastic 4 and even the Harry Potter series. And of course TV shows like Medium.

Then there are millions of stories about famous psychics. We’re going to take a look at a few real life ones that inspired my books.

Edgar Cayce – This man was a pioneer in a field we’ve only come to understand more of since his death. In reality, he was a remove viewer. He had the ability to put his body to sleep (and some would call this a deep trance) and yet he could see things well beyond the physical world – and describe them while in this state. He touched on what appeared to be unlimited number of topics, including health, business, and especially world events. He predicted the endings of WW1 and WW2, the end of the Depression and several assassinations.

Ingo Swan – this man is also a remove viewer, with a successful history going back to the late sixties and early seventies. He has ties to the CIA and the Stanford Research Institute. In his case, he’d be given a target, usually a place or event in time. He could then send his consciousness to that location and give details of that location and events going on there. He was tested many times, and always beat the tests. He actually developed a process called CRV or Coordinate Remote Viewing. It is still used today and deals with giving only the coordinates of a specific location – in any time period. In such a way, he proved there is no limits to the past, present or future for the universal mind’s ability to perceive a target.

And no discussion on famous psychics is complete without mentioning – Michel de Nostredame. Nostradamus lived in the 1500s and both terrified and amazed people with his predictions. The one issue with his visions is that they have always been confusing. He would deliberately make his timeframes unclear. He prophesied mostly about Europe but also foretold about air and space travel, the Iraqi war, even various presidential assignations and the 9/11 tragedy. He died in 1556 and left behind a legacy of thousands of predictions for the rest of the world to wonder and ponder his visions.

For me, I can’t help but delve deeper into the fascinating world of ‘what if…’

If you are interested in finding out more about these people and others, check out http://www.psychic-experiences.com/, as the site was invaluable for helping me to write this article.

What about you – are there particular psychics that have always fascinated you? Or what about specific abilities? Or how about a vision or forecast that fascinates you? The end of the world Dec. 21, 2012, anyone??? Lol.

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Dale Mayer writes romantic suspense, with or without paranormal elements like TUESDAY'S CHILD (2011) and now young adult books in various genres like DANGEROUS DESIGNS (2011). Writing stabilizes her in a life gone wild! The other stabilizers? Cheesecake and her four cats! Of course, she's dreaming to think she'll get a piece cheesecake once her four kids find out she's been baking!
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9 Responses to Our fascination with psychics and their abilities

  1. Edie Ramer says:

    I’m fascinated with this subject and will definitely check that site out. I haven’t had any psychic visions, but I want to! Maybe it will happen yet.

    • Dale Mayer says:

      Hi Edie,

      Well as you can tell from my books, I’m fascinated with the subject as well! Although, I have seen my father who passed when I was a child so experience tends to make one a believer!
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  2. Amy R says:

    I have never really thought about psychics and powers and all that too much. As a Christian, however, I often wonder if psychics now are what we called prophets years ago. Does God give the psychics the ability to see things like He did prophets? I used to think everything was black and white. I grew up thinking -there is no such thing as ghosts or psychics or magic or whatever. However, now I sometimes think God can do anything, right? Can he not give anyone the ability to do anything? Sure does make you wonder. Dale, your books seem very intriguing, however, a little scary!

    • Dale Mayer says:

      Hi Amy,
      My mother was a lay minister in her church when a young mohter and she woke up one night to a book falling out of a stacked bookshelf onto her bedroom floor and open to her favorite poem, called Believe. At the same time, she heard her name called out. She sat up in bed and called the hospital to find out her husband (my father) had finally passed away after a long illness in hospital. She has no doubt, he’d come to say good-bye.

      It does make you wonder, doesn’t it!

      And my books aren’t really scary – just the sit on the edge of your seat kind of scary – not hide under the covers kinda of thing. At least I don’t think so!
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  3. Love this topic! I too saw my dad when he passed away, but I was in my 20s. I hadn’t spoken to him in a couple months and didn’t even know he was sick. While working, I thought I saw him out of the corner of my eye, which was weird because I hadn’t even been thinking about him. Later that night I got a call saying he had died.

    It’s funny though because I think we get a lot of signs, but we never seem to be happy, we always want more! “Just give me one more sign and then I’ll know its real!” But we’re never happy, are we? lol.

    I also lived in a house as a child that had a lot of weird things happen, lots of ghosts! It was right across the street from an 1800s Mansion. Funny enough I never noticed anything at the mansion, but weird things happened all the time at our small house across the street. A few years back I was researching the mansion to see if it was still there and found it mentioned on a ghost/haunted site. One person left a comment saying that she had never noticed anything weird about the mansion, but that the house across from it (my childhood house) always made her feel weird. lol. So who knows, maybe the ghosts I saw were real : )

    • Dale Mayer says:

      Hi Lori,

      I love hearing other people’s stories like this. There is so much going on around us, I think most people aren’t open to seeing what’s really there.

      I would LOVE to live in a haunted house. And it wouldn’t surprise me in the least that one haunted house would attract other ghosts to houses in the neighbourhood. Makes you wonder what would happen over time – would the whole area fill up??
      Dale Mayer`s last blog was …Blog Tours – now!

  4. Liz Kreger says:

    Great subject, Dale and a thinker. I firmly believe in psychics. There’s just too much weird sh*t out there that you really cannot discount people with that extra talent. On a personal level? I’ve had opportunities to have psychics predict/read my future, but I’ve always refused. I truly do not want to know what my future holds. Sure, it might be good, mediocre or bad … I’d rather just watch it play out.

    The only experience I’ve ever had with anything remotely psychic was also with my father. (Funny how these things seem to revolve around the father, ain’t it?) I think I’d mentioned in this blog group in the past that shortly after my father died, I had a dream which had nothing to do with him whatsoever, but suddenly he sorta stepped onto the stage, looked at me and gave me a happy little nod before exiting. I’d always viewed this as he way of letting me know he was okay where he was and that I shouldn’t worry about him. I have to say that the pain of losing him lessened after that dream.

    • Dale Mayer says:

      Hi Liz!

      It’s a subject I’m constantly thinking about with my series, but it’s fascinating on its own.

      I wonder if the father stuff is connected to the fact that we’re woman. Who men have experiences about their mother, I wonder? Or is it that we were close to these men. It’s interesting. The most common denominator appears to be that we ALL feel better afterwards. As if that bit of communication, and none of us doubt that’s what it is, was a message that all is okay. We do feel better afterwards.

      I know I often catch out of the corner of my eye a glimpse of my old tomcat. As if he’s still here sleeping the day as always. It does make me feel better. 🙂
      Dale Mayer`s last blog was …Blog Tours – now!

  5. I’m a total skeptic when it comes to this kind of stuff. That said, I find it fascinating!
    Karin* Tabke aka Harlow!`s last blog was …CAPA Winner!

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