I Could Have Danced All Night (+ a Giveaway!)

Recently, my husband and I roped our high-school-aged son into watching the classic movie musical “My Fair Lady” with us. Before he was born, we’d not only seen the film, but we’d watched the play onstage a couple of times, including one memorable performance in Chicago with Richard Chamberlain in the role of Professor Henry Higgins. So, we already loved the show. Our son? Well, let’s just say he didn’t react to the movie quite as enthusiastically as we’d hoped, LOL.

So, thinking that maybe he wasn’t ready for musicals set too far back in the past, I then tried to show him a few absolutely hilarious numbers from “Grease.” The reaction from our resident teen? Not impressed. Not at all. Not even with the “Greased Lightning” scene in all of its cheesy bawdiness.

So, I tried one more time — I figured “Rock of Ages” might be a hit since, after all, he knew lots of those ’80s songs already, thanks to having grown up with me as his mom. (Doesn’t everybody blast Journey or Foreigner in the car?!) Plus, I knew he listened to a few radio stations on his smart phone that featured songs from “the ’80s, ’90s and today.” He’d heard of Def Leppard! But, for some unknown reason, this movie didn’t win him over either.

To give my son a little credit, though, he’d already endured a number of live performances from Andrew Lloyd Webber shows and a version or two of “Footloose.” He gave them a chance but — while this isn’t something I’ve wanted to accept and keep hoping he’ll outgrow this attitude — the truth is that he’s just not that into musicals…sigh.

But, ohhhh, I am! I love them. And every time I hear this song below, I not only want to dance all night, but I want to sing along with Audrey Hepburn:

Do you enjoy musicals — either onstage or onscreen? Any favorite shows/songs that keep you humming for a few days afterward? Please share!! (It’ll cheer me up to get to talk with you all about them. 🙂 )

I’m hosting a giveaway this weekend for one PDF copy (winner’s choice!) of On Any Given Sundae, Double Dipping or Holiday Man, as well as a sneak peek PDF of the first chapter of my upcoming new adult romantic mystery, The Road to You. (There are no excerpts of this novel online yet — it’ll be released in early October!) All you need to do to be entered in the drawing is to leave a comment below. I’ll post the name of the winner in the comment section on Sunday night. Happy weekend, all!!

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Marilyn Brant is a chocolate addict, a music junkie and the USA TODAY bestselling author of ACCORDING TO JANE (2009), FRIDAY MORNINGS AT NINE (2010) and A SUMMER IN EUROPE (2011), all from Kensington Books, as well as a number of light romantic comedies, including THE SWEET TEMPTATIONS COLLECTION (2013) and PRIDE, PREJUDICE AND THE PERFECT MATCH (2013). Her latest novel -- a coming-of-age romantic mystery called THE ROAD TO YOU -- was just released in October 2013!
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25 Responses to I Could Have Danced All Night (+ a Giveaway!)

  1. Edie Ramer says:

    I enjoyed all the musicals you mentioned! I’d love to see Kinky Boots. I saw the movie (inter-library loan), and that was a lot of fun, though it wasn’t the musical. I highly recommend it. I liked Burlesque, too, and I was surprised it didn’t do better. I’d love to see more musicals and less action films.

  2. Amy says:

    Oh, Marilyn, I love musicals! My husband does not share my love for them nor does my 11 year old son. They both think it is weird for people to break out in song. Now my daughter loves them, but she is only 9 so I can’t show her things like Grease yet, so we watch a lot of her Disney shows that are musicals. We did catch Mama Mia on TV a few months ago and my daughter was in love with it (I think we watched it so many times it became a blog post for me about it). It had Meryl Streep and Amanda Seyfried in it. I have only seen musicals performed by high school students. I have yet to go to a professional musical, but I am guessing they have them in Chicago, right? That is only a couple hours away for me, so I should try to get to one!
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    • Amy,
      I *love* “Mamma Mia”!! That is such a fun, lighthearted musical (and I can assure you that my son would hate it, LOL). I’m so glad you and your daughter enjoyed it so much :). As for seeing professional musicals in Chicago — YES!!! Driving into the city takes about an hour for us and plays there can be pricey, but every once in a while we’ll go to a live show downtown and it’s always been a wonderful experience. The actors have *phenomenal* singing voices — I’m always in awe! — and I think you and your daughter would love these musicals.
      There are also some amazing dinner/theaters that have an entire cast of professional actors, so the performances are stellar. Marriott Lincolnshire Theatre is one of them. They’re located about 30-40 min. north of the city, but it’s a very kid-friendly environment (I used to take my classes on a field trip to the children’s shows when I was a teacher), and I’ve never seen a bad production there — not for kids or for adults. As an added bonus, if you decide to dine there, the food is delicious, too!!
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  3. One of my faves is Grease. Loved Jersey Boys. My husband likes the old standards like Singing in the Rain and White Christmas etc, which I endure…
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  4. CateS says:

