Lucky Me!

photoAs you’re reading this I’ll be flying back from a trip to Ireland. We’ve never been and it’s my son’s first overseas vacation, so it’s all very exciting. I’m sure the trip was wonderful…actually I’ll be bold enough to say that it was indeed great! If I put the thought out there and believe, it will happen! Sort of like the sign to the right I found a store.

I’m not easy with the idea of using fate or even luck to control our lives, and I think we desperately need to start taking responsibility for our world, or make our own luck as the sign says. I hear so much, “if it’s meant to happen, it will,” and even I use this from time to time. But there’s a certain level of laziness that goes along with this saying. Instead of waiting for a higher power to control your life have you ever wondered if maybe fate is thinking, “Good God, get off your butt and do something about your life instead of relying on me!” I found this quote and it fits perfectly with the way I’ve been leaning lately:

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” –Walt Disney

In other words, you can want to be a writer, but unless you actually start writing it won’t happen. But merely writing isn’t going to get you anywhere unless you believe in yourself. When I decided to become a writer I knew in my bones it would happen even though I hadn’t a clue how. After years and years of rejection I actually have the sort of career I’d always dreamt of. I could have give up many times. After my hundredth rejection I could have said, “Perhaps it’s not meant to be.” But I’m certainly glad I didn’t!

If we’re confident in ourselves and don’t mind hard work and learning from our mistakes, I believe we can do anything. Wishing and dreaming are great, but they are only the start. If you don’t put those dreams into action then it’s not going to happen. I love this quote by Walt Disney, a man who grew up rather poor, yet accomplished so much:

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”

Simple, yet effective. So what about you…do you believe you make your own happiness or luck? Do you believe everything is predetermined by some spiritual power? Or maybe a little of both?

P.S. I’ll share (what I’m sure will be amazing) pictures of Ireland on my next blog!


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4 Responses to Lucky Me!

  1. Edie Ramer says:

    I think to a large extent, we make our own luck… But there are also variables. Wonderful things that are out of our control can happen…or tragedies can happen. But I also think if we believe we can do something, we will work harder. If we think we can’t, we’ll give up or won’t try as hard. So our belief does matter.

    I’m looking forward to the pictures of your awesome vacation!

  2. Lori, can’t wait to hear about your amazing trip. I’m sure it was awesome.

    I love your quotes, and I’ll quote South African golfer Gary Player, who once said, “The harder I work, the luckier I get.” Love that quote.
    Michelle Diener`s last blog was …Cover Reveal: Banquet of Lies

  3. Amy Atwell says:

    I’m so envious of a trip to Ireland–I’m sure you had a great time! I’m a huge believer that you create your own reality. If you see everything in the negative, you cannot be happy. And if you look for the best in people, you will find it. I try to stay positive.
    Amy Atwell`s last blog was …Story Icons: The Little Mermaid

  4. Dale Mayer says:

    Wow, I’m so jealous! Awesome for you. I’m sure you had a wonderful trip. I’m another big believer in creating your reality. And good for you for creating this trip!

    Dale Mayer`s last blog was …Vampire in Denial is….FREE!!!

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