Review: The Luminary by Elle J Rossi

Book info:

Author: Elle J Rossi
Title: The Luminary
Publisher: Crimson Romance
Publication Date: September 10, 2012

Official blurb:

When Meera Brennan learns she’s a Luminary, one of the most powerful witches in existence, it rocks her already fragile world. To save herself and keep peace within the veiled community, Meera will have to hone her powers and brave an ancient realm to destroy the slayer’s magickal source. She alone must dispel chaos and ensure the balance of good and evil for all mankind.

Banished and stripped of his guardian powers because of a witch, Ghanem Adamo, former Prince of the Saharren realm, receives a chance at redemption when his estranged father reveals an immortal battle destined to alter all realms. In order to protect the innocent, regain his title, and reunite with his family, Ghanem must destroy the slayers’ source of power and bring down their terrorizing leader.

Her life . . .

Or his throne . . .

Challenged by fate, can love survive a nefarious battle that can result in only one prize?

My Thoughts:

Most people in their childhood would have played pass the parcel. You know the feeling you get when you slowly unwrap it layer by layer to reveal the prize beneath. The Luminary by Elle J Rossi is a little like that.
It starts off slowly, and you wait in anticipation before you know it you are devouring the chapters to find out what happens next.

What I love about this book is that the characters are not perfect. They don’t know everything. Meera doesn’t know she’s a witch and it’s a wonderful journey that the reader goes through with her as she discovers her powers.

Ghanem himself is a flawed hero, with prejudices against witches that has shaped his life and beliefs. However he still finds himself attracted to Meera despite her heritage as witch.

Between them both they have to work out a way to work together to fulfill and age old prophecy against vampiric like elves who are bent on world domination, lead by a madman. With the story alternating between earth as we know it, and ulternate world and the world existing in dreams.

Reviewed by: Mei

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  1. leighmorgan1 says:

    Informative and helpful review. The blur sounds great and I like that you found the story unveiling itself to you to keep you reading! I’ll be checking this out. Thanks.

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