Review: Love at Stake by Victoria Davies

LASBook Info:

Book Title: Love at Stake
Author: Victoria Davies
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, Covet Imprint
Genre: Paranormal
Publication Date: 1/27/14

Book Description:

Abbey is the lone human working for Fated Match, a company that pairs members of the supernatural community with their eternal mates.

To snag a young vampire socialite as their next client, Abbey journeys to the home of Lucian Redgrave, the oldest vampire on the East Coast. But he’s not willing to allow his vampire daughter to use the agency… unless Abbey can first find his perfect match in a month.

As Abbey coaches Lucian through his dates, she can’t deny the chemistry between them. But humans are toys for vampires, and risking her heart isn’t a part of the plan.

My Thoughts:

To put it simple, Love at Stake is super hot! I had long gotten over my vampire crush once the industry was completely saturated by vampire stories but decided to give another one a chance. The premise sounded interesting and I was in the mood for a fun paranormal romance. Davies did not disappoint. In fact, she had me crushing on vamps all over again! I loved the idea of a dating service pairing up different species of paranormals. So fun!

Our main love interest, Lucian Redgrave, is a very old, very high powered vamp. He is skeptical of a dating service being able to match him to his “mate”. As a result, him and Abbey end up spending time together (much to her dismay). She is determined to match him and he is determined to get her into his bed…and this is where it gets really fun!

I love our heroine, Abbey. She is feisty and headