Kathleen Irene Paterka is visiting! With a giveaway!

Hi everyone – please welcome Kathleen Irene Paterka back to Magical Musings! Kathleen is the author of numerous novels which embrace universal themes of family and home, including the Women’s Fiction series, “The James Bay Books”. Kathleen is co-author of the non-fiction book FOR THE LOVE OF A CASTLE, published in August of 2012. 

Dale, thanks so much for inviting me to stop by Magical Musings today. It’s always good to be here with this group of lovely ladies. It feels like home.

FATTY PATTY 1It feels like a small town… a town like James Bay, the fictional setting for my Women’s Fiction series.

News travels fast in a small town. Seriously, how many secrets can you have when you live in a place with only one stoplight? Everyone else’s business is routine fodder for daily discussion at the local coffee shop, or the aisles of the grocery store.

My newest release in the James Bay series is LOTTO LUCY. Lucy Carter, a reporter for the James Bay Journal, is a hometown girl of modest means. Raised by her grandmother after being abandoned as a child by an alcoholic mother, Lucy protects her heart by reporting on life, rather than living it. When Lucy wins $70 million in the lottery, she’s Lotto Lucy front coversuddenly living the life of the rich and famous in a four thousand square foot condo at the James Bay Yacht Club. She’s the darling of the James Bay elite, not to mention her mother’s darling, too. After a twenty year absence, Lila’s crawled out of a bottle and returned to town, trying to crawl her way back into Lucy’s life. Or is it Lucy’s money she has her eye on, instead? And while life in a gated community keeps the rabble away, Lucy struggles to fit in with the kind of people who hired her grandmother to vacuum their floors and clean their toilets. Money, property and prestige come into play as Lucy journeys to discover that while money might buy a flashy sports car, it doesn’t make a down payment on happiness or mending family relationships.

Home Fires Front Cover - SmallerThe James Bay novels revolve around ordinary people, with ordinary lives and ordinary jobs who find themselves in extraordinary circumstances. When I began dreaming about the series, I immediately thought about placing the books in a little town similar to my own. I live in Michigan’s beautiful North Country, a region renowned for beautiful beaches, million-dollar sunsets, warm sunny days and crisp cool nights.

My husband (a native of Northern Michigan) and I spent some time brainstorming; eventually, we came up with the fictional town of James Bay. I think it’s a great representation of so many of the resort communities sprawled along the shores of Lake Michigan. James Bay is a beautiful little spot with a year round population of three thousand that can easily swell to nearly twenty thousand people on any given day during the ten weeks of summer. Visitors fill the hotels, shop at upscale boutiques, and dine in five-star restaurants the locals can’t afford. During the height of the season, there’s a type of ‘us v them’ mentality at work. The year-round population is a close-knit community, just like a family. And just like in families, there’s a lot of bickering going on. It can make for quite the drama! And there’s quite a bit of drama in the James Bay series.

There are four novels in the James Bay series. FATTY PATTYHOME FIRES, and LOTTO LUCY are all available; FOR I HAVE SINNED will be released in February 2013.

What about you? Do you live in a city or a small town? Do you ever dream about winning the lottery? Do you think it would affect the way you live your life, or change your relationships? For better… or worse?

Lucy and I would love to hear from you!

Kathleen is giving away a free copy of one of her James Bay novels to one lucky commenter!

About Dale Mayer

Dale Mayer writes romantic suspense, with or without paranormal elements like TUESDAY'S CHILD (2011) and now young adult books in various genres like DANGEROUS DESIGNS (2011). Writing stabilizes her in a life gone wild! The other stabilizers? Cheesecake and her four cats! Of course, she's dreaming to think she'll get a piece cheesecake once her four kids find out she's been baking!
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15 Responses to Kathleen Irene Paterka is visiting! With a giveaway!

  1. Edie Ramer says:

    Your real community sounds like a wonderful place to visit. In the summer, of course. 🙂 And the Castle is so lovely, too. And your book sounds like a great one to read.

    I live in a village but it’s much bigger than my fictional one. I usually forget to buy a lottery ticket, so it’s not likely I’ll win one. My husband and I have talked about what we’d do if we won, though. Travel is way up there. And we’d also be able to help out a family member who’s going through a hard time.

    • Hi Edie!

      Thanks for stopping by! I dream about winning the lottery, too, and being able to travel. Of course, that means I’d need to buy a lottery ticket first, something I’m loathe to do. I like my money too much to spend it on gambling. LOL

      Come visit me in Northern Michigan (in summer, naturally!). I promise to give you the ‘royal treatment’!

      ~ Kathleen

  2. Hi Dale,

    Thanks so much for inviting me to visit Magical Musings today!

    ~ Kathleen

  3. You write James Bay with such beautiful details that it feels like a real place. (And a place I’d love to visit!). My town is small but probably 8000 people, so not James Bay size, but it’s spread out and rural so it doesn’t feel like there’s 8000 people here.

