Review: Fatal Deception by Katie Reus

Book info:

Title: Fatal Deception (Book 3 in Red Stone Security Series)
Author: Katie Reus
Publisher: Katie Reus
Release Date: October 2, 2012

Official Description:

Mara Caldwell is a woman with a dark past. She made a clean break from her old life, never imagining her secrets could come back to haunt her. When an old enemy surfaces and threatens the world she’s created for herself Mara is prepared to give up everything, including the husband she loves if it will keep him safe.

Harrison knew his wife had secrets when he married her, but when he discovers the truth, it’s far worse than he imagined. He’s determined to protect her from a deadly enemy who wants to destroy her, but her lack of faith in him infuriates and wounds him. They must work together to keep her safe, but the man they’re up against seeks to destroy everything they’ve built together. Including their lives.

Warnings: This book contains light bondage, hot sex, graphic language and a villain hell bent on revenge.

My Thoughts:

I am so excited about this book. It is the third in the Red Stone Security Series by Katie Reus and I really like that series. The thing that has me most excited about it was that the hero and heroine are already married. In this story Mara has secrets from her past that she has not shared with her husband Harrison. Her past comes back to haunt her and Mara tries to handle things herself, in order to protect Harrison. Harrison goes crazy at his wife’s distance and secrets and can’t figure out what is going on with her. We watch him struggle to get answers from her while she struggles at how much to tell him. She also deals with trust issues. Not only do they have to navigate through the bump in their marriage, but they have to deal with a criminal from Mara’s past who has come after her. The story flows very smoothly and quickly. The plot is well done and the characters are well developed even for such a short story. It helped to read the first two books so you got a feel for the relationship between the main and secondary characters.

Katie does a fantastic job with Harrison and Mara. Despite the fact that they are both former spies (her with MI6 and him with the CIA) they are a typical married couple. When trust is broken and feelings are hurt, they act like a married couple would in real life which made them easy to relate to. I was a little worried about the warnings Katie mentioned in the summary of the book about the light bondage and hot sex scenes since I do not read erotic romance. The bondage part was in one scene that I remember and was consensual between a husband and wife and had a great deal of meaning to it (at least I thought). I don’t think the sex was too graphic, as I think Katie always does a great job at writing intimate scenes. The scenes seemed typical to me in a married relationship. They weren’t crass or raw, but were done with such feelings between the hero and heroine. You could tell that Mara and Harrison are married because they would talk and laugh with each other while making love. That was great!

Overall I found this to be a great romantic suspense book that was well balanced between the suspense and romance. I tend to enjoy stories that have a good plot, a good romance between a hero and heroine and just a couple of specific intimate scenes throughout the whole book. This book fit all those and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys romantic suspense!

Reviewed by: Amy R.

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  1. Cassie B. says:

    Nice review. The suspense element sounds like it adds a lot to the book. I’m not usually much for romance, but a good plot is always a winner. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    Cassie B.`s last blog was …Adults Reading YA Fiction — What It’s Not

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