One, two, Freddy’s Coming For You…My Top 5 Halloween Movies by Misty Evans

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There are only fifteen days until Halloween! My favorite holiday of the year.

What’s the best part of Halloween? The candy? The costumes? The decorations?

For me, it’s Halloween movies. Not necessarily blood and gore horror films, but movies that keep me on the edge of my seat with suspense and drama. Or laughter. And those that combine chills and laughter? The best of both worlds, my friend.

In my latest Witches Anonymous story, DANCING WITH THE DEVIL, due out on October 31st, by the way, Amy faces a host of horror monsters in purgatory. They symbolize her fears. Even Lucifer, her lover, turns into a dragon she must slay in order to free herself from the sins of her past. While I was writing the story, it was fun to play with this idea and use movie monsters as the road blocks to her ultimate happiness.

The monsters in Halloween and horror flicks rarely symbolize anything. They exist to freak us out and make us scream. But I often view them as more than examples of evil. For instance, one of the reasons I enjoy the TV show Supernatural so much, especially the early years, is because Dean and Sam aren’t just staking vampires and exorcising demons. They’re killing off the fears that are sucking the life out of them. They’re exorcising the personal demons that are keeping them from making peace with the past.

At our house, It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and Edward Scissorhands are watched by my entire family. I’m a total Tim Burton fan – a man who gives real meaning to monsters and what they symbolize – so all of his movies are on our family watch list as well. But for purposes of this blog, those will be an addendum rather than take up the whole list!

So here are my top 5 favorite movies I’ll be watching once the kids are in bed as I countdown to Halloween. Some are simply great horror movies, others contain monsters that I think symbolize much more than a cheap scare.

5. Halloween (1978) Favorite quote: “It’s the boogeyman! The boogeyman’s outside!”  Scare factor: Off the charts.  Cool Factor: Jamie Lee Curtis – one of my favorite actresses.

4. Night of the Living Dead (1968) Favorite quote: “We may not enjoy living together, but dying together isn’t going to solve anything.”  Scare Factor: The whole black and white element adds to the creepiness.  Cool Factor: This is the movie that started it all for zombie lovers.

3. Poltergeist (1982) Favorite quote: “They’re heeeeeere.” Scare factor: This one ties with The Amityville Horror for scariest haunted house movies. Cool Factor: Drew Barrymore and the Poltergeist Curse (four cast members died in the six years between the releases of the first and third films.)

2. A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)  Favorite quote: “One, two, Freddy’s coming for you. / Three, four, better lock your door. / Five, six, grab your crucifix. / Seven, eight, gonna stay up late. / Nine, ten, never sleep again.” Scare factor: Is it any wonder I can’t sleep for weeks after watching this?  Cool Factor: Johnny Depp…need I say more?

And my number one pick is…The Shining (1980)  Favorite quote: “Heeere’s Johnny!”  Scare factor: I cannot go anywhere by myself after watching this movie.  Cool Factor: All of it. Stephen King’s book, Jack Nicholson, the Donner party reference, ghosts, scary-ass little kids, creepy music, you name it, this story/movie has it all.

So what is your favorite Halloween movie, be it cute and cuddly or blood-curdling scary? Leave a comment and be entered to win an Advanced Reader Copy of DANCING WITH THE DEVIL.

Dancing With the Devil, Witches Anonymous, Step 5 (coming Halloween!):

One step forward…

Ex-witch Amy Atwood has never wanted anyone the way she wants Lucifer. If she completes Step 5 of Witches Anonymous—atoning for the sins she committed as his right-hand witch—she just might land Lucifer and the magic-free life she desires.

Two steps back…

But an ancient curse is revealed and a heavenly force determined to remove Lucifer from her life traps Amy between giving into her love for him and saving the souls of her family and friends.

Duty and desire tango for control…

As the war between good and evil reaches a tipping point, Amy must rely on the devil she knows—and can’t resist—to break the curse and help her redeem the souls she’s damned to spend eternity in Hell…

Souls the devil has no intention of giving up.


About Misty Evans

USA Today Bestselling Author Misty Evans writes the award-winning Super Agent series, as well as urban fantasy and paranormal romance. She likes her coffee black, her conspiracy theories juicy, and her wicked characters dressed in couture. When her muse lets her on the internet to play, she’s on Facebook and Twitter.
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16 Responses to One, two, Freddy’s Coming For You…My Top 5 Halloween Movies by Misty Evans

  1. Amy Remus says:

    I do not like scary movies. I have watched all the movies on your list but probably only once or twice in my lifetime since they are too much for me. It doesn’t take much to freak me out (which is why I like my romantic suspense stories to be ones that would most likely not happen to me). The Halloween movies we watch at our house include what is on Disney Channel or Nickelodeon such as Halloweentown or Twitches or something with more magic and less scary. My kids are in 3rd and 5th grade and don’t like to be scared with movies just yet. And even when the kids are in bed I don’t go looking for scary movies. The next WA book sounds great and I look forward to reading about Amy and her adventures with Lucifer and all things evil. She tries so hard to be good. Thanks for the fun post!

