Falling For Fabio

Last weekend, I got to meet a legend in the romance writing world—Fabio!  A few other romance authors/friends and I stood in line for two hours to see the cover model, who is sponsoring a new protein shake.  He was very personable, took the time to really connect with his fans, and patiently took photos.

I remember one cover in particular that had me swooning over Fabio so many years ago—The Prince Of Midnight by Laura Kinsale.  There were quite a few such covers, however, so meeting him and taking a picture with him holding my own book, Shades of Desire, was awesome.


Fabio is over fifty now, but still quite handsome.  He held me against his side while we were taking pictures and I must say, he is still very fit, as well.  Maybe those protein shakes really help out!

My Random House editor sent me some concepts for my new Belladonna Agency series.  It’s a paranormal romantic suspense and I believe we’re going in quite a sexy direction.  I can’t wait to keep you posted!

Anyway, do you remember Fabio?  Have a favorite cover model or book cover?

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5 Responses to Falling For Fabio

  1. Edie Ramer says:

    Virna, what a great picture of you with Fabio! What fun!

    My favorite cover models have four legs and a tail. lol For whatever reason, if I see a cute dog or cat on a cover, I want to read the blurb, at least. Of course, everyone loves Jimmy Thomas as a cover model. Can’t go wrong with him.

  2. Amy Remus says:

    Hi Virna! I do remember Fabio. He doesn’t look all that different. I don’t know any cover models. I would love to watch a cover shoot sometime though. I think that would be cool! Good luck with your new series. I really gotta check out more of your books. 🙂
    Amy Remus`s last blog was …Review: DEADLY PURSUIT by Misty Evans

  3. Cyndi Faria says:

    Virna, I just love that photo of you and Fabio! And I love that he’s holding your book! Can’t wait to read your new series… Cyndi

    Cyndi’s last blog post was…www.cyndifaria.com/20-Ways-to-Deepen-Your-Writing-to-Keep-the-Reader-Engaged

  4. Virna, I used to have a life-sized cut out of Fabio in a loincloth. 🙂
    Karin* Tabke aka Harlow!`s last blog was …Blood Swords in France

  5. Hi Virna! I do remember Fabio! How fun for you to get your photo with him and your book. 🙂

    As a cover artist, I work a lot with Jimmy Thomas. Haven’t met him in person yet, but have had email contact – he seems very nice, and my friends who have met him agree that he’s very personable.

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