Washington’s Split Personality – Guest Cathy Perkins

It’s my pleasure to welcome back Cathy Perkins who blends financial-based mystery plots with delving into the relationship-aspect of her characters’ lives. Her suspense writing lurks behind a financial day-job, where she learned firsthand the camouflage, hide in plain sight, skills employed by villains. Today, Cathy is here to help us kick off summer with a look at her current home state, Washington, the setting of For Love or Money, her new release from Entangled Publishing. (See below for the cover and info on the book!)  Take it away, Cathy!     

Washington’s Split Personality

Deception PassThe first week of June kicks off the summer season. School’s out and vacations are in, especially if you have a family. Since we love to travel, we take short trips throughout the year, but summer always brings the bigger trips. A longer stay gives us time to get a “feel” for a different area, to see different ways of doing things. Washington state was our destination one summer. Over the next two weeks, we caught many of the prime tourist spots—the Space Needle, Aquarium, Space NeedlePike’s Market; the San Juans and Desolation Gap; Mount Rainer and Mt. St. Helens. Nestled between the Puget Sound and the Cascade Mountains, the area is every bit as green and lush as advertised.

Several years later, we discovered there’s also the rest of the state.

Due to my husband’s job, we spend a lot of time east of the Cascades, where the terrain is high desert. Yes, you read that correctly. Think sage brush, tumbleweeds, endless blue sky and bright sunshine. Sorta like Texas, but with lots of rounded, treeless hills. The raging Snake (remember the Snake River cliffOregon Trail game? Don’t float the Snake in your covered wagon.), mighty Columbia and meandering Yakima rivers converge on the Eastside. The stark black rocks contrast with all that water. Due to the magic of irrigation and a perfect growing season, the Eastside is also home to orchards, vineyards and world-class wineries. Not what you think of as Washington state, right?

Other than a shared love of wine and coffee, the two parts of the state also differ wildly in social outlook, with the Eastside typically more conservative than the Westside. In For Love or Money, that conservative attitude is part of Holly Price’s struggle with her ForLoveOrMoneyFinal300return to her hometown—really, it’s only a temporary move. After her father’s mid-life brain-fart, Holly takes a leave of absence from her fast-paced position with the Seattle-based Mergers and Acquisition Group. She agrees to build up the family’s accounting practice, staging it for sale. While even the staff aren’t supposed to know her goal, the real reason she’s back is more basic. Without Holly’s CPA license, her mother would have to close the doors of the business.

At first, Holly’s doing the job, bringing in new business, but secretly counting the days until she can get back to Seattle. As the months go by, she realizes there are people and attitudes to admire in the smaller town. But halfway through a murder investigation, dealing with her ex-fiance and other issues from her past, she’s back at the same cross-road she faced during college. She’s older, but is she any wiser?

Decisions, decisions…

Career, family… or a chance for life with a man who turns her on physically as well as mentally…

Of course, there is that prime suspect detail…

What about you? Have you ever vacationed in a place you later lived? Ended up somewhere you swore you’d never live? Or had to choose between head and heart?

For Love or Money

When Holly Price trips over a friend’s dead body, her life takes a nosedive into a world of intrigue and danger. With an infinitely sexy cop—Holly’s pissed-off, jilted ex-fiancé—threatening to arrest her for the murder, the intrepid forensic accountant must protect her future, her business…and her heart…by using her considerable investigative skills to follow the money before the killer decides CPA stands for Certified Pain in the Ass…and the next dead body is Holly’s.

Learn more at Cathy’s website.

About Amy Atwell

Amy Atwell is a storyteller at heart. After fifteen years in professional theater, she turned from the stage to the page to write contemporary capers and historical tales that combine romance and adventure. Her books are available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. When not writing, she runs the online author communities WritingGIAM and Author E.M.S.
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20 Responses to Washington’s Split Personality – Guest Cathy Perkins

  1. Edie Ramer says:

    Cathy, thanks for being our guest. Congrats on your new release!

    I’ve vacationed in places I’d love to live. But we have family here, which makes it hard to move. I did choose from my heart when I decided to be a writer. I think many of us did.

  2. Good morning!

    Thanks for inviting me to visit the Musers. It’s always a pleasure to be here.

    Edie – I’ve vacationed in places I’d love to live (what’s the lottery jackpot balance this week?) and I understand about leaving family. Ours were not amused when we changed coasts and moved several thousand miles across the country. And yes, the decision to write does come from the heart!

  3. Amy says:

    It is nice to meet you, Cathy! I have lived in central IL my entire life, so, no I have never moved to where I once vacationed. Nor had I thought about it until my husband and I went to Portland a couple of years ago. We stayed in the River Gorge – on the Washington side actually and just loved the area. It was our first time white water rafting and the weather (in July) was so nice. I couldn’t believe there were not any bugs out! In Illinois in July you are loading yourself up on sunscreen and bug spray just to go out walking! The header pictures on my blog (www.somanyreads.com) are actually pictures taken by my husband on that trip. There are five total that rotate when a page is refreshed. So, if I could live anywhere other than IL it would probably be the Northwest even though I love the beach and warmth, too. However, family is all in Central IL so we’ll be staying here for awhile. I haven’t had to make any big head vs heart decisions. I am not sure which way I would go either. Your book sounds really good and I plan to add it to my list to read!