    We’re fortunate to live in a college town. The university brings some really wonderful shows to their auditorium. We have tickets to West Side Story this year, at my husband’s request… I was kinda glad he didn’t want to see Mama Mia for the 3rd time. Seems like every time we’ve seen it on stage, the movie is on tv for months afterwards!

    • LOL about the movie playing for months after you saw it onstage, Cate!! That is too funny! I felt that way about “Footloose” for a month one time. We saw a fun dinner/theater version of the play, but then the movie seemed to be everywhere! The Kevin Bacon version was on TV…the newer one was in the movie theaters… 😉 Hope you’ll enjoy “West Side Story”!
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  5. Michelle Harlan says:

    I am a “musical” junkie. I’ve never seen any performed on stage (it’s on my bucket list), but I grew up watching all of the movie versions on AMC and TMC. A few of my personal favorites are Oklahoma and South Pacific. My absolute favorite is The King and I (1956) with Yul Brenner and Deborah Kerr. Movie magic! Of course, I love all of the old Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers movies, too. What’s not to love about all of that singing and dancing?!
    I’m very fortunate that my kids have grown up loving movie “musicals”. I freely admit to “brainwashing” them with Disney movies and the like so that they’d have an appreciation for the art of breaking out into song & dance. 😉 They’re now 13 and 10 and perfectly content to listen to mom play the soundtrack to Mama Mia (youngest’s fave) or Les Miserables (oldest’s fave) all day long.

    • Michelle, you’ve mentioned so many of my favorites! Maybe it was because I saw “Oklahoma” fairly early on, it made a big impression on me (that and “The Music Man” — I just fell in love with it!), but I was blown away by Les Mis as an adult, and I’ve been a long-time fan of Bing Crosby/Fred Astaire/etc. movie musicals. In fact, when I wrote Holiday Man, it was a major nod to “Holiday Inn,” and I even made sure to include that 4th of July tap number with the fireworks, LOL.
      By the way, I absolutely love your method of kid “brainwashing”!! Wish I would have thought to do that with my son years ago :).
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  6. Jennifer Leiker says:

    My favourite is “My Fair Lady”. And i also love “High Society”. But what I have seen on Broadway, well that may be harder to decide. I am a little partial to the shows my cousin has been in or famous people that I LOVE! Like Pajama Game with Harry Connick Jr. I swooned watching him on stage. I like Anything Goes and Throughly Modern Millie and Crazy for You due to the tap dancing, those three wore me out just watching! Phantom and Cats are always favourites. The last show I saw on Broadway was Wicked and that was great! I could keep going with the shows I’ve seen in New York, on tour and London!

    • Jennifer,
      Wow! You’ve seen some *fabulous* live performances!! I’ll bet watching Harry Connick Jr. was amazing… (I always loved watching him even on music videos, like when he sang “It Had to Be You” in “When Harry Met Sally” 🙂 ) How cool that your cousin has been in some shows, too! That must have made them especially fun to see. “Phantom” has been a favorite of mine almost since it came out — over 25 years ago now!! I shared a deep love of that particular show with my main character (Gwen) in A Summer in Europe because I wanted her to get to see it in London and be blown away by it! As for “Crazy for You”…happy sigh. That musical just makes me smile ;). That’s a soundtrack I’ve listened to in the car a lot. All those snappy Gershwin songs! And I know exactly what you mean about the tap — remarkable!!!
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  7. Debbie Haupt says:

    Marilyn, HI I LOVE,LOVE musicals
    I was even in a few in high school
    My favorite musical of all time is Camelot who could resist If Ever I Would Leave You
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  8. Liz Kreger says:

    Not a huge fan of musicals, Marilyn, but I do enjoy them ‘pon occasion. Love Grease and always seem to end up watching it if I see it on the tv listing. Darlin’ daughter used to watch it with me, but I guess the thrill is gone. The Sound of Music, however, will always be my favorite.

