Review: Relentless Pursuit by Adrienne Giordano

Book info:

Title: Relentless Pursuit
Author: Adrienne Giordano
Publisher: Carina Press
Release Date: August 13, 2012

Official Description:

You call this a mission?

Yeah, ex-Army Ranger and Taylor Securities operative Billy Tripp screwed up. So instead of being assigned to a dangerous international mission, he’s sent to babysit a pricey necklace at a trendy South Beach hotel. The only bright side to the assignment is working with the manager, smoking-hot hotel heiress Kristen Dante.

Kristen’s worked hard to build her father’s Miami hotel into a jet-set destination. She’s confident in business but not so much with men. What could a sexy guy like Billy want with her when he could have someone like her beautiful, party-girl sister?

There’s a reason Billy’s known as Mr. Relentless. He doesn’t give up. Not on a job, or on the woman he wants. So when three luxury cars go missing from the hotel’s lot, Billy sets out to find the thief. Suddenly, he has a case with the risks he thrives on. But when his investigation leads to Kristen being threatened, the real danger is losing his heart.

My Thoughts:

As with all the Private Protector books, Relentless Pursuit includes an attractive and daring hero, an intelligent and strong heroine, witty banter and lots of suspense. In this release, Billy Tripp is sent to Miami to guard a necklace as punishment. What he didn’t expect was to find love in Kristen Dante, the hotel manager. Billy and Kristen are not a likely couple at all. Billy is someone who has a difficult time not saying every thought that pops into his head or acting on an instinct. Kristen is a calm, cool, business woman trying to run her hotel. Easily distracted and resistant to the rush he gets in the face of danger, Billy starts to investigate a car theft ring involving the Dante Hotel. During this time Billy and Kristen get to know each other. She is the first woman that does not fall for his charm alone and is quick to point out when he needs to filter his thoughts. She has her own self acceptance issues to overcome, which Billy’s lack of filter sometimes helps. I found myself laughing at Billy as well as shaking my head knowing he would be getting in trouble because he couldn’t quite help himself. It was great fun to watch this adventure of a relationship!

I really like how Adrienne developed the hero and heroine of this book. They are unlike many I have read about lately and they each have true self confidence issues that many of us can relate to. Either we know someone that feels the way they do, or we feel the same way they might. Of course, as a woman I really felt for Kristen during times in this book. One scene brought tears to my eyes. It was so awesome to watch how Billy helped Kristen with her own self acceptance. It made you love him even more.

Some of the best parts of the book for me included the words that Billy had to come up with in place of swear words. He promised his mom he would stop swearing and it was a hoot to watch during the whole book. I found the the ring tone songs were hilarious – especially when he was getting caught with some of them. I enjoyed Peter and Izzy’s appearance in this book, too, as it is always nice to see how a couple from a previous story is doing. And of course, what is a Private Protectors book without Vic yelling at someone? In the end it was a kind of cute to see the rare exchange between Vic and Billy.

All the Private Protector’s books are such fun to read. This one was a little lighter in terms of the overall tone of the book compared to the others and it worked perfectly to Billy’s personality. I highly recommend this book (as well as the others in the series). Adrienne Giordano is an author in which I will automatically buy any of her future books even before reading the summary since I have enjoyed them all so much!

Reviewed by: Amy R.

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  1. Edie Ramer says:

    Definitely sounds like a must-read book. I love a book that’s a little different. Great cover, too.

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