My Trip to Ireland!

With everything that’s been going on this summer—vacations, family visiting, the Romance Writers of America conference— I completely forgot to do my last blog and giveaway in which I was supposed to show you pictures of our June trip to Ireland. Better late than never!

Ireland 1We started our trip in Dublin. Although it’s the capital of Ireland, Dublin was actually small enough to get around pretty easily. In fact, we were able to walk pretty much everywhere we wanted to go…including to Dublin Castle. Although not much of the original building remains, it’s still where a lot of the government resides. There is also a nice little garden where people like to hang out, including the guy to the left who deserves his very own picture for being the only person in Ireland to wear short-shorts while most of us were wearing jeans and raincoats.Ireland 2

Our first trip outside of Dublin was to the Rock of Cashel (medieval remains) where there is a quaint town with shopping and restaurants. But it’s really the ruins of the original seat of the kings of Munster that you have to see!

Ireland 3After Cashel we traveled down to Killarney, which is a town with a beautiful national park, in fact the first national park in Ireland. The park has lots of trails and it seemed to be a place where locals cut through to get to town and walk their dogs. Not far from the town is an amazing 1800s mansion called Muckross House which is definitely worth a visit. I could have walked around Killarney and Muckross for a month and not have been tired of the place!Ireland 4

After Muckross it was on to the ruins of Blarney Castle. If you want to experience a typical medieval castle, this is the place to go! It’s tall and commanding, surrounded by beautiful landscape; truly impressive. And yes, we did kiss the Blarney stone, although it’s more difficult than you’d think; involves lying on the ground and bending back a little bit.Ireland 5

Our last stop was at the Cliffs of Moher in Western Ireland where the hills are large and stone fences and cottages abound. This area is stereotypical Ireland. The cliffs were truly awe-inspiring and it was the prefect way to end our vacation.

That was our summer adventure in a nutshell. Ireland was pretty much eTo capture a Rake Photoverything you’d expect…lovely people, rainy weather, brilliant green landscape. I would definitely visit there again! So what about you…what’s something you did this summer that stands out? As I said I missed my giveaway last time, so I’ve got a small prize pack for two winners… a signed printed copy of To Capture a Rake, and the CD version so you can listen in your car! Just make sure the kids aren’t with you. Tell me something fun you did this summer!

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9 Responses to My Trip to Ireland!

  1. Edie Ramer says:

    Lori, great pictures! What a lovely vacation. I can imagine you had a lot of inspiration for your books. Will one be set in Ireland soon? And it’s funny that it’s the second MM blog in a row that talks about Ireland. 🙂

  2. Kerry Johnston says:

    Can I tell you about the summer of 1995? I went to Ireland with my mother, her brother and sister. There was a Kelly Clan reunion in Roscommon, and my uncle and I got to break away and drive to one of the three Kelly castles in Galway (this one, near Monivea, was built and nearly destroyed within three years, thanks to another faction of Kellys). We popped a couple of Guinnesses and toasted the clan. What a wonderful trip!

  3. Kimberly Kasper says:

    My summer has been full of adventures! Well, the slice of summer I was able to enjoy that wasn’t filled with college and work. My husband and I are both full time students (Him: Masters Me: Bachelors) and work full time, we also have 4 children. With that being said, our summer break has been about a month long by the time we finished summer courses. Anywho…

    In the last few weeks we’ve spent time on the beach at Honeymoon Island, and countless days poolside at my Mother and Father in laws house. Last Weds we went to Legoland Florida with the kids. It was their first experience on roller coasters and it was amazing to see just how much they’ve grown! I honestly didn’t think they’d actually ride the rides there, I’m not going to lie some of them are intense! But not only did they ride the rides, they rode every single ride in the park! I was so impressed with how adventurous they were willing to be. It was a bittersweet time because the realization of just how much they are growing up slapped me in the face.

    On Thursday we went to the Wallaby Ranch in Davenport, Florida. My hubby has been wanting to go hang gliding, so as a gift for his graduation from the BSW program at USF, I bought him a tandem gliding experience. (Not sure how I’ll top that when he gets his Masters!) The staff at the Wallaby Ranch are amazing! After his flight, we spent the morning poolside until brunch with the Wallaby staff and other gliders was served. (They ring a huge bell to call everyone in since you are essentially in the middle of nowhere surrounds by thick woods and blue skies). After brunch we played a little volleyball, played on the playground and hopped back into the pool.

    This week we’re either going tandem sky diving (just the hubby and I) or taking the whole family down the Rainbow River. (2 hour tubing trip down a beautiful river here in Florida). We’ve been here for about 4 years now and this is the first summer that we’ve made time to embrace where we live and go on adventures as a family.

    I must say I’m terribly jealous that you were able to go to Ireland! I would love to see all of the pics you have. One day, along with writing a book, sky diving, hang gliding, bungee jumping, going to the hidden island in Mexico, and a million other things…I want to go to Ireland. I’m so intrigued by the Irish/Celtic culture. I love the lore from the land and I’m obsessed with Celtic symbols. I’m glad you had an amazing trip and you’ve earned yourself a new reader! (I found you through FB.)

    Have a lovely afternoon!

  4. 😎 hmmm…. the most interesting thing I did this summer was throw a surprise luau for my grandparent’s 50th Anniversary. There were over 300 people, hula dancing, Hawaiian food, and other live entertainment. Another interesting thing I did was imu a pig for the luau. That’s where we cook a 400 pound pig in a underground oven we dig up right before the pig goes in. The pig vooks for 8 hours (overnight). After it’s done it’s kalua pig. 🙂

    Btw I loooooooovvvvvveeeeeessss the pics! Ireland’s one of my top places to visit one day.

  5. Theresa Fischer says:

    I have always wanted to visit Ireland. Your photos are lovely. I did go to Florida and had a great time.

  6. Renee Fitch says:

    There were a couple great things that have gone on this summer.

    First, my mom retired this year. My fraternal twin sisters and I had a little party for her a couple days after her retirement. Yet to help keep her busy, we just recently went out on a pontoon boat for the day and got sunburnt. 🙂 We may not have been able to make any facial expressions for a few days without pain after that, but it was a great time hanging out with Mom, knowing she was out of the house and having fun. It was definitely needed. (She has had a lot of migraines, but those seem to have disappeared once she became retired.)

    Second, we had a Fourth of July party at one of my sister’s houses. (I think this was the third annual party ??) The guys (two of my brother-in-laws and husband) had got a bunch of fireworks and the show was spectacular. If you’re one of those that likes to “feel the fireworks in your chest”, then you would have definitely enjoyed it! The party was for the extended family and the small town where my brother-in-law is the mayor.

    P.S. – Those pictures of Ireland are so pretty!

  7. marilynbrant says:

    GORGEOUS pictures, Lori!!
    Glad to hear you had such an amazing trip!
    All of this talk of Ireland this week makes me want to go back there… 😉

  8. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip.

    I went many years ago to Ireland and the memories are still vivid. Would love to go again!

  9. Kimberly Kasper says:

    PS: I know you saw on FB but I had to share…I WENT SKYDIVING TODAY…and literally fell threw a cloud! It was the most amazing experience of my life.

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