Celebration and Giveaway Time

Mistress of the WindMistress of the Wind released toward the end of December, and since then, it’s been in the top ten of the iTunes Breakout Books for Fantasy and Science Fiction without once dropping out. It is #9 at the moment. This really makes me happy, and so I’m celebrating. 🙂

I am the first to admit I don’t celebrate enough. I need to be a bit kinder to myself when I finish a book or accomplish writing goals, so I’m hoping to do more of that this year.

We’ve just come out of a holiday season of celebrating, but aside from that, what makes you happy enough to celebrate in your life? Work goals met, personal stuff like weight-loss or going to the gym? Other things?

Tell me in the comments, and you’ll go in to a draw for either a print or Kindle copy of Mistress of the Wind so you can celebrate with me. I’ll keep it open until midnight Thursday.

WGOTShout out to a friend who should be celebrating:

My friend Claire Boston’s debut novel What Goes On Tour comes out on 11 February. I was sitting next to her in the audience when her manuscript was read out to a panel of agents and editors and was picked by an editor for a full read at the Romance Writers of Australia conference in Fremantle. The full read led to an offer of publication, so a big squee to Claire, and I hope she celebrates in style on 11 Feb!

And to celebrate with Claire, I’m adding a Kindle copy of What Goes on Tour to the giveaway for this post, so tell me what milestones you celebrate to win either a print or Kindle copy of Mistress of the Wind AND a Kindle copy of What Goes on Tour by Claire Boston.

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13 Responses to Celebration and Giveaway Time

  1. Edie Ramer says:

    Michelle, I’m so happy for you! The sales are very well deserved!

    I’m so thrilled with the way my next book, Crazy Sexy Love, turned out. I was thrilled with the previous one, too, Christmas at Angel Lake. I feel that with this series, I’ve come into my own.

    I followed the link to Claire’s book, and it sounds wonderful! Congrats to her!

  2. Kristine R says:

    Michelle I absolutely LOVE the cover of Mistress of the Wind. This is definitely a book to have in print copy. Congrats on your sales. What makes me happy enough to celebrate life well the year has just begun but hopefully something exciting happens, but family, great friends and pizza and chocolate. Until then I always have my novels to carry me to fantasy worlds and school to keep me busy.

  3. Barbara Elness says:

    Congrats on the great showing of Mistress of the Wind, that’s wonderful.
    Things that have made me happy enough to celebrate lately – my son’s marriage, reaching Lifetime member status in Weight Watchers, a great yoga class that kicked my butt in a good way, and finishing small projects around the house which have been nagging me to complete them.

  4. Congratulations, Michelle! That’s fantastic! And best wishes to Claire on her first book!!
    Robin Bielman`s last blog was …January Musings

  5. Dale Mayer says:

    Awesome Michelle! So happy to hear your good news. And excellent news for your friend. It’s a brave new world out there. 🙂
    Dale Mayer`s last blog was …Knock, Knock… book 5 of the Psychic Visions series is on SALE now!

  6. marilynbrant says:

    LOVE hearing such fab news about Mistress of the Wind, Michelle!
    As for what makes me want to celebrate? When good friends have good news 🙂 . When I accomplish a long, involved project (like finishing a novel — it’ll be a while before I get to celebrate that again, since I’ve still got a lot to write on my WIP), and pretty much anytime we manage a family get together for a happy occasion!
    marilynbrant`s last blog was …THE ROAD TO YOU ~ 99-Cent Special & Book Club Event!!

  7. Thanks, Marilyn, and I’m with you on celebrating the good news of friends.

    I also would like to celebrate the END of my WIP, but I have more than half to go 🙂

  8. Thanks so much for celebrating with me, Michelle. I’m so excited that my debut novel is out soon – only 12 days to go! (Can you tell I’m counting?) Congratulations on your high ranking in iTunes. You deserve it.

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