Conferences and Giveaways!

If you keep up with the romance community, you probably know that there are two major conferences every year for romance writers and readers. One is in the spring and it’s the Romantic Times convention, which is in New Orleans next year and already booking up fast. The second is in the summer and is called the Romance Writers of America Conference, or RWA. This summer that conference took place in Atlanta, not far from where I live, so of course I had to go!  These conferences are huge, and honestly…expensive.

Should you go if you’re a writer? If you have the money and if you can get roommates to help absorb the cost, yes! Even if you don’t plan to meet with agents or editors merely going to the workshops and hanging out with other authors is a great way to get into the writing spirit.

If you’re a reader you might want to think twice. Yeah, you can get a lot of free books (they have signings in which authors just hand them out!), but the $1,000-2,000 payment for the conference, imo isn’t worth the free books. If you are dying to meet a particular author check the public book signings. This is much, much cheaper; you can head to the hotel for a couple hours, get a signed book (this one you’ll have to pay for) and be on your way.

If you can’t get away that long or don’t want to pay the price for a large conference, check for smaller ones! RWA has local branches in every statephoto and many of them have their own mini conferences with some great authors.

I’m going to a brand new conference called the Indie Romance Convention Oct. 4-5th in Lebanon, TN. This conference is a quick drive and pretty cheap; the perfect opportunity to meet with readers, bloggers and other authors.

The fact is as an author we spend so much of our time alone, that we need to get out and socialize even if it’s only twice a year. And even better than meeting other authors is when we get to meet the readers who enjoy our books! How about you…have you ever gone to a book signing to meet your favorite author?

As for getting free books…yep, even I grab them! Check out my stash! And that’s after I’d given some away to friends and family. I’ve got to get rid of these books! To help I’m giving away two “surprise” packs, each pack will contain 2 books; one pack will be young adult books, and one will have adult romance books. Just tell me which surprise pack you want to be entered to win and leave your name! I’ll pick a winner for each pack!

  1. Oh, wow! My mother lives in Lebanon, TN. I’ve yet to attend a book signing or conference. It’d be great to finally get that experience and meet some authors, and fellow reader/bloggers.

    I’d like to be entered in the Young Adult prize pack drawing, please. Thanks!

  2. Let me see here…. I’d like the Young Adult books, but then again, I could go for the adult romance books (for I am adult…) too….. Honestly, doesn’t matter! 🙂

  3. Glad to hear you had a great time at the conventions and WOW, look at that stash!…adult romance books are what I prefer, thanks!

  4. You’re so lucky! I need to start going to some of these conventions so I can snag some free books too! With that being said, I would absolutely love the YA pack. I refuse to become a full-fledged adult and I will forever enjoy living in denial.

    <3 Kim

  5. Hi Lori – I am glad to hear you talk about the conferences because I have really wanted to go to the RT one, but it costs a lot of money, so I am glad to hear it isn’t worth the money for readers. The first time I learned about it was when it was happening in Chicago. I am only a couple hours form there and was bummed to have missed it. I have only been to one author event and that was a Lady Jane’s Naperville reading in which I got to meet some authors. It was a more intimate setting, so we had the chance to chat with the authors before and after the readings. One of the best things author-related, though, is when I actually planned a lunch with Misty Evans and Adrienne Giordano this summer. Since we all live within driving distance we met at a place in the middle for lunch. I know not all authors would do that, but I had already gotten to know these ladies for the past year online so they knew I wasn’t a crazy stalker. 🙂
    Amy`s last blog was …Review & Giveaway: TEMPTED IN THE TROPICS by Tracy March

    • Hey Amy. If you live in the Milwaukee/Chicago area, you might want to Barbara Vey’s Reader Luncheon which is held in April. She’ll have nearly a hundred authors there and oodles of readers. You’d love it. Her key note speaker for her next Luncheon will be Debbie Macomber and she has a wide range of authors spanning from contemporary romances to paranormal romances. There are also author/reader events a few days before the actual luncheon.

  6. Hey Lori. I love doin’ conferences … big and small. Personally, I think readers can get a lot out of conferences. Perhaps not as much as a writer, but there is more to be gained than just the free books … although that goes a long way. Me? I go mostly for the contact with my writer friends. It’s usually the only chance I get to see them. Oh, and don’t enter me in your drawing. Chances are good I have many of them. 😄

  7. I would so love to win the adult romance pack. I bet going to one of the conferences would be awesome.

  8. WOWA! I had no idea they were so expensive! Yikes! That would definitely take some saving 😉
    I would love the Young Adult pack!

  9. I’m good with anything and will review as well! I love to read all kinds of stuff, any topic, any author (in fact I prefer to NOT know the author’s name until I finish the book so I’m in no way judging by sex. However, you can always tell when a man is writing something versus a woman. Quite interesting if you try it out yourself!). 😆

  10. I would love to win the adult prize. I have never been to a book convention but I did not know about the pricing. Wow! But they do sound like fun