Did you feel lucky?

Congrats to JenCW! Jen, you are the winner of the Amazon gift card! I will email you with prize claim details. Thanks!

Have you recovered from St. Patrick’s Day? Judging by my Facebook feed, lots of folks enjoyed green beer and some pretty fun celebrations.  At my house, we made sure to wear our green and look for leprechauns…though we didn’t find those tricky little guys.  Maybe next year.

I love St. Patrick’s Day (and not just because of the green beer!). For me, St. Patrick’s Day is a pretty magical time.  My eight-year-old will crawl through the grass trying to find a four-leaf clover.  And if he’s not combing the grass, then he’s looking to the sky in search of a rainbow…and a pot of gold.  While he’s searching, I’m looking with him. I’m baiting leprechaun traps, I’m poking through the grass for that special clover–and I am fully enjoying the magic.

Sometimes, I feel like it is easy to get bogged down in our day-to-day routines. School. Work. Cleaning. Repeat.  Time can pass in a homework blur or a carpool blur, and you forget to just stop…and look for magic.

I looked for my magic on St. Patrick’s Day, and even though I didn’t find my leprechaun, I still felt very, very lucky.

Did you?

Tell me how you like to keep the magic in your life.  One random commenter will be selected to win a $10 Amazon.com gift card. The giveaway will stay open until noon–Central time–on 3/20/14.

Good luck!!!

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17 Responses to Did you feel lucky?

  1. Edie Ramer says:

    I did nothing special for St. Patrick’s Day, but yesterday Liz and I saw the Veronica Mars Movie. Could I fudge and say that was a late celebration?

    I think you’re doing great even without that four-leafed clover. Congrats on your new bundle! It looks great!

  2. Amy Remus says:

    This is so true, Cynthia. I think it is time to shake things up in my house and change our routine and just slow down. Congrats on Sinful Seconds! It is waiting for me to read and I can’t wait to break into it. 🙂

  3. Misty Evans says:

    Great reminder, Cynthia! I have lots of magical items and good luck charms around. I change them out each month to keep things fresh. What I’m really ready for is a vacation. 🙂

    Congrats on Sinful Seconds. I loved the first boxed set, so I’ll have to grab this one too.

  4. JenCW says:

    Books are the biggest thing that keeps magic alive in my life. That and my child. Kids really make you believe in anything again.

  5. Shannon says:

    I consider myself lucky since my son was born on St Patty’s Day. He was a month early but it was just long enough for everything to be fully developed and not need any special medical intervention so I consider that very lucky.

  6. Viki S. says:

    Cynthia – I still think you have got to be one of the coolest moms ever :).

    I keep magic in my life via reading. Transporting to all the different worlds and situations is truly magical. And heck, I kicked cancers a** so magic is always present in my life :).

  7. Alexisa N says:

    How I keep the magic in my life READING!!! :mrgreen: Yes I love a good book. 😆 That and spending time with my daughter and friends. That the stuff magic is made of.

  8. Kimh says:

    Gardening watching sports, congrats on books
    Thanks 😎

  9. I’ve kissed the Blarney Stone, so I’m lucky by definition 🙂

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