Micro Fiction

MP900405536It seems more and more I find myself pressed for time.  Not enough time to get my work done nor enough time to enjoy leisure activities.  I suspect it may be smoke and mirrors. I mean, the amount of time hasn’t changed so much as how many things there are vying for that time.

  • More television channels
  • More websites on the Internet
  • More social media invading my phone
  • More books being released
  • Less time away from the phone or computer

Our lives used to be more segmented.  You went TO the office to work.  You couldn’t talk on the phone while in the car. You couldn’t surf the Internet while at a baseball game. You couldn’t take photos and Tweet them from a concert.

I am always doing more than one thing at a time. So I’m thrilled when I find those little pockets of focused attention where I can enjoy just one thing.  Now, it needs to be brief.  So, the email that alerted me to BuzzFeed’s post featuring baby duck photos was a welcome ray of sunshine.

I’ve also started lurking on WattPad to read snippets of fiction. I can see why serials are becoming more and more popular. Wouldn’t it be great if someone blogged a small portion of a continuing story each day? Or how about all of us who are greedily reading stories on our smartphones while waiting in line at the grocery store?  Did you know there are now authors developing a writing style for that form of vertically scanning a story on a small screen?

And just the other day, my cousin Mia Knerly-Hess sent me a link to her recent blog short story Ships of the Desert.  We’re talking really short.  She based her story on a photo she’d seen, so do yourself a favor: follow the link to the story, and then read the story as you scroll down.  Don’t scroll all the way to the end or you’ll spoil it!  The story will take you less than five minutes to read. I hope it makes you smile and think.

If you like to read or have ever wanted to try your hand at micro fiction or serials, check out SerialTeller, a website devoted to serial fiction.

Do you enjoy serials or other types of short fiction? When do you find those little pockets in your day to read?

  1. I hardly have time to read books on my Kindle, but I’ll check out the links. Sometimes when I’m writing, and the cat jumps on my lap to be petted, my first instinct is “Not now! I don’t have time.”

    And then I pet her anyway, and we both feel better for it – even if I do forget what I was going to write. Some things are more important.

  2. I haven’t read serials – that is new to me. I’ll have to check out the links you provided. I do love to read on my phone when I am in the car waiting on someone or in line. I think that is how I read so many books – I always have my phone with me so I always have a book available. I have started reading more novellas when I can’t decide what longer book I want to read. Those are great, so I would probably like serials. Thanks for the post, Amy!