Amy Gamet, Author and Secret Sadist

I’m so pleased that Amy Gamet is my guest today. Dale Mayer and I are in a book set that Amy is spearheading, along with 8 other authors, titled the SUPER ROMANCE BUNDLE. As well as putting the Bundle  together and writing her own books, Amy is  a cover designer, a mom and a wife. She’s doing it all, and I don’t know how she does it. Enjoy her post on author sadism!

amygreenGood writers have to have a bit of a sadistic streak.  They create whole characters out of nothing, with personalities and quirks and challenges, and then torture them like ants under a sunlit magnifying glass.

MW_reduxThat’s the job of the author.  Torture.  If everything’s going well for the hero, he’s uninteresting and plain.  Give him a broken leg.  A broken heart.  Make him misunderstood.  Give him more baggage than a transatlantic airplane flight, and have the plane experience mechanical difficulties at forty thousand feet.

Sometimes when I’m writing a scene, my fingers grow still across the keys and I begin to drool out of the corner of my mouth.  That’s when I know it’s time to pull out that magnifying glass and ramp it up another notch.  If I’m bored, my characters must be getting along too well.

The only problem with that magnifying glass is that it tends to disrupt my carefully outlined story structure, burning little holes into the page until I can no longer find my way from Point A to Point B.  I call this, “writing myself into a corner”, and my husband rolls his eyes and says, “Did it again, eh?”

RomanceSuperBundleFlatCoverBut I wouldn’t change a thing.  Some of my most interesting stories have come out of this—shall we say—process.  Didn’t see that plot twist coming?  Neither did I!  Amazed that it all came together in the end?  Me, too!

My book Meant for Her was a tangled mess by the time I got done with it, and it works.  The reviewers consistently say they were completely surprised by its twists and turns.

Really?  You didn’t see that one coming? That was all part of the plan, my friend.  (*Taps magnifying glass on desk.*) All part of the plan.

What book or movie surprised or shocked you with a plot twist?

Meant for Her

Book Description

A code only she can break…  A man only she was made for…

MFH_reduxJulie Trueblood’s name is found alongside an encrypted message in the safe deposit box of a dead man, bringing Navy investigator Hank Jared to her door, looking for answers.  The daughter of the most infamous spy of the twenty-first century, Julie denies any knowledge of the man or the cipher and sends Hank away.

Hank is supposed to be in the Adirondacks walking his sister down the aisle, not chasing leads on a John Doe murder investigation that doesn’t even appear to be Navy-related. He’s a military man through and through, and while an order is an order, he hasn’t given up hope of finding a way to make the ceremony. When Julie contacts him and says her life is in danger, Hank finds the perfect place to hide her, right by his side, pretending to be his girlfriend at his sister’s wedding.  Now he just needs to remember their relationship is all an act.

Sparks fly between Hank and Julie as they defend against a hidden enemy and seek out the truth in this deadly game of cat-and-mouse. The coded message brought them together, but its secrets hold the power to tear them apart.  Guided by her generous and quirky Aunt Gwen, Julie will gather the courage to unravel the cipher that was meant for her to decode, as she learns to trust the man she was meant to love.

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13 Responses to Amy Gamet, Author and Secret Sadist

  1. Edie Ramer says:

    Amy, thanks so much for being our guest today. I love your writing, and it’s been great working with you on the Super Romance Bundle!

    I love surprises in books. I used to be addicted to mysteries, but after a while, I could guess what was going to happen, and that’s not good. Much more fun to turn the pages eagerly, in a hurry to find out the next plot twist that had unfolded in the author’s evil mind.

  2. Amy Gamet says:

    Thanks so much for having me on the blog today, Edie! I’ve enjoyed working with you on the Super Romance Bundle, and I loved Stardust Miracle!

  3. Amy, I don’t know how you do it all!

    The movie that shocked me with a plot twist was The Sixth Sense, though when I watched it again, I wondered how I’d missed some of the clues. Dan Brown’s new book Inferno has some great twists and turns, also.

  4. I always enjoy a book or movie that makes me say, “I did not see that coming, but I should have.”
    Mary Marvella`s last blog was …Protective Instincts

  5. Amy says:

    Hi Amy – it is nice to meet you here on MM! Your book sounds great. I do like it when books provide plenty of twists and turns. There have been several authors lately that have surprised me. Those are the books that make me go back and read it again to see what clues I missed. Congrats on your books and the anthology!
    Amy`s last blog was …Excerpt & Giveaway: TARGETED by Katie Reus

  6. Dale Mayer says:

    Hi Amy,

    Welcome to my home away from home! 🙂 You’ve done a wonderful job pulling the Romance Super Bundle together! Bravo!

    I love movies like Inception where the twists just keep twisting – kinda like my own books. lol.
    Dale Mayer`s last blog was …Promo, deals and more promo

  7. Liz Kreger says:

    Hi Amy. Chiming in a little late here, but welcome to blogging here at MM.

    Love it when a book or a movie takes an unexpected twist … as long as it works. I’m with Linda with regard to the Sixth Sense. I never saw that one coming. As a result, it remains one of my favorite movies.

  8. Hi Amy! Thanks for being here! Love the idea of taking out the magnifying glass to ramp it up another notch. Thank you for that! I’m writing right now and am going to keep that in the back of my mind. I also love surprises. Love when I thought something was going to happen and then the story veered in a totally different direction to take me by surprise.

    Congratulations on Meant For Her! It sounds great!
    Robin Bielman`s last blog was …Cover Love: Her Accidental Boyfriend

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