Fear of the Unknown

Although some of my dreams in life have changed over time, one goal has pretty much remained the same… I’ve always wanted to live by the beach. I’m a water person. I love the mystery of the sea, the nature, everything about it. Thanks to my husband’s excellent savings plan, we’ve actually hoarded away enough money that we were seriously thinking about putting a down payment on a house in Florida. We haven’t saved enough to actually move there, or buy a house directly on the beach, but because of the bad economy we can afford to buy a small place a few blocks from the water; a place that we would rent to vacationers.

So awhile back we drove the eight hours to Florida to check out some homes. As exciting as it was, and as much as I’ve always wanted it, the more homes we looked at the worse my fears grew. We were, after all, planning to use a huge chunk of our savings as a down payment. What if my husband lost his job? Then we won’t have health insurance, and what if one of use got horribly sick? What if the house didn’t rent, and we couldn’t afford to make the payments? What if a hurricane came and washed the entire house away? What if alien’s landed…

Yeah, the list goes on, and on, and on. As readers and writers, the sky is the limit on our imaginations, which can be a scary thing at times. Everyone has fears and worries, but I admit once in a while my imagination works to my detriment. I finally have the opportunity to see my dream (at least partially) fulfilled and I’m chickening out.

Of course I’m not the only one who lets her fears get in the way. As an author who can’t imagine doing anything else, I’m always stunned when I hear other writer’s say they are too afraid of rejection to send their work out. I had over seven years of rejection; it didn’t kill me and I’m actually making a living as an author.

And now that self-publishing has become popular I still hear about authors who (even though they are making very little money through New York) won’t self-publish because they are too afraid. Sure, I was scared to self-publish, but what did I have to lose? Not much, and the benefits have far out-weighed any of the fears. But that’s the thing about our fears…yeah, we all have them, but many, many times those worries are unfounded, and only keep us from truly enjoying life.

Every book I’ve ever written started with the question, can this really work? When I wrote my Seduction Series I knew it would be considered “different.” It’s about male whoLoriBrighton_ToSeduceanEarl_800px[1]res, after all. Despite my fears I wrote that first book, To Seduce an Earl. Many editors were interested, all ended up rejecting it. I could have given up then and there, but I had a story to tell, and so I self-published the first book. Then something really cool happened; Amazon’s Montlake Publishing took notice of book 1 and purchased it, along with books 2 and 3.

Today the third and final book in the series, To Please a Lady, is out and it couldn’t relate better to this topic…fear of the unfamiliar, the unknown. James and Eleanor, my hero and heroine, must find a way to overcome their fears of the unknown To Capture A Rakein order to establish that happily ever after.  Interested in more? Read the blurb below!

Eleanor wanted a night of passion. James just wanted to survive. Instead, they found an unexpected and forbidden love that threatens all they hold dear.

With her stunning beauty and impeccable reputation, Lady Eleanor Beckett is a society darling to emulate, respected by everyone in the ton. But Eleanor’s seemingly perfect life is marred by a dark secret. Determined to know happiness and passion just once, she travels in disguise to a place she’s heard whispers about for years: the infamous Lavender Hills Estate, a brothel that caters to women. There, she meets the surprisingly kind, strikingly handsome, and completely inappropriate James McKinnon, a man who may be just what she needs to melt the ice surrounding her broken heart.

James McKinnon is content at Lavender Hills Estate. Affable and handsome, it’s not surprising that James is one of Lady Lavender’s most popular men. He found the pLoriBrighton_ToPleaseaLadyath out of crippling poverty through Lavender Hills, and with the money he makes from his work, he is able to support his widowed mother and young sister. James is surprised to find he cares for Eleanor, the beauty with the sad eyes. After all, he’s never cared for a client before—caring interferes with business. Unfortunately, society would never accept a relationship between an escort and a lady.

Despite their stations, Eleanor and James can’t extinguish the passion they’ve ignited. Will they be able to break through the confines of London society, or will their forbidden love and complicated pasts destroy everything they care about—including each other?

To celebrate the release day, I’m giving away a printed, signed copy of To Please a Lady to 3 people who leave a comment! Let me know something you were/are afraid to do, or just say hi!

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15 Responses to Fear of the Unknown

  1. Edie Ramer says:

    Congratulations on your release!!! I love that blurb! And it sounds really fun to buy a house in Florida. A writer friend bought one in Ireland. I’d love to do that!

    I don’t like driving out of my comfort zone, but I have done often. I’m sure there are other things, but I can’t think of any right now.

  2. CateS says:

    Fear of heights… I’ll fly in any airplane, but you’ll never catch me jumping out of one on purpose.

  3. Congrats Lori! I am so happy to have a new Brighton book to read!

    I have been writing for a few years and I’m afraid to submit my manuscripts to publishers or try to self publish. I fear rejection.
    Danyel McDaniel`s last blog was …Meet the amazing RaeBeth McGee-Buda !

  4. Valarie Curran says:

    I love your books and cant wait to read this one. I am so happy that this book came out today, it made my bad day so much better. Thank you.

  5. DaLinda Mefford says:

    Lori, I LOVE your books, I have read several and hope I get to read this one soon!

  6. Alexandria says:

    i can’t wait to read these!! i was afraid to leave my family and country to move to mexico, but it was a great experience and taught me a lot of things about myself and i will always remember that time..

  7. Hi Lori! Congrats on your release! James and Eleanor’s story sounds great! My dream is also to live by the beach one day. I don’t live *that* far away now, but oh how I’d love to roll out of bed and be able to walk to the sand and put my feet in the ocean. I hope you get your dream home in Florida!
    Robin Bielman`s last blog was …Got HAB?

  8. marilynbrant says:

    HUGE congrats on your new release today, Lori!!
    The book sounds fantastic ;).
    marilynbrant`s last blog was …Happy Halloween!

  9. lola donnelley says:

    I would love a signed copy of your newest book. Love your writing.

  10. Dawn L says:

    First of all, I LOVE your books! 🙂

    There are many things I’m afraid OF … moths, dying a long agonizing death in an accident (would rather pass in my sleep), not making a difference in the world.

    Something I’m afraid to do … Actually try to publish a story. I have a lot of ideas; a lot of story lines; many “head” written stories, television series plots, movies … I can verbalize the entire thing, but whenever I try to put it on paper, it just doesn’t sound right.

  11. Amy R. says:

    Hi Lori – and congrats on the release! That is very exciting about your house in Florida! I would feel the same way you do and I think we all have some fear of the unknown. It is rare to meet someone that embraces change and the unknown with gusto. I wish you the best of luck on this new release and I have To Seduce an Earl on my bookshelf waiting to be read so I need to move that up on the list since this series sounds great!
    Amy R.`s last blog was …Character Interview & Giveaway: SOUTHERN FRIED BLUES by Jamie Farrell

  12. Marlee says:

    Loooove your books Lori! 😛
    I would have to say I am afraid of change!
    We all say we welcome it, but when it starts to happen,
    It throws me out of my comfort zone a bit.

  13. Lori, huge congrats on the release of your new book! And on it’s success 🙂

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