Resolutions (With Giveaway)

He'll love you...until death.

He’ll love you…until death.

Update: Our giveaway winner is…Janet Kerr! Congrats!!!

Did you make some this year?  I always try to make a few, and *sometimes* I even manage to stick to them. I make my “big” resolutions, the dream ones, and I make resolutions that I think are easier to obtain. That way, at the end of the year, I can usually say I accomplished at least one resolution. I’m a semi-winner like that. 😉

Here are some of my resolutions for 2013:

1. Learn to say no.  Sigh. I am one of *those* people.  When I’m asked for something, I have a very hard time saying no. This unfortunate condition often results in me doing things like…making 100 fringed shirts for Native American Day, taking a group of scouts in the woods, staying up until midnight to make party goody bags…I think you get the idea.  This year, I will learn to say no–politely, of course.

2. Travel. I love traveling, and this year, I want to visit one place that I’ve never been before.  See? That one seems easy enough, right? Probably a lot easier for me to achieve than resolution #1.

3. Exercise. I have to exercise. I spend 8 hours a day sitting in a computer chair, fighting my cravings for chocolate as I write. Without exercise, I’m lost. Last year, I started zumba classes, and they are amazing. I feel more energetic and happier as a result of those classes. My goal for this year? To keep going with those classes–2 or 3 times a week.

4. Write on a normal schedule. Or, well, as normal as I can get.  😉 In 2013, I would like to not write on holidays. I think my family might like that, too.

5.  Pay it forward. I want to do random acts of kindness more this year. When you do good, you feel good.

6. And six…well, let’s just throw a big one in there for fun. I want to learn how to ski. Since I live in Mobile, Alabama (otherwise known as the home of no snow), that resolution could be a bit tricky…

But what about you? Do you have any resolutions that you’d like to share?  I’ll pick one commenter to win a $10 gift card.  Good luck with your resolutions!


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23 Responses to Resolutions (With Giveaway)

  1. Amy R says:

    Good morning, Cynthia! Our family has started a goals list for 2013. We have never really done that but have separated them into four categories – Health, Personal, Spiritual and Family. We are still working on them, but think we will only make quarterly goals – so the end doesn’t seem so far away. Then we can revise our goals each quarter if we want to. We also want to help and support each other’s goals as a family and plan to reward ourselves with a weekend trip or something if we accomplish them. My kids are 11 and almost 9 so we’ll see how it goes. Good luck with your resolutions! And because I know you can’t say no I plan to email you and ask you a question….but it is easy. 🙂
    Amy R`s last blog was …Review: Miracle Pie by Edie Ramer & Free Book!

  2. Liz Kreger says:

    Resolutions? Normally I don’t bother because I know damn well that I ain’t gonna keep ’em. Haven’t even given any thought for any 2013 resolutions.

    Let’s see — I plan to try to eat healthier. The bloody chemo doesn’t seem to be doing spit, so I’m going to try to change certain aspects of my diet to see if there’s any difference. (She says as she’s munching on Triscuit crackers) Certainly can’t hurt.

    — I like your No. 5 – Pay it forward. I always try to do that. A simple act of kindness can go a long way. This actually happened to me a couple of months ago. I was in the Micky D’s drive thru in Brookfield and when it came for my turn to pay, the worker said the person in the car ahead of me paid for my dinner. Granted it was only a burger and fries … probably all of $3.00, but it was the nicest thing. I was grinning for the rest of the evening. It gives you a good feeling.

    — Oh, and this might be the tough one. I plan to stay alive for the next year … at the very least. 🙂

  3. Edie Ramer says:

    My resolutions are publishing 4 books this year and eating healthier. I have other goals, but those are my most important goals.

    Love your goals, too! The zumba class sounds like fun.

  4. You have great goals for the year, Cynthia!
    I’m someone who does workout, just not nearly as consistently as I should…so that’s one of my resolutions. And to spend less time on social media and more on actually writing, LOL :).

  5. Dale Mayer says:

    Hi Cynthia,

    Love the resolutions. Your #1 is an issue for me too. 🙁 And your #6 is great. I learned to snowboard 2 years ago – been a skier for decades 😉

    I do like the random act of kindness stuff. I try, but need to try harder.

    I lost a lot of weight last year, this year I want to keep it off and get into better shape. Other than that, learn to work smarter! 😉

  6. Lori says:

    That cover is amazing!
    I love resolutions, but just started making them last year. Yes, I made some this year. Some were crazy, big, others small. What I realized was that 75% I could do on my own if I just stuck with them. But exercise for me is a big one too!

  7. Pamk says:

    no resolutions just small goals like adding 2 days of exercise of at least 30 minutes and adding fruits and veggies to diet. I had hold off on the exercise oldest picked me up on christmas day and pulled a muscle in my back or side. Keep in mind that i weigh about 240 and he had to really mash me to pick me up lol.
    scrtsbpal at yahoo dot com

  8. Barbara Elness says:

    I try not to make any unrealistic resolutions that I won’t be able to follow through with. All that does is make me feel bad. 😀 The two that I have made this year is to continue my weight loss and exercise program – I’m close to my goal and I plan to make it. And I’d like to read at least as many books this year as I did last year (80), if not more.

  9. donnas says:

    I dont make actual yearly resolutions. I make long term non date specific goals. Yearly resolutions are too stressful and I wont keep them. My current goals are to learn to eat right thereby resulting in weight loss.

  10. Janet Kerr says:

    My resolution for this year is the word “Faith” & to finish my manuscript. I am working on it!
    I like the cover of your book as well as the title! It makes me want to read it…

  11. Kimh says:

    Don’t make much, I would like to sleep more, eat better, congrats in the books 😎
    Go niners

  12. Misty Evans says:

    Good luck with your resolutions, Cynthia. They’re all good ones I should follow too.

    I’m with Liz, I think I’ll add the pay it forward one. I try to pay it forward on a regular basis, but I want to do it more consciously this year. Like once a week, I’ll have a specific person or idea in mind to work on.

    Yay on the new books! I’m going to need a shelf that’s just devoted to you!

  13. Mariska says:

    My resolutions are stay healthy and Happy , plus win and read more books than the last year 😀

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