Review: Yours at Midnight by Robin Bielman

Yours-at-MidnightBook info:

Title: Yours at Midnight
Author: Robin Bielman
Publisher: Entangled Publishing (Ever After)
Date Released: December 17, 2012
Rating: 5 stars
Source: Digital copy received from Entangled Publishing via Magical Musings

Official Summary:

Lyric Whetsone only had eyes for Quinn Sobel’s brother Oliver, until a car crash took Oliver’s life on New Year’s Eve. Then, a moment of shared grief between Quinn and Lyric became something more impassioned, something that frightened Quinn so much he ran from Lyric’s bed and her life, disappearing for four long years.

Now Quinn’s back for another New Year’s Eve, struggling for closure, desperate to leave his grief in the past and make amends with the girl of his dreams.

But Lyric has a secret–one that could drive Quinn from her life forever. Will Quinn run away from the love and acceptance he’s always wanted…or will he claim his New Year’s kiss and make her his at midnight?

My Thoughts:

This was such a fun book. I fell in love with both Quinn and Lyric right away. Robin did a great job of developing these characters, especially since this was a novella. I jumped on for the ride and didn’t put the book down until it was over (well, maybe once when I had to go to work).

Quinn is a very complicated, yet simple guy. He has come back after four years and wants to right some wrongs. He feels so much guilt and shame over his brother dying in the car accident that Quinn survived. He has always loved Lyric but just left her when things got too hard to handle. Now he is back for her. He has so much to say to her that should have been said years before. I love Quinn’s easy nature with people, especially Lyric’s mother Caroline. She is like a second mother to him.

Lyric carries the weight of the world on her shoulders. She has kept so much inside for the past four years since Quinn left. Now that Quinn is back she is completely out of sorts. Her mind and heart are thinking two different things when it comes to Quinn, which only complicates her situation. She also has this secret that keeps getting in the way but she is so afraid to talk to him about it. Normally, as a woman, I tend to side with the female heroines in books, but in this one I was all team Quinn. Lyric did come around though and also righted some of her past wrongs with Quinn.

Robin pulls some tricks in the story that really thicken the plot and had me gasping out loud a time or two. She also had me laughing and feeling sad for the characters. She did a wonderful job of balancing the specific romantic moments with the overall plot of the story. I thought Yours at Midnight was a sweet, emotional, fun, contemporary romance story. If you are searching for a quick weekend read, I highly recommend it. I look forward to more books by Robin Bielman in the future!

Reviewed by: Amy R.

Five stars

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  1. Edie Ramer says:

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention. This is just the kind of story I enjoy reading, and I will purchase it today.

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  3. Great review, and spot on. I loved this book – it was the perfect thing to read just before New Year’s. I thought Robin did an excellent job with it.
    Christine Ashworth`s last blog was …White Wine Goes With Veggies

  4. Fabulous review, Amy!!
    As you already know, I’m a fan of Robin’s books, and I loved this story, too ;).
    Hope you had a great weekend!
    Marilyn Brant`s last blog was …Pride & Prejudice is 200 Today!!!

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