Review: Tempting Cameron by Karen Erickson

tempting cameronBook info:

Title: Tempting Cameron
Author: Karen Erickson
Publisher: Entangled Bliss
Release Date: April 8, 2013
Rating: 4 stars
Source: Copy received from publisher

Official Summary:

For Cameron McKenzie, Chloe Dawson has always just been his younger sister Jane’s best friend—a pesky annoyance who followed him around and acted like he hung the moon. It isn’t until Jane’s wedding to her firefighter beau Chris that Chloe reappears in his life…and she isn’t pesky or annoying anymore. In fact, the beautiful Chloe tempts him beyond reason. But Cam knows he’s damaged goods—not nearly good enough for Lone Pine Lake’s resident good girl.

Chloe’s always dreamed of a future with the dark, brooding Cam, and after they share an explosive kiss, she wonders if her dream could be coming true. Cam’s never stuck around his hometown for long, though, so she makes him an offer: one sweet summer romance with no strings attached. This good girl’s ready for an adventure…one that just might end up lasting a lifetime.

My Thoughts:

Tempting Cameron is a really good book. I am new to Karen Erickson’s books and after reading this one I plan to look up her others. I enjoyed the characters and the plot in Tempting Cameron, which moves along at a great pace. One thing I liked so much about this story is that the relationship between Cameron and Chloe was not typical. I thought certain things would happen between them based on typical romance books but they didn’t. I was surprised and I think my mouth dropped a few times while reading it. I love stories that can shock me!

Karen does a wonderful job developing the characters. I love how honest Chloe is with her thoughts, and boy did she just lay it all out there for Cameron. Of course, he did, too and that got him into trouble a time or two. I don’t normally enjoy the disagreements between characters in books (hey, I want everyone to get along all the time), but they were necessary in this story and those were the times in which Cameron and Chloe grew and changed the most together. This book had a little more heat to it than some of the other Bliss books I read but not in detail and it really fit the story so I was very happy about that!

In addition to Cameron and Chloe, I enjoyed the other characters in the book, like Ali and Mac and hope a story about them will happen in the future. I love how Cam’s family was there for him and Chloe’s friends were there for her when the two of them were going through difficult times.

This was just a really good story that touched me from the beginning all the way through. If you are looking for a heartwarming story about two unlikely people finding their happy ever after, I recommend Tempting Cameron.

Reviewed by: Amy R.

Four stars

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