Sex in interesting places…or unusual places…or stupid places!

Hi all,

There’s not too many topics I haven’t had to take on as a single parent of 3 sons and 1 daughter over the year. But this blog topic goes to Edie. She emailed me to say she’d seen a tweet that said 10% of all Canadians have had sex in a canoe.

photo credit: skw_ via photopin cc

photo credit: skw_ via photopin cc

That brought lots of laughter, emails and discussion at my end. See canoes are kinda narrow – at least most of them, but human nature is resourceful so if there is a will…there is a way. Needless to say this topic sent me looking into the weirdest locations that people like to catch a little nookie.

I found…lots. Duh. We’re talking sex after all. But one study blew me away.

In a poll of 1,300 people sponsored by Astroglide, people stated the craziest places they’ve had sex. (here’s the source link for those that want to read more!)

You are NOT going to believe some these places. Here we go –

  • 25 – Parking lot – no clarity if that is covered, underground or in Jo’s supermarket
    photo credit: Sagrado Corazón via photopin cc

    photo credit: Sagrado Corazón via photopin cc


  • 24 – In the fitting room – apparently a VERY common location. Not only do you have to be discreet, but flexible – have you seen how small some of those cubicles are??
  • 23 – Public washroom – so not my style. Maybe it’s me but those places are barely clean enough to use when you got to go…but for this…yeah, not my style. But hey, apparently it’s popular for a lot of people.
  • 22 – At a hospital – see this blows my mind. The only time I’m there is if I HAVE to be and sex is NOT on my mind at the time. Go figure!
  • 21 – On a boat – now see I can get behind this idea! Yeah, I’m Canadian and we have a LOT of water up here, but in a boat bigger than a canoe – yup potential!
  • 20 – In front of a large window – uhm – so not my style. I’m not an exhibitionist, but if this is you – please make sure the window is closed!
  • 19 –At work – again, considering I work at home, this one is a good thing. The thought of having sex in say…a dental office…with all those drills and gas…creeepy! lol.
  • photo credit: Henry M. Diaz via photopin cc

    photo credit: Henry M. Diaz via photopin cc

    18- Movie theatre – this has always been a classic for some serious necking – but apparently it’s also a classic for going the distance. I will no longer check out the people in the back rows!

  • 17 – At a wedding – someone else’s wedding – uhm I hope it’s not with the groom or the bride! I’d still like to believe in fairy tales. 🙂
  • 16 – On a balcony – this could be good – as long as the balcony has privacy!
  • 15 – Under the bed – yep I’m stumped. The only thing I can say is WHY???
  • 14 – In a church – snort – not even going to comment! 🙂
  • 13 – On a rooftop – oooh I like this one. Under a starry sky or with a beautiful sunrise. Definitely possible.
  • 12 – Stairwells – office, hotel, anywhere that ‘I got to have it now’ takes over I guess!
  • 11 – On a golf course – and I am so not going to get into a discussion on counting strokes, or that enviable hole in one! 🙂


    photo credit: turbotoddi via photopin cc

  • 10 – In the snow – snicker. This is the Canadian again – cold, but the rum laced hot chocolate afterwards –dynamite! 🙂
  • 9 – Under a waterfall – a nice gentle waterfall – sure. Under some I’ve seen? You’d need scuba gear. Now if they’d said behind a waterfall…that would be cool!
  • 8 – In a clock tower – from the survey’s actual page it makes a comment about giving the term Big Ben a whole new meaning. Need I say more?
  • photo credit: Stuck in Customs via photopin cc

    photo credit: Stuck in Customs via photopin cc

    7 – Cemetery – interesting choice! And kinda creepy!

  • 6 – In a car – but with passengers!!! Okay, cars are a classic location – but while you have passengers. We’re back to that whole exhibitionism.
  • 5 – At an NFL game (preferably the press box) – and here I thought people like to watch the game – not play the game! 🙂
  • 4 – At a major league baseball game read last entry.
  • 3 – On a motorcycle – really? Better be parked in the damn garage!
  • 2 – While driving – okay so lots of people play sex games while driving – but full on sex??? No wonder we have such horrible accident rates!
  • 1 – The Colosseum – Wow! No words. Just wow!

    photo credit: laszlo-photo via photopin cc

    photo credit: laszlo-photo via photopin cc


So readers – where is the craziest place you’ve ever let loose? Or what’s the craziest place you know someone else has let loose? 

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6 Responses to Sex in interesting places…or unusual places…or stupid places!

  1. Edie Ramer says:

    LOL This has to be the funniest blog you’ve written, Dale. A friend had sex on a raft. 🙂 And on an Oprah show, a woman said she had sex on a dryer because the vibration added to her pleasure.

  2. Amy says:

    This is so funny, Dale! I thought about you with that tweet. I only know a couple of Canadians and the other one I asked said she isn’t in that 10%. In my older age I am starting to want to be more adventuresome…some of these places are tempting. When I was a newlywed my husband and I used the bathroom at a laundromat while waiting for our clothes once. Now? Ick, no. I have always wanted to have a romantic rendezvous outside on a beach (with a blanket down of course) but not sure I could find a beach with privacy. I am not an exhibitionist either. 🙂

  3. Dale Mayer says:

    Hi Amy,

    Lol – I wonder how many other people thought of me with that tweet. The laundromat so doesn’t appeal but as someone who spent complete summers rafting and on beaches, you really should try the great outdoors! Alone of course 🙂 Well, not totally alone…unless you’re into that kind of thing! ROFL. This could be a fun conversation!
    Dale Mayer`s last blog was …Vampire in Denial is….FREE!!!

  4. LOLOL, Dale. Honestly, I’ve BEEN to the Colosseum, and frankly, there isn’t that many private places there. It’s all pretty open. And busy. And I wasn’t even there in peak tourist season. The mind totally boggles.
    Michelle Diener`s last blog was …Cover Reveal: Banquet of Lies

    • Dale Mayer says:

      Hi Michelle,

      You mean you wasted your opportunity at the Colosseum? Well, you’ll just have to go back again! lol.

      I just can’t see a lot of these places myself but it’s always interesting to see what the rest of the human species is up to!
      Dale Mayer`s last blog was …Vampire in Denial is….FREE!!!

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