New Year’s Resolutions

calvin-hobbes-new-years-resolutionsWell, here we are. 2014. A new year full of new promise. This is a chance to reflect on past endeavors (both successes and failures) and future plans. I see that Michelle did a reflection of 2013 and revealed her plans for 2014 in her blog of January 1st. She’s accomplished a lot and makes me feel like a total slacker. 😉

Let’s see what I’ve done in 2013.

Still among the living. An accomplishment, in my opinion. 😆

Finally completed the urban fantasy that I’d been working on for far too long. I’m in the midst of the first round of revisions and they’re going very well. So I’m very pleased with that. Already there are ideas floating at the back of my mind for the sequel to this book, but I’m being good and concentrating on getting this book into stellar shape.

Hmm … let’s see, what else? Managed to break my right leg in September through a stupid slip and fall in the shower. That set me back a bit, but not for long. With physical therapy, I’m sorta re-learning how to walk since my left hip is still wonky.

So I guess you can say that 2013 was a rather slow year for me — writing-wise. I can be optimistic and make a New Year’s Resolution wherein I would write so many words each day, or set aside so many hours per week to write, but I know that I would break that resolution in … oh, probably about three weeks. I’ve never been one for making New Year’s Resolution since I’m well aware of the fact that I never keep ‘em.

Still, I do have high plans for 2014. Beyond finishing the revisions of my urban fantasy, I intend to submit it to my agent and see what she thinks. I also intend to get a start on the second urban fantasy that’s tapping at the back of my mind. I’m also playing with the idea of self-publishing a futuristic that I’ve had finished for quite some time.

2014So you see, I do have plans for the coming year. I just don’t intend to pressure myself into trying to keep a resolution. How ‘bout you? Are you a firm believer in making and keeping New Year’s Resolutions? And if so, how successful have you been in the past?

  1. Love the cartoon! We should all feel that way. And congrats on starting your revisions! Yay! I love that book.

    I plan on writing one or two short stories this year. I’d love to publish four books, too, but considering the short stories, I’ll be happy with three. I have a project on my mind, but it would requite a lot of organizational work, and I’m not sure if I’m ready for that. I might do it anyway.

    • Great that you have so many projects in the works, Edie. Still, if the project that you have percolating in your mind persists, you just might have to jump on it.

  2. Happy New Year, Liz. I’m so glad you’re working again, and I hope your agent loves the new UF!

    I’m working on a new website at the moment and I have a lot of releases coming up, so I’m busy, but very happy. I love being an author.

    • Love your enthusiasm, Misty. The work is going slow, but it is progressing. One would think that now that I’m working part-time at the day job that I’d have oodles of time to write, but given that it takes me about three times as long to accomplish anything physical, I consider myself lucky to get anything done. 🙄

    • Yeah, isn’t it amazing how much hinges on when the kids move out? 🙂 They just insist on hanging around.

      Glad that like Misty, you have lots coming out this year. Here’s hoping 2014 is a productive year for everyone.

  3. Happy New Year, Liz! I don’t make resolutions. I did in the past and could never keep them, either, so I gave up. 🙂 I agree, too much pressure! And don’t we have enough of that already? Best of luck with your urban fantasy!

    • Thanx, Robin. I’m with you. I used to make a resolution (or two or three) every year, but rarely kept them. Tends to lay a guilt trip on me. So I gave them up. Decided I was just perfect the way I am. 😈

    • No pressure for 2014 … that’s my goal for this year. Yeah, I’m likin’ that idea.

      And thanx for the vote of confidence on my UF. I really have a good feeling about this one. Enjoyed thinking it up, enjoyed writing it, even enjoying the revision stage. How sick is that?