Cover Love and a Giveaway!

Polish cover - ASIEAnyone who’s ever talked to me at length about writing fantasies knows that one of my biggest dreams — after being published in the first place — was to have a book of mine translated into a foreign language. Well, it finally happened! The Polish edition of A Summer in Europe has made it through translation and copyediting and, at long last, cover art!

According to the online program I used to try to read the words on the jacket, “Wakacje w Europie” means “Holidays in Europe,” although a friend with a Polish background translated it as “A European Vacation.” (I like it either way!) And the line underneath the title, “Upewnij się, że masz ważny paszport – po przeczytaniu tej powieści zechcesz podążyć śladami jej bohaterów” means (roughly) “Make sure you have a valid passport – after reading this novel you’ll want to follow in the footsteps of her heroes.”

A Summer in Europe -- Kensy smallSeriously, I’m in love with this cover, and I haven’t even seen it on the actual book yet! It won’t be released by the Polish publisher Prószyński i S-ka until June 18th. I can’t wait!! It brings out those old travel daydreams again for me…sigh. (Don’t you just want to go to Italy right now, too?! Or, if not, where would you like to go for a getaway?)

I was, however, a big fan of the U.S./Canada cover that Kristine Mills, my Kensington designer, created, too. A different visual interpretation of the story but, also, very beautiful! Which image catches your eye first? Do certain colors draw you in more than others? For me, the golden-orange hues of the original, plus the charming Lake Como scene, were what made me fall in love with the cover the first time around. But this new version has that gorgeous deep purple. And it features Venice, one of my favorite cities in the world! So, for me, it’s hard to choose…

OAGS - paperbacks - smallI do think it says something about an artist’s skill when he/she can design a book cover that makes a reader want to keep staring at it, though ;). It’s a skill I’ve often wished I had.

In other exciting, writing-related news, paperback copies of On Any Given Sundae are now available — as well as the ebook version, of course! The cover artist who designed the eyecatching front cover of my first romantic comedy, Kim Killion, blew me away with her creativity and sense of fun, as did Rebecca Young, a new designer who created the front cover of my most recent release, Pride, Prejudice and the Perfect Match.

Pride, Prejudice and the Perfect Match - smallSo, in celebration of talented designers everywhere, I’m giving away one PDF copy of ‘Perfect Match’ to one commenter on this blog post!! Random drawing to be held this coming Sunday night, and I’ll post the winner’s name in the comments section.

Good luck and, for everyone celebrating here in the States, have a Happy Memorial Day Weekend, too!

About Marilyn Brant

Marilyn Brant is a chocolate addict, a music junkie and the USA TODAY bestselling author of ACCORDING TO JANE (2009), FRIDAY MORNINGS AT NINE (2010) and A SUMMER IN EUROPE (2011), all from Kensington Books, as well as a number of light romantic comedies, including THE SWEET TEMPTATIONS COLLECTION (2013) and PRIDE, PREJUDICE AND THE PERFECT MATCH (2013). Her latest novel -- a coming-of-age romantic mystery called THE ROAD TO YOU -- was just released in October 2013!
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14 Responses to Cover Love and a Giveaway!

  1. Edie Ramer says:

    Love the new cover! I loved the US one, too, but I think the new one with the woman above the title adds something. I think it shows a possibility of a romance. 🙂

    What else is interesting is that with the different top and bottom images, it’s similar to your indie books. And congrats on getting them into print!

    • Edie,
      Thank you!!
      I hadn’t thought about the similarity to my indie books, but you’re right ;). That hint of romance you mentioned, and a sense of contemplation, are other things I love about it as well. I’m in awe of people who can design book covers, especially when they make me want to fly somewhere several thousand miles away just because of a picture!
      Have a fabulous long weekend :).
      Marilyn Brant`s last blog was …Fabulous Spring Reads!

  2. Margay says:

    What a gorgeous cover!

  3. Dale Mayer says:

    Hi Marilyn,

    I love both covers! I’ve been looking at foreign editions of my books, but it’s going to have to wait. ;(

    Congratulations! And yeah, I wish I could do some travelling after seeing those covers. 😉
    Dale Mayer`s last blog was …New Release! – UNBOUND

    • Dale,
      You’ve been so busy with writing and publishing, I don’t doubt that translated editions would be a lot to take on at the moment!
      As for traveling…sigh. I don’t need excuses to daydream about trips — I do it naturally — but the bug has been hitting me harder than usual this month :).
      Enjoy the holiday weekend!
      Marilyn Brant`s last blog was …Fabulous Spring Reads!

  4. Congratulations! That cover is gorgeous! Two beautiful covers for one awesome book! And yay on paperback copies of On Any Given Sundae! I hope you do some celebrating this weekend!

  5. Marilyn, I love that cover. It is gorgeous. Huge congratulations. The Czech version of In a Treacherous Court used the same cover as my US version, and I’m looking forward to seeing what they do for the cover of Keeper of the King’s Secrets. Foreign covers are such fun, like the book coming out all over again!
    Michelle Diener`s last blog was …Virtual Book Tour for Daughter of the Sky

  6. Kristine Radgman says:

    pretty cover Marilyn

  7. Just did the drawing and the winner is…Margay!
    Congrats! Just let me know what email address you’d like me to send the PDF copy of the book (Perfect Match) to, and I’ll do that right away ;).
    Thanks to everyone for stopping by and best wishes for a wonderful week ahead!!
    Marilyn Brant`s last blog was …Cover Reveal: A Summer in Europe…in Polish!

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