Favorite Southern Cities

Its summer break for the U.S. which means…travel time! As a family, we love to travel where ever we can, whenever we can. In fact, we are preparing for a trip to Ireland! We’ve never been and this is my son’s first overseas vacation so it’s all very exciting. I’m sure I’m going to return from Ireland with plenty of ideas for new books.

Since we moved to the Southern U.S. and away from family, we’ve found ourselves traveling more often. So, I thought I’d share our favorite southern towns we’ve visited within the last few years.

Savannah, GeorgiaSavannah, ga

There’s something dangerous and dark about Savannah, Georgia. Perhaps it’s the hidden tunnels underneath the city, or the fact that it was a favorite place for pirates! This city is full of history; beautiful squares surrounded by historical homes. And not far from the city you’ll find Fort Pulaski (a fort used during the Civil War), along with plenty of beautiful beaches.

CharlestonCharleston, sc 1, S.C.

Last Thanksgiving we visited Charleston, S.C., founded in the late 1600s. This is another amazingly beautiful historical city overflowing with historical homes. Make sure to visit Rainbow Row, an area where the wealthiest Victorians lived (and where the wealthy still live; you’ll need mCharleston, sc 2ore than a couple million to reside here). Like Savannah, Charleston has many beautiful beaches within 15-20 mins by car.




St. Augustine, FLSaint Aug 1

St. Augustine in Florida is the oldest continuously occupied city (founded by Europeans) in the U.S. Walk through the downtown area and you’ll feel like you’re in a Pirate’s of the Caribbean movie. Outside the city limits you’ll find the Fountain of Youth; or at least what the infamous Ponce De Leon thought was the fountain of Saint Aug 2youth. Funny story… when we visited a couple years ago my son was very reluctant to drink the water because he was worried he wouldn’t get older and he’d have to stay in school forever. There is also an amazing fort, lighthouse with a great views, and some beautiful beaches!

How about you? Tell me some of your favorite places to vacation!

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8 Responses to Favorite Southern Cities

  1. Amy R says:

    Hi Lori! I haven’t visited any of the cities you mentioned, but would love to! The only Southern place we have been to on vacation is Orlando, FL and Austin, TX. When it is time for vacation, I always want to travel south. My husband usually wants to go north (we live in IL). I like the beaches, he likes the mountains. A couple of years ago we visited Portland for the first time and stayed in the Columbia River Gorge and it was beautiful. The weather was perfect for hiking and there were not many bugs at all. In Illinois we always have annoying little bugs around. But, if you tell me I get a week long vacation, I will pretty much go anywhere. 🙂
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  2. Edie Ramer says:

    Ditto what Amy said. I’d love to visit the cities you mentioned, though. Some of my favorite memories of places are in Arizona. My husband and I visited when the desert was blooming, and it was beautiful. We loved the former mining towns, and the Grand Canyon is spectacular. Just remembering, I get the feeling of awe.

    I loved San Francisco. We live near Chicago, and I’ve there often. Both cities are great.

    We’re going to Scotland next year, and I’m really looking forward to it. Ireland sounds fantastic. I know you’ll have a wonderful time.

  3. Liz Kreger says:

    Oh, hell, where to begin? New Orleans, of course. I totally adore the history of the Old Quarter. Pretty much anywhere with a beach. We try to spend a week at Jensen Beach in Florida every couple of years before using a second week to hit the tourist traps. It’s quiet, relaxing and we’re able to recharge our batteries before doing the wild and crazy touristy stuff. Absolutely adore Australia … anywhere in Australia. People are fantastic, the scenery to die for … I don’t think there was anything about that country that I disliked. Been to Greece, Paris, Hong Kong and China. Would love to visit again … but only a short visit.

    There just isn’t enough lifetime to get to everywhere I want to go.

    • Liz, New Orleans is the one city we have to visit still! You’ve been a lot of places overseas! We’re just now starting to travel abroad with my son, new experiences for him!

  4. Dale Mayer says:

    Hi Lori,

    I’d so love to visit these places – heck, I’d love to have a holiday! But it’s not going to happen for awhile so I just keep dreaming.

    Would love to spend some time on the coast – and no I don’t care which coast!
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    • I’m with you.. I’ll spend time on either coast! I’m def a beach person. Last summer we went to the Maine Coast and it was beautiful! Although It would be cold, I’d still move there is a second!

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