    It’s nice to dream about winning Powerball whenever it makes the news, but I’ll be honest, I have never bought a lottery ticket in my life. I’m not even sure where they sell them. LOL! Convenience stores? I don’t go to those. I think the grocery store has scratch tickets or maybe customer service sells lottery tickets at the desk, but I’ve never been to that area of the store. I get my food and go. 🙂

    My mother buys a lottery ticket every week, though, and once won $500 so that’s not bad. But when I think about how many dollars went into all the tickets that didn’t win…hmmm. Not sure it’s worth it. I think I’m like Lucy at the start of LOTTO LUCY. I can think of better things to do with that $1. 😀

    • Hi Cathy! Thanks for stopping by to chat today!

      I’m with you and Lucy…. never was one to buy lottery tickets much. The inspiration behind the story came to me one day when someone asked, if $$$ were no object, what kind of car would I drive? Simple, I thought. I’d buy a Jaguar convertible. Then I got to thinking… what about a story where a woman who has no $$$ is suddenly driving a Jag convertible. But how would she be able to afford it? Hence, the idea of the lottery ticket.

      Funny thing about Lucy, though. She bought that ticket under protest. Then, after she wins, she needs to figure out a way to deal with all the ‘misfortune’ that her new ‘fortune’ brings into her life.

      Thanks again for stopping by today!

      ~ Kathleen

  4. Misty Evans says:

    Welcome back, Kathleen! Lotto Lucy sounds fun. Haven’t we all dreamed of winning the lottery? We used to play, but not any more. I’d rather sock away that money in a retirement mutual fund. LOL.

    My hometown has less than 4,000 people. There are some great folks here, but gossip is rampant. The saying is, you can’t do a cartwheel in your front yard at 8 a.m. without everyone knowing about it by dinner time. 🙂 Most of it is mindless gossip, but sometimes it’s too much for me. I don’t want to know everything about everybody! And I don’t want everybody sticking their nose in my very unexciting life. The good thing is, I have many friends here. People I can count on no matter what happens. We stick together and help each other out all the time.

    Best wishes on the series!

    • Hi Misty,

      Thanks so much for the warm welcome! Magical Musings feels like home. 🙂

      I understand what you mean about small towns and gossip. James Bay is a fictional resort community, but it’s based on lots of little towns around N. Michigan, including the town where I live. Funny story: one day I went grocery shopping (alone). The next day, my husband went (alone). The lady in charge of the produce dept. asked him, “Are you and Kathleen separated?” (We’ve been married nearly 32 yrs.) He said, “No, of course not, why do you ask?” She said, “Well, each of you is doing grocery shopping. I just thought maybe you each had your own place now.” Steve smiled and said, “I’m here because Kathleen forgot to buy tomatoes.”

      So there you have it. If Steve hadn’t answered her, they probably would have had us divorced by that evening. 🙂

      Have a wonderful day, Misty!

      ~ Kathleen


  5. Cynthia Eden says:

    Hi, Kathleen! Thanks for blogging with us today! And congrats on all of your books!
    Cynthia Eden`s last blog was …ALPHA ONE, A Contest–and Covers!

  6. Jenna Mindel says:

    Hello Kathleen,
    I love James Bay! Having read both Fatty Patty and Home Fires – I feel like I know the place! You’ve created great characters that stay with a reader long after closing the book. Well done!
    As for lottery tickets – yes, I’ve bought them and I’m even part of a lottery club at work with one specific reason for wanting to win. Buy grandmother’s land – 115 acres worth! So really, I don’t need to win millions… a few hundred thousand would do nicely. LOL

    Best to you and I look forward to this next installment in James Bay!

    • Hi Jenna! (waving madly at one of my CPs!!!)

      Actually, Jenna figures into the plot of Lotto Lucy, for she was the one sitting next to me at a writing conference when I came up with the idea of the Jaguar convertible. I poked her in the ribs, pointed to my paper, and whispered, “How about a story where someone wins the lottery?” She gave me a ‘thumbs-up’ and went back to listening to the seminar speaker… which I should have been doing in the first place, too! But then again, if I HAD been listening, I wouldn’t have dreamed up the idea for Lotto Lucy.

      Jenna, I guess you could say you are my good luck charm! Thanks!

      P.S. Hope you win ‘just enough’ so that you’re happy, and can buy Grandma’s land!

      ~ Kathleen

  7. Mariska says:

    Hi Kathleen, you are a new for me author 🙂 haven’t read any of books yet..

    i live in the small town..yes , i’ve been dreaming about winning the lottery…buy a bigger house to my parents, and use some money to travel around the world if possible with my family 😀

  8. CONGRATULATIONS, Misty Evans!

    Misty is the winner of one of the James Bay books!

    ~ Kathleen

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