Raise your hands if…

Everyone who knew and understood that a full third of 2013 is over, hands up! ‘Cause I gotta tell you, I got blind-sided.

I’m not sure how? After all, I understood it was April. I certainly know that April is the 4th month of the year. And I can do the math to understand that 3 times 4 equal 12 – the number of months of the year. Calendar

But I didn’t GET it. As in I hadn’t seen the big picture and hadn’t seen the passage of time for what it was – faster than ever!

How sad is that. I’ve been buried with my head down and working so hard, that I hadn’t noticed that the year is half over in less than 60 days. Like OMG! I had a schedule and blew that out of the water in the first month with that insane decision to put my books into audio format. I had a regular book release timeline and that blew up even faster.


Of course the weather hasn’t helped. There was the tantalizing taste of spring weeks back and that just disappeared under crazy snowstorms, hail and bizarre winds. So I can be excused for not noticing the change in seasons. Now it’s almost summer. In fact, my son’s term is over and my daughter has four weeks of classes then she’s home for the exam period. Huh, say what?

It’s not that I haven’t gotten anything done. I’ve released 1 adult, 1 YA, rereleased 2 short stories and have 4 books in audio available at this time. No, that’s not the problem – the problem is in what’s still LEFT to do this year.

schedule wall

I just tore up the list of what I should have done by the middle of the year – yeah, I didn’t even look at it!

Now I have to sit down and ask some serious questions of what is reasonable to achieve in what’s left.

And wonder if I’m being foolish for even trying to create and stick to a schedule!

How about you guys? Did you see this time of year coming? Are you one of those organized individuals who has everything nicely planned and the plans work out? (I might just hate you if you are!) Or are you one of those people who got blind-sided – like I did?

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Dale Mayer writes romantic suspense, with or without paranormal elements like TUESDAY'S CHILD (2011) and now young adult books in various genres like DANGEROUS DESIGNS (2011). Writing stabilizes her in a life gone wild! The other stabilizers? Cheesecake and her four cats! Of course, she's dreaming to think she'll get a piece cheesecake once her four kids find out she's been baking!
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8 Responses to Raise your hands if…

  1. Edie Ramer says:

    This is too funny. I feel the same way. Time is flying too fast! I am still sticking to my schedule, but I think mine was pretty reasonable. If anything, I want to be more ambitious.

    • Dale Mayer says:

      Hi Edie,

      Good for you! It’s a great sense of accomplishment to be able to stick to your schedule. It makes it a ‘win’ in your world. You can always do more, but actually doing what you planned to do is awesome!
      Dale Mayer`s last blog was …New Release! – UNBOUND

  2. Misty Evans says:

    Dale, you make me feel like a slacker. My to-do schedule hasn’t let up since the beginning of March, and yet I feel like I should have accomplished a lot more. I don’t know how you do it!

    • Dale Mayer says:

      Lol – you so aren’t a slacker! I feel like one this year being so behind. I’m trying to re-evaluate my way to a calmer, slower, more productive second half of the year. It will take everything that’s left of the first half to get there!
      Dale Mayer`s last blog was …New Release! – UNBOUND

  3. Amy Atwell says:


    I also did a double-take when I saw May 1 pop up on my calendar. Yikes! I’ve accomplished a lot so far this year, but I don’t think any of it was part of the “plan” I jotted down back in January. Like you, I need to adjust my expectations. But hey, I’ve still got 60 days left in the first HALF of the year, so I hope to make a dent in things.
    Amy Atwell`s last blog was …Guilty Pleasures

    • Dale Mayer says:

      Hi Amy,

      So glad it wasn’t just me! Misery loves company and all that. You’re right, we still six weeks to kick butt – and our schedules. lol. Here’s to both of us making a decent dent in what we have to get done by the end of June!

      Dale Mayer`s last blog was …New Release! – UNBOUND

  4. Rosie says:

    I like to consider myself organized; however, I only stay organized for maybe a week…write a plan, stick to it the first few days, then other things that I didn’t anticipate creep in and throw me off. I have a lot of work to do. I can’t believe we are at May already!!!
    Rosie`s last blog was …Best Non Surgical Facelift

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