    • Well, you’re far from alone, Liz ;).
      So glad you love “Grease,” though — it’s got so many fun scenes! (I referenced it a few times in my upcoming book because I couldn’t help myself, LOL.) And “The Sound of Music” will always be the very *first* musical I fell in love with… I was in 3rd grade when the movie played on TV, and I watched every minute of it, spellbound.
      Hope you have a lovely weekend!
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  9. erika says:

    Hi Marilyn –

    I love musicals. My husband is a great sport about watching them – not sure if they are his favorite though. Grease and Footloose will always be favorites. Need to see Rock of Ages – can’t believe that I missed it when it came to Madison. Remember enjoying them in MS and HS when the school put them on. My mom loves them and I remember seeing South Pacific growing up. Just read one of your posts and yes the Sound of Music is also one that will be a favorite forever.

    • Erika!!!
      Agreeing with you about our MS and HS productions — they were always really fun to watch, and I was so impressed with what they were able to do at a relatively small school. Was it 8th grade when they did “The Music Man”?! That show just completely won me over ;).
      As for “Rock of Ages,” I have only seen the film, but I bet it would be such an exciting musical to see live!!
      BTW, we are l-o-n-g overdue for a catch-up conversation — if not in person, on the phone… Hope we’ll get to chat again soon!!
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  10. Kristine R says:

    Hi Merilyn I loved Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady. And I really like to watch Musicals. I have never watched “Rock of Ages” but will check it out. Since you already watched Footloose and Grease with your son maybe he may like Les Miserables , Mama Mia, Camp Rock, or High School Musical. I’ve never seen any performed on stage but would like to one day.

  11. Kristine,
    Wasn’t Audrey beautiful in that film?! I loved her in “Roman Holiday,” too, even without any singing at all ;).
    And thank you so much for the recommendations for my son! I hadn’t thought about “Camp Rock” — he might actually like that one — and it’s definitely worth giving it a shot! And I’m really hoping he’ll someday give “Les Miserables” a chance. I’d love for him to see it…
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  12. Lúthien84 says:

    I love watching musical movies like The Sound of Music, High School Musical and The Phantom of the Opera. In addition I also love Disney animation with songs in them such as Tangled, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid and Pocahontas. They may be more but these are all that I can remember.
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  13. Lúthien,
    We definitely share a bunch of favorites! I’ll always have a special love for “The Sound of Music” and “The Phantom of the Opera,” but you reminded me of those wonderful Disney mucials, too!! They were all so good, but I have a particular fondness for “The Little Mermaid.” So cute! 🙂
    Marilyn Brant`s last blog was …Upcoming Book Cover Reveal & Happy Left Hander’s Day!

  14. BeckyC says:

    I love musicals, but in my house, I watch them alone. I cannot convince my boys to join me. I occasional get out for a girls night out for some musical fun. I have watched most of the ones mentioned and after reading this post, I see it has been far too long since I sat and enjoyed one. Thank you for the giveaway!

    • Becky, thanks so much for visiting me here!!
      I’ve been fortunate that my husband (who did his graduate work in English lit and saw lots of plays before we met) has always been open to musicals and enjoys many of them. But, as you know (!!), I can totally sympathize when it comes to sons not wanting to join in…sigh. I’m glad you have friends with whom you can share the experience, though, and a night out with the girls is always such a fun thing to get to do 😛 .
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  15. Thanks so much to ALL of you for your comments this weekend!! I *loved* reading them :).

    I just did the random.org drawing and Michelle Harlan — congrats! You’re the winner of the PDF ebook copy and the sneak peek!! Just let me know which of the 3 ebooks you’d like (On Any Given Sundae, Double Dipping, or Holiday Man) and the best email address for me to send it to you. You can either post that here in the comments or send it to me privately at MarilynBrant AT Gmail DOT Com.

    Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead!
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