Review: The Hitwoman and the Family Jewels by JB Lynn

hitwomanBook info:

Title: The Hitwoman and the Family Jewels (Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman, #4)
Author: JB Lynn
Publisher: JB Lynn
Release Date: April 26, 2013
Source: ARC won from Author
Rating: 5 stars

Official Summary:

How do you say “no” to a mob boss?

When bumbling hitwoman Maggie Lee is asked by her mob boss employer to kill a cop, she wants to say no.

When her sexy murder mentor, Patrick Mulligan tells her the cop in question is a guy she once dated, she REALLY wants to refuse.

But when her former date, Paul Kowalski tries to kill her, she changes her tune to “Hell, yes!”

Maggie and Patrick grow closer as they scramble to figure out what it is that Kowalski is looking for and what it has to do with her prison escapee father.

My Thoughts:

I simply love the Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman series. My friend Misty Evans mentioned them to me and after I read the first one I just couldn’t wait for the next ones to come out. In the fourth story of the series, we find Maggie in yet another pickle of a situation. She is asked (well, demanded really) to kill someone that she actually knows personally. She isn’t sure about it at first but then quickly changes her mind after an altercation with him. This time around though instead of chasing after him she is running from him with US Marshals and a certain Detective (that we all know and love) guarding her. On top of that her father has escaped from prison which has complicated her life tremendously. Luckily she has family and friends that want to help her in their own strange way.

For those that have read the other books you know how fun it is when Maggie communicates with her animals Doomsday (DeeDee), and Godzilla (God). Another animal is added to the mix – a cat named Piss. Yes, Piss. You will have to read the story to know why. We also get to see a lot more of my favorite, Patrick. JB does a frustratingly good job of building Maggie and Patrick’s relationship throughout the series because it fits each of their personalities well and doesn’t take away from the overall story. I really want Maggie and Patrick to kick it up a notch and for him to get rid of that wife of his.

I would love to see JB’s books made into a movie. The scenes are very clear in my mind thanks to her descriptions and would be great fun to watch on the big screen. The dialogue in The Hitwoman and the Family Jewels is by far the best part of the story. Because the characters are all so well written and have their own wacky personalities you get the best conversations. This is what has me laughing out loud all the time. In addition to the humor in this series, I really like that no matter the disagreements Maggie’s family has with one another, in the end they are always there for each other. There are some serious parts in the book and the support from her family just makes it all better. I almost feel like I worry less while reading the story when I know her family is behind her.

The books in the Confessions series just keep getting better and better. JB ends the story with quite an explosive scene and of course I look forward to the next book to find out what happens. If you are looking for a light romantic suspense read that is full of humor and warms your heart, I highly recommend you try The Hitwoman and the Family Jewels!

Reviewed by: Amy R.

Five stars

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  1. Edie Ramer says:

    This sounds like a book I have to read. I’ll start with the first one. Thanks for the recommend!

  2. JB Lynn says:

    Thanks so much for the fabulous review! I’m so glad you’re loving the series so much!

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