It happened.

I’d heard the horror stories form others, but never thought it would really happen to me. It did. My computer crashed. There was no explosion of fire and brimstone, although I was waiting for it. The screen merely went blue and then the computer died. My husband thinks it’s the hard drive, screwed up from some sort of updates. I’ve been fortunate though because he’s been able to get working long enough for me to save my work on a flash drive. And yes, I had a lot of stuff that hadn’t been saved, which was terrifying. 

It happened late last Thursday and I haven’t really had a computer since and probably won’t for a few more days. Sure, I can get on my son’s desktop, but it has limited capabilities and it’s just not convenient. I have to admit there’s a part of me that has been a bit relieved to have little connection to the outside world. I’ve been able to look around, see everything with fresh eyes. Mornings are a lot easier; instead of stressing out over emails and work while getting my son ready for school, I can just focus on him.

I’ve also gone back to old school writing…that is actually writing on papeoffice picr. To be honest, it’s sort of fun. When I’m on my computer instead of writing, I’m checking email, Facebook, twitter. Now I take a notepad, head to my office and just write. Speaking of my office… I’ve been planning my perfect office for about 3 years now and finally have it! I’m only missing a desk chair. And without my computer, I’ve been able to enjoy the space more than I would have. P.S. That’s Lizzie waiting for me by the chaise 🙂

So my computer crashing hasn’t been all that bad, actually. Of course I wouldn’t be saying that if I didn’t have an iPhone and I hadn’t been able to save my work. Best of all I get to order a new computer (as I’ve wanted to do for about six months now). You could almost say it’s been a gift! How about you, have you ever had anything bad happened that turned into a blessing?

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7 Responses to Crash!

  1. Edie Ramer says:

    Your office looks lovely! I felt the same way at RT last year. Though I had my laptop with me, I deleted most of my email and the only blog I replied to was MM’s. It made me feel ‘free.’

    My computer is getting up in age, too, and I’m getting a bit afraid that something might happen. It’s slower now – but that’s probably because it needs to be cleaned up. I have a lot of files and images on it. I do all my writing in Dropbox, so I feel very secure. Even my recipes are in Dropbox. Hopefully my computer will stay good until Christmas, and I’ll get a new one then.

  2. Amy Atwell says:

    Lori, sorry to hear about the computer, but it sounds like it could have been much worse. So glad you’re enjoying your new office and writing by hand. For me, we went through about 5 years of trying to buy a home. Every deal went bad on us. We thought we were cursed. But as it turns out, because we were renting that whole time, it allowed us to accept two corporate transfers to new cities, so we got to live in Chicago and the San Francisco Bay Area. We got raises, and when we finally got to California, we found the perfect home just waiting for us to buy. So, it all turned out great. I always try to remind myself when something bleak or “bad” happens, that maybe there’s a good reason that I’ll see further down the road.
    Amy Atwell`s last blog was …The Classics Are, Well… Classic.

  3. Misty Evans says:

    I’ve had that happen and lost some important work. I hope you managed to recover all the good stuff!

    Many times I’ve had something bad happen, only to find the silver lining later. Some were very personal, emotional events, but after some time, I realized they contained important lessons or saved me from a worse fate. Guess it’s all in your perspective. 😉

    Lovely office. Enjoy, and have fun picking out the new computer!

  4. Kudos to the hubby for getting you to a point where you could save your stuff to a flash drive. I lost everything–sort of–when my laptop died. Luckily, I decided to send myself my lastest manuscript and ended up loosing only two pages of it. Not to mention, I had more stuff than I thought backed up on other computers in the house, thanks to my “public” folders. Nowadays, I’ve invested in Dropbox and love it even more than sending myself manuscripts. 😉

    As for when something turned into a blessing, my van brokedown about 1.5 hours away from my aunt’s house in GA and we had already driven about 5 hours from home in NC. Thankfully, my brother was with us to keep me from buying another lemon to get us back home. It pays to have someone know what they’re looking for under the hood, because I am not the one. 😆

  5. Dale Mayer says:

    Hi Liz,

    I’m all too familiar with the blue screen of death! Unfortunately 🙁 But you’re lucky you got the material off. I use dropbox now and everything saves there automatically.

    Love the office! I wish I had something so nice. Maybe some day.
    Dale Mayer`s last blog was …Touched by Death – free on the 26th and 27th

  6. Liz Kreger says:

    Yep … that that happen to me too, Lori. It was a painful lesson in making a habit of backing up. Particularly when I lost about five years worth of photographs. I really shoulda transferred them to cds. However, the really important ones had been printed, so it wasn’t a total wash. My writing is done on my laptop, which has1 nightly backups thanx to my IT guy.

    Haven’t had any real disasters occur in the near past. (Knock on wood). Let’s keep it that way.

  7. Sorry to hear it, Lori. I’ve had the blue screen. I’ve had my then 2yo pour a cup of tea over my laptop keyboard. You name it, I’ve had it. Glad it isn’t as bad as it could have been!

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