    • Misty Evans says:

      Amy, I’m a big scaredy cat, but I still like being scared in a safe way with movies. LOL. There are certain movies I CAN’T watch…like the Exorcist and The Omen. Yikes. Those are too realistic for me! And I hate movies about serial killers. Again, too realistic. But I love a good boogie man movie. 🙂

      And I’m addicted to the Disney Channel and ABC Family, so I’ll be watching Halloweentown and Casper too.

  2. Edie Ramer says:

    Love the title, Dancing with the Devil. The description is great, too. I’m kind of hoping that Amy and Satan will get together. 😈

    Like Amy R, I’m not a fan of scary movies. So of all the movies you mentioned, my fav is It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

  3. Jeff Clough says:

    I love all the movies on your list. I’ve been watching horror movies since I was around five years old, with one of my earliest memories being of sitting in front of the television watching Friday the 13th with my mother. Very few movies–or genres–were off-limits in my house when I was growing up. 🙂
    Some of my favorites are the old Vincent Price/Edgar Allen Poe affairs, but two more modern titles I can recommend are “Stir of Echoes” and “The Others.” Oh, and “Ginger Snaps” and “Ginger Snaps: Unleashed” are the only werewolf movies made in the last 20 years worth watching.
    Happy Halloween!
    Jeff Clough`s last blog was …Fun With Fake Dead People

    • Misty Evans says:

      Jeff, you started young!

      I’m a Poe lover, too. Maybe that’s where my love of horror and gothic stories came from. I haven’t seen Gingersnaps, so I better add that to my Netflix list. Thanks for recommending it.

  4. Misty,
    I was so excited reading your description for your upcoming Witches Anonymous novel!! I know I’m going to love Dancing with the Devil ;). As for your scary movie list…well, I’m too easily terrified to see most of those (Charlie Brown, yes! The Shining? OMG, no!! LOL), but I do still manage to watch “Supernatural” every week because I adore the Winchester brothers 😛 .

    • Misty Evans says:

      Marilyn, who can resist the charms of the Winchesters? Not me. Mix in some Heaven/Hell mythology and a few horror creatures and I’m all over it. The best part of the Supernatural series is the humor that balances out the drama. I can watch those shows over and over and never get tired of them.

      Hope you enjoy Dancing with the Devil!

  5. Amy Atwell says:

    Misty, I don’t watch scary movies as a rule–and you’ve reminded me why! LOL My husband convinced me to go see Aliens (he told me it was a sci fi flick; conveniently forgot to mention the fear factor involved in the original Alien film), and I didn’t sleep for a week. But I love Hitchcock suspenses like Psycho and I adore the tongue in cheek Halloween movies by Tim Burton like Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride. Thanks for getting me in the mood for All Hallow’s Eve!!
    Amy Atwell`s last blog was …Do You Belong To A Book Club?

    • Misty Evans says:

      Alien…what an awesome movie! Sorry it scared you, but you have to admit, Riley is one kickass female lead.

      I love Hitchcock. Used to read all his books in high school. My favorite scary Hitchcock movie is The Birds. Psycho gives me chills, but The Birds freaks me out. It almost made my list. There’s a nice touch of humor in it as well as the creepy bird factor. After I watch that movie, I can’t look at the birds in my flower gardens the same way!

  6. I’m not a horror movie kind of gal, but I do love halloween! We always watch Charlie Brown/Great Pumpkin. That’s the first thing I think of associated with Halloween.

  7. Liz Kreger says:

    I’m a total chicken sh*t when it comes to scary movies, Misty. I think the only movie on your list that I’d seen was The Shining. I did see The Wolfen a long time ago, but loved that one. Other than that … nope, can’t watch those things. Love the paranormal movies and don’t seem to mind blood and gore with those. Go figure.

  8. Dale Mayer says:

    Ohhhh – I love scary movies! And I love Halloween! 🙂 We always used to rent scary movies and play them after I got home with the kids. Only 1 of my kids would stay up and watch them though 🙂 The others would run screaming and put on Disney movies on the other TV 🙂

    A favorite?? No, just lots of well loved ones. Friday the 13th, Poltergeist, The Shining…and the list goes on!
    Dale Mayer`s last blog was …Blog Tour for Family Blood Ties series – Vampire in Denial and Vampire in Distress!

  9. donnas says:

    The Shining, but it has to be the original.

  10. Yay! A new Witches Anonymous story! I love, love, love those! 🙂

    As for scary movies… not so much. Too chicken. 🙂

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