Review: Haunt Me by Heather Long

Haunt MeBook info:

Book Title: Haunt Me
Author name: Heather Long
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, Covet Imprint
Book Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publication date: 1/27/2014

Book Description:

Recently divorced author MacKenzie Dillon has lost her writing mojo. When she inherits her great aunt’s haunted house in Virginia, she is determined to make a new start. The creepy old house provides inspiration but at what cost?

Successful architect and paranormal skeptic Justin Kent returns to Penny Hollow to fulfill his father’s dying wish of revitalizing their small town. To do that, he needs the allegedly haunted estate at Summerfield. Mac, the new owner, may be gorgeous and spunky, but she refuses to sell.

These two have a dangerous history that spans the ages, but will they discover the truth in time to save their lives?

My Thoughts:

MacKenzie Dillon has hit her low. Reeling from the recent divorce from her controlling & manipulative ex, bitter from financial ruin created by him, and finding a void where her writing muse should be, MacKenzie feels inheriting her great-aunt’s estate, Summerfield, is a chance for a fresh start. Sure Summerfield comes with peeling wall paper, an over-grown garden, and it’s own haunted tales; however, MacKenzie can’t help but feel it’ll also be her refuge & her second chance.

Justin Kent had returned to Penny Hollow to fulfill his deceased father’s desire to reinvent the small dying town. Justin thought his bid on Summerfield was a done deal. When MacKenzie claimed her inheritance to the Summerfield estate, she took away Justin’s plans to make the estate the cornerstone to market Penny Hollow as “Virgina’s most haunted town”, thereby fulfilling requirements for his own inheritance.

Neither of these new neighbors was looking for the other’s help; neither MacKenzie nor Justin was looking for a potential love interest; and neither could’ve imagined that the draw they each had to Summerfield & each other had actually begun generations ago with the ghosts of ages pasts.

I’ve not read Heather Long before, but this paranormal romance, Haunt Me, has me curious about her other books. I’ll admit I tend to shy away from books deemed “romance” because I’m typically not into “heaving bosoms” & “rock-hard abs”, but this simmering romance was steamy without being slutty or cheesy. I appreciated Long’s character development as she took us through MacKenzie opening her heart to the possibility of love once again. I found the love story within a love story clever, but I also loved the fact that there was a ghost story going on as well! A quick & fun read that will keep you on your toes!

Reviewed by: Denise G

Four stars

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