Discover a New Historical Author Day

Daughter of the SkyUPDATE: We have a winner! Congratulations to Kristine – pulled her name from the hat for the giveaway prize. Kristine wins a copy of Daughter of the Sky.

My latest historical novel, Daughter of the Sky, released on March 1st, and as a result I’ve been on the various online bookstores a lot, checking out my links, making sure everything is as it should be, and so on. And in my cyber travels, I’ve stumbled across a couple of new-to-me authors. I thought it would be fun to put a list of historical authors together for this post so that the MM readers can discover them, too. Some I’ve read, some I haven’t, but something about their work intrigued me, and some are on this list because, well, they are awesome, I know them, and I think you’ll think they’re awesome, too, if you give their books a read.

AmbersleyI decided to only include authors that had a book out at $4.99 or less. That’s just about the cost of a cup of coffee where I come from, and certainly you could be willing to give a book a chance for the same price you’d spend on the beverage of your choice at your local café. This is a great way to try them out and see if you like them.

So without further ado, here is my list (and bear in mind pricing could change, but this is what it was on the day of posting):

To Seduce an EarlFellow Magical Musings co-bloggers

Amy Atwell: Ambersley (This book is actually on special for $0.99 right now, so there really is nothing to lose and one heck of a lot to gain.)

Lori Brighton: To Seduce an Earl (Go get it for $2.99.)

Michelle Diener: Daughter of the Sky (My new release, set in Zululand at the outbreak of the Anglo-Zulu War, on sale for $3.99.)

HisMistletoeBridePrevious Magical Musings Guest Bloggers

Katharine Ashe: A Lady’s Wish (Famous for her witty Regency romances, Katharine Ashe’s historical novella is on sale at $3.17.)

Elizabeth Hoyt: The Raven Prince (This first book in the Prince Trilogy is really a fun, well-written Regency romance by a NYT bestselling author, on sale at $3.99)

Vanessa Kelly: His Mistletoe Bride (This Regency romance has had great reviews and is on sale at $4.79.)

Current historical titles that look interesting

thegirlwhocamehomeTamera Alexander: To Whisper Her Name (This Southern-set historical looks like a win for lovers of Gone With the Wind. On sale for $3.11.)

Kate Worth: The Promise (This historical Regency romance has had a lot of great reviews. Currently for sale at $2.99.)

Hazel Gaynor: The Girl Who Came Home (This really looks great. About a group of Irish women immigrants on board the Titanic. This books has gotten some awesome reviews. On sale at $2.99.)

still-life-with-murdeJan Moran: Scent of Triumph (This WWII saga about a woman with a talent for making perfume has had great reviews and is on sale for $0.99.)

Historical mystery

P.B. Ryan: Still Life With Murder (This post-Civil War murder mystery set in Boston is a bargain at $0.99.)

Sarah Woodbury: The Bard’s Daughter (A murder mystery novella set in Wales in the Middle Ages. On sale at $0.00.)

Alternate History

CourtingTroubleJenny Schwartz: Courting Trouble (This Western Australian-set steampunk historical romance novella is definitely not the same-old same-old. Talk about fresh and totally fun. On sale for $3.19.)

Shona Husk: Dark Vow (Wild Western-set steampunk magic. Really, what more can I say? On sale at $3.99.)

darkvowOkay. I could go on and on, but why don’t you rather tell me if you’ve read any of the books in the list above and if you enjoyed them. Or if you have any other recommendations to make for the list. Or even better, if you decided to download one or more of the books on the list above, and why.

I’ll give one commenter a copy of Daughter of the Sky – either print or ebook version – to be drawn next Wednesday.

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Michelle Diener writes historical fiction and fantasy. To find out more about her and her novels, you can visit her website.
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30 Responses to Discover a New Historical Author Day

  1. Lori says:

    Awesome! Thanks for the shout out and for introducing me to some new books!

  2. Edie Ramer says:

    Michelle, I’m definitely checking out these books. I’m especially intrigued by the unusual time periods and locations.

  3. Heather Hall says:

    Thanks for introducing me to some new authors. My To Read Book pile has now grown.

  4. Wonderful book recommendations, Michelle!! Thank you for sharing them ;).
    And congrats again on the release of DAUGHTER OF THE SKY — I know it’ll be a fabulous read!
    Marilyn Brant`s last blog was …ON ANY GIVEN SUNDAE is $0.99 This Week!

  5. Hazel Gaynor says:

    Thanks so much for including me and my novel ‘The Girl Who Came Home’ in this post. What a wonderful idea and a great way to discover new authors and books. 🙂

  6. Misty Evans says:

    Wonderful list, Michelle. Thanks for sharing and here’s to many sales of the new book!

  7. Amy Atwell says:

    Thanks for including me. I’m really intrigued by the Jenny Schwartz cover and Sarah Woodbury’s The Bard’s Daughter looks wonderful–plus it’s free. I think I may need to shop…
    Amy Atwell`s last blog was …Story Icons: The Protector

  8. Dale Mayer says:

    Hi Michelle,

    Glad to see these choices. There are so many books out there, I get lost and never know what to try! I’ll check them out! 🙂
    Dale Mayer`s last blog was …Touched by Death – free on the 26th and 27th

  9. Amy R says:

    One of the things I love about this blog is being introduced to new authors! I have Amy and Lori’s book and need to read them! It is nice to learn about some others, too. Thanks, Michelle! 🙂

  10. Jan Moran says:

    Love your blog! Thanks for sharing my novel, Scent of Triumph, with your readers!

  11. Liz Kreger says:

    If I were more into historicals, that list would be wonderful, Michelle. Giving our readers names and books they may not have otherwise discovered is a terrific idea.

    Perhaps I should do something similar with paranormal/urban fantasy. 😉

  12. Being included in such great company makes me so happy — right till I realise you just fed my TBR pile! Michelle, how could you!!! *drowns in books* What a great way to go! 🙂
    Jenny Schwartz`s last blog was …Moving Forward

  13. Chelsea B. says:

    The Raven prince was AMAZING! Guh. I loved it. Then again, I adore Beauty and the Beast-type books 🙂

  14. I’m a real fan of Elizabeth Hoyt, too, Chelsea!
    Michelle Diener`s last blog was …Release Day for Daughter of the Sky

  15. Arethazhen says:

    Awesome! I read Vanessa Kelly, Elizabeth Hoyt for sure(she’s my fave historical author) and katharine Ashe :). Thank you for the other recommendations :).

  16. Kristine Radgman says:

    Hi Michelle Thank you for the great book reccomendations and introducing me to some new authors. Vanessa Kelly and Elizabeth Hoyt are two of my fave historical romance authors. I love how all of Elizabeth’s book have a mini fairy tale in her books

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