Distractions :)

small__6986957127I’m late in posting this blog post, and all I have to say in my defense is it was the distractions that done it! 🙂

Last night was Australian Olympic snowboarder Torah Bright’s appearance in the half-pipe finals, and I’m afraid to say I got so caught up in the whole thing, I forgot to post. It’s fun watching the Winter Olympics because everything seems so amazing. The jumps are spectacular, the speed is amazing, the skill incredible. Not that you don’t get these things in athletics, but winter sports have that magical, I-can-fly thing going for them. I also love the figure skating, and watched a really cute and technically amazing routine by the German competitors done to The Pink Panther, with the woman in a pink skin suit and the man dressed as a French policeman. Just such a lot of fun. More fun that the track / field / swimming Olympics, I think. It appeals to the whimsical in me.

I’m also a little distracted because I’ll be taking part in a panel discussion at the Fremantle City Library tomorrow for their Library Lovers Day, and I needed to do some preparation for that. I don’t often get to meet readers and I love doing so, so I’m looking forward to tomorrow immensely. If anyone reading this lives in Perth or Fremantle, in Western Australia, you can sign up for the event here (it’s free, they just need to know how many people are coming).

So, am I the only one distracted by the Winter Olympics? (The Tour de France can do it to me, too!) Or do you have something else that comes around once in a while that sucks you in, to the detriment of other things?

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2 Responses to Distractions :)

  1. Edie Ramer says:

    Michelle, I watched some of the Olympics. My favorite is the skating, but I didn’t always know when they were going on, so I missed a lot. The snowboarders are wild!

    Very exciting about the library appearance! I know you’ll be awesome! Wish I were there to see you talk.

  2. Amy R. says:

    The Olympics are on all the time at my house sort of as background noise it seems. I haven’t actually sat down to watch any of it, but have seen a bit here and there. And for a distraction? A good book always does that to me. When I think, “I”ll just read for a few minutes” an hour can go by…Have a good time at the appearance!
    Amy R.`s last blog was …Review & Giveaway: WIND CHIME CAFE by Sophie Moss

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