    • Portland and the Columbia River gorge are beautiful! Oooh, you captured the firs and fog above the river in your photo! Did you make it up to any of the waterfalls?
      And yes, I do laugh when people talk about going to the ‘beach’ here. I learned to scuba in the Puget Sound and trust me, it’s FREEZING cold!
      You did make decisions – to stay in Illinois!
      Hope you enjoy the story 🙂
      Cathy Perkins`s last blog was …Mysteristas – Interview

  4. Robin Kaye says:

    I’ve done all of the above! I fell in love with Idaho when I was seven years old and told my dad (while on a chairlift at Bogus Basin) that when I grew up I was going to live in Boise. He said, “What the hell are you going to do in Boise? You’re from Brooklyn.” I married, honeymooned in Sun Valley and my husband and I moved to Boise 9 months later.

    Ten years and three kids later, we moved back east (to Maryland) which I swore I’d never do–we moved for a job and health insurance. We’ve been here for 12 years and have been trying to get back home ever since!

    • I love Boise too! Running the river – a free running river with rapids for those of you who haven’t been there – right through the middle of town is awesome on a hot July day!
      Heart/head decisions, Robin. Hubby, job, health insurance…
      I’ve read enough of your books to know you’re a fabulous writer and I have no doubt we’ll meet up at Julia Davis park (or maybe at the Bronco stadium :grin:) some day soon.
      Cathy Perkins`s last blog was …Mysteristas – Interview

  5. Dale Mayer says:

    Hi Cathy,

    Thanks for coming to visit us! I wish I could live in some of the places that I have visited! Too often my head and heart haven’t come even close. But there is eternal hope! lol.

    Good luck with your new releases!
    Dale Mayer`s last blog was …Haunted by Death

  6. Diane Garner says:

    Hi Cathy,
    Congrats on the new release! Sounds awesome. I love your definition of CPA, and I think my DH would agree with it.

    We moved to the D.C. area for three years because we enjoyed visiting and I\’d lived there as a kid.

    Good luck with the new book.

    • Hee hee – that definition is pretty indicative of the story’s tone.

      One of the things I do miss about the east coast is the ease of traveling to DC. There is so much to do there!

  7. Cathy-

    When I was a youngster I swore I’d never live in the South. Rebel flags, Klux Klan rallies and lynchings didn’t sit well with me. So when my husband decided to interview for a job in Atlanta, I thought about having him committed. He takes the job, we move south.
    Twenty some years later this is home. Beautiful weather, flowers that bloom in the winter and for the most part, lovely people. A lot has changed here in forty years and I’ve come to love it. I wouldn’t think of living anywhere else.

    • Isn’t it odd how our impressions of an area are shaped by images in the media? Most of the South is as you describe it, but unfortunately there still are pockets of prejudice against all kinds of people/things/events…

      I am seeing a theme here of moves related to spouses and jobs, so I should state for the record that hubby followed me to Philadelphia early in our marriage for my job. (And some of the worst rednecks I ever met were from upstate New York – go figure!)

  8. It’s kind of embarrassing for someone with a geography degree to admit, but I did not know (or at least recall) that about Washington State! Now I’m even more eager to read your book. 🙂

    I’ve moved a lot, but never to somewhere I’ve vacationed. When we went to Vermont 7 years ago, my husband and I both agreed we could happily live in Woodstock. But he also wants to go back to Ohio and I want to go back to Massachusetts, so we’ll probably just stay right here in PA. 🙂
    Natalie J. Damschroder`s last blog was …Sunroper Cover Reveal

  9. A geography degree… Hmmm… did you ever see Avenue Q? “What do you do with a BA in English” is running through my head now. Thanks for that ear-worm 😛
    And my oldest has a BA in English…
    I’m on the road today or else I’d find a way to post more Eastside picture. I’ll add them to my Pinterest board when I get home. It’s such an area of contrasts.
    Woodstock! Can you imagine the music and the atmosphere? Wouldn’t it have been awesome?

    • LOL! Sorry about the earworm!

      My oldest is entering a writing program at Emerson this fall. Even scarier than a BA in English!

      We actually only saw the town of Woodstock itself, rather than whatever farm they used for the music. The town is quintessential small-town New England, but very touristy. We loved it! 🙂
      Natalie J. Damschroder`s last blog was …Sunroper, Retreat, and Yummy TV

  10. Amy Atwell says:

    Cathy, thanks so much for sharing about Washington. I’ve always wanted to visit the Pacific Northwest. I was aware of the forests, rivers and mountains, but had no idea about the high desert. And I always love wine country!

    I’m living in Florida now. My family vacationed here when I was 8 years old. Never dreamed I would live here, but I find I really love the beach environment. I know I love living near large bodies of water (I grew up on the Great Lakes), but I sometimes wish there were more seasons here. Well, except that I love seeing things bloom in February and full spring by March and beach weather by April. Okay, yeah, I like where I live!
    Amy Atwell`s last blog was …Story Icons: The Little Mermaid

    • We do have that writing retreat in January every year. You should come out!

      There is something wonderful about living near water – lake, river, or ocean. I lived in Florida for several years (I used to swear I’d never live north of I-10, sorta blew that one! 🙄 ) And by about February I get desperate to see growing things (so we take a trip!)

  11. Phillip Courtway says:

    Congrats on release, guess I’ve landed here too late, or maybe it’s never too late, anyway good note 🙂
    Phillip Courtway`s last blog was …Wpisy Biznesowe

  12. I’ve never moved someplace where I’ve vacationed; all of our moves have been for work. But if I ever have the opportunity to move to a favorite vacation spot, it would have to be Maui!
    I like the premise of your book, Cathy. You gotta love a heroine who’s a forensic accountant!

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