The Many Uses of Blogs

Flower.2Even after several years, blogs still appear to be all the rage.  People surf the ‘net each day to catch their favorites, find new and create their own.  So that got me to thinkin’ of the many uses for blogs.  Here are a few.  Feel free to add to my list.

1.   Information.   You can glean a hellava lot of information and facts when reading a blog.  But keep in mind that it may (and often isn’t) correct.  Everyone have their own opinions and not everyone is careful about checking their sources.  In fact, over the years I’ve read some doozies.

2.   Promotion.    Duh.  No brainer there.  A blog is invaluable to an author when it comes to promoting a new release.  Gets your name out there.  Keeps fans up to date with your work.  Even keeps you on track with personal goals.

3.    Personal Opinions.    This one can get sticky — particularly around any type of election time.  Sure, put forth your political opinion, but let’s not get obnoxious about it.  Give your reader a good pro and con blog and leave it at that.  Don’t use it for your own personal agenda.  Nothing will turn me off faster and will dissuade me from ever visiting your blog again.

4.   Updates.    A blog is a great way to keep people up to date on how things are going for you.  I do this with my personal blog on Fridays … – Literally Liz.  Most of you know that I’ve been battling breast cancer for nearly 17 years.  My Friday “Cancer Warrior” blog allows me to keep a lot of people up to date on my latest treatment and it let’s others going through the same thing know what to expect.  In other words, generally share my trials and tribulations.  I like to think that I’ve helped a lot of people know what to expect if they find themselves in the unfortunate situation of having to battle breast cancer.

5.    Bragging.    This comes under the heading and keeping it light.  New grandchild?  Got a new puppy?  Big, fat three book contract?  Go for it, but again, I’d say be careful on how gushy you get.

Personally, I think the trick is to try to make your blog fresh and interesting.  You need to keep up on it so that people will return time and again to see what you’ve got to say.  I’ve gone to sites only to find that the author hadn’t updated their blog in months, if not years.  Makes it really easy to forget about that site if there’s nothing new to read.

So, what attracts you to a blog?  Favorite author?  Interesting topics?  Refreshing information?  I’m interested in knowing.

About Liz Kreger

Liz Kreger writes science fiction/romances and to date, has two books published by Samhain Publishing ... FORGET ABOUT TOMORROW and PROMISE FOR TOMORROW. Liz is presently branching out to contemporary paranormals and is experimenting with urban fantasy.
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12 Responses to The Many Uses of Blogs

  1. Edie Ramer says:

    I don’t check out blogs as much as I used to. I only follow blogs of a few friends and some information blogs. Pretty much everyone I know shares the good and the bad and some personal stuff on Facebook. Plus a lot of really cute cat pics. 🙂

    But I often hear on different loops about blogs pertaining to the writing business. Those I will hop over and read.

    • Liz Kreger says:

      Same here, Edie. I don’t blog hop as often as I used to. Just a few favorites … when I have the time. I do get a lot of my information via FB as well, but I find that to be a time suck, so I really don’t use it as a promotional tool at the moment. Perhaps when I have something coming out I might start exploring that avenue.

  2. Lori says:

    I don’t read blogs for writing info, but I do look at them for pictures. In particular pictures of England/UK. I’ve found some really positive blogs with pretty pictures and subjects that just make me happy, and I do like to go to those.

  3. Misty Evans says:

    This blog is the only one I read on a regular basis. 😆 We’ve got it all here…information, celebrations, great book reviews and lots of good ol’ girl chat.

    I like bloggers who send me the day’s blog in an email. I subscribe to two who offer positive motivation. Other than than, I don’t have time. And I don’t have a personal blog. I’m a private person AND I don’t make time for it…my writing/family schedule is so hectic, I’d never keep up.

  4. Liz Kreger says:

    I find having a personal blog to be interesting and actually fun … for the most part. Sure, I don’t always keep up on most posts. I try to do WoW (Writer on Writing) on Mondays, a Bitch Session on Wednesdays and then I do my Cancer Warrior on Fridays. The one that I really try to keep up is the Friday one. To me, the other two days are a hit and miss.

    But I agree about reading this blog on a daily basis. 😎 It is very informative and the subject matter is very eclectic. But then, what would you expect from such a diverse group of women. 😉

  5. Liz,
    Information (about the publishing industry or other topics of interest) and humor are the biggest draws for me when I read blogs ;).
    Marilyn Brant`s last blog was …ON ANY GIVEN SUNDAE is $0.99 This Week!

    • Liz Kreger says:

      I agree, Marilyn. Keeping up with the industry and learning new things about it (and self-pubbing) is a great use of a blog. Provided, the blogger has it correct, of course. 😆

  6. Amy R says:

    I follow blogs in my Google Reader, mainly because I can get a quick view of whether or not I want to read it. If not, I just scroll past. Some I follow only because they have book giveaways everyday so I can check out the book and decide if I want take the time to comment and win it or not.

    I tend to lump blogs in with social media. I prefer them for the most part to be quick to read and fun. I have some friends that write long depressing blog posts about their inner most feelings about why they are put ont his Earth and those get a little old. I also like blogs where the owner of the blog interacts with you. I try to remember to reply to comments on my own blog since I enjoy that on others. That is one of the most awesome things about MM. You guys have such a great community!

    • Liz Kreger says:

      Oh, I hear ya, Amy, about the long, drawn out blogs. They are totally depressing for the most part.

      I also agree about interaction. I love getting a response to any comments I make. Also the reason I make it a point of responding to all comments … or at least I try to.

  7. I read blogs for industry info, and also for reviews and some interaction with authors I like to read.

    I like to think MM has it all, and it is certainly the only blog I visit every day and try to comment on every post.

    I think responding to comments is a must. I enjoy hearing back from people and I love starting a conversation with them.

    I don’t do a personal blog. I just use the ‘blog’ part of my site to announce any news or updates. My personal blog time is here on MM. 🙂
    Michelle Diener`s last blog was …Release Day for Daughter of the Sky

    • Liz Kreger says:

      Keeping up with the industry is a good use for blogs, Michelle. Using your own personal one for announcements is probably a good idea if you don’t want to (or have time to) keep it up.

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