Stealing Justice Release and Coauthoring A Book by Misty Evans

MistyEvans_StealingJustice_200pxCoauthoring a book is an interesting challenge. With today’s official release of Stealing Justice, the sexy romantic suspense book I wrote with Adrienne Giordano, a lot of writers are asking me what it’s like to work with another author. Adrienne and I have even been interviewed for a nonfiction book on partnerships releasing later this year. Authors want to know the pros and cons of coauthoring – the writing side and the business side.

Previously, I’d written a short story for promo purposes with author Michelle Miles. We had a great time splitting the characters (I wrote the heroine and she wrote the hero), and we divided chapters between our newsletters so subscribers had to belong to both our lists to get the full story. A lot of readers loved receiving a new addition once a month, and many were disappointed when we ended the serialized version of Secret Weapons.

That was so much fun, I asked Adrienne about doing a similar thing. She suggested we write an entire novel and see how it went. We used Google docs in the beginning to write together, and we did a lot of brainstorming. Once we knew our characters (she wrote the heroine and I wrote the hero), and had our plot down, we wrote some chapters on our own and critiqued each other’s. Our writing styles are similar, and we’re at similar stages in our lives, so we set goals and were flexible when life interfered with those goals.

We’re both business women, so we drew up a legal document, and we split all costs down the middle. Cross-promotion is key to marketing. We each have strengths in different areas, so promotion and social media tasks are divided accordingly.

I wouldn’t coauthor a book with just anyone. I believe it’s important to find a partner who’s on the same page with the same goals and expectations. Writing Stealing Justice was a hoot…and Adrienne and I have already started Cheating Justice, the next book in the series.

For those interested, please join our Stealing Justice Facebook party on Thursday, January 16th at We’re hosting a dozen other authors, as well as spotlighting SJ, and giving away prizes every hour!

Want to know more about Stealing Justice? Reviews are already in on Goodreads…

“If the books to follow are anything like this first book, they are sure to be amazing!”

“This was a GREAT book! It has it all – romance, suspense, and action.”

“If you like a feisty heroine that isn’t afraid to cross the line to help others in danger, you will love reading the story of Syd.”

Here’s the blurb:

If you love Scandal, you’ll love Stealing Justice…

Justice “Grey” Greystone was fired from the FBI for insubordination. Now the FBI wants him to use his renegade skills to take down a serial killer who’s above the law. To trap the Lion, Grey will need to send the perfect woman undercover.

Sydney Banfield runs a women’s shelter and bends the law daily to help victims of abuse escape their painful lives. Three of the women she’s recruited for government jobs have become victims of the Lion. If Syd has her way, the vicious killer will never touch another woman again.

Grey and Sydney set a trap—with Sydney as the sexy bait—but the Lion adds a complex twist to his homicidal agenda. With Sydney’s life on the line, Grey must race against the clock to catch a killer who’s as unstoppable as he is evil.

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About Misty Evans

USA Today Bestselling Author Misty Evans writes the award-winning Super Agent series, as well as urban fantasy and paranormal romance. She likes her coffee black, her conspiracy theories juicy, and her wicked characters dressed in couture. When her muse lets her on the internet to play, she’s on Facebook and Twitter.
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9 Responses to Stealing Justice Release and Coauthoring A Book by Misty Evans

  1. Edie Ramer says:

    Misty, this is such a great idea! I love the blurb, and that first line finds your readers right away. I’m looking forward to your FB party on Thursday!
    Edie Ramer`s last blog was …Free!

  2. Misty Evans says:

    Thank you, Edie! I’m so excited about this book and woke up to 25 reviews on Amazon already this morning. Woohoo! The characters seem to click with a lot of readers, so I hope they’ll spread the word and be excited for the next book, Cheating Justice, which will be out in a few months.

  3. Amy R. says:

    Happy Release Day, Misty! I was super excited when I found out the two of you were writing a book together. After all it was Adrienne that introduced me to your writing, and I love both of you so it was perfect for a super fan like me! Congrats on the book and best of luck with the series!

  4. Happy Book Birthday, Misty!! I’m so excited for you and Adrienne and wish you guys the very best. The book sounds terrific!

  5. Dale Mayer says:

    Awesome Misty! You are going places these days – go you!

    Love the concept and the blurb sounds awesome! Good luck with this one.
    Dale Mayer`s last blog was …Knock, Knock… book 5 of the Psychic Visions series is on SALE now!

  6. Misty, huge congratulations with your release, I know Adrienne, and I wish you both all the success in the world.
    Michelle Diener`s last blog was …Mistress of the Wind Virtual Book Tour Starts December 29th, 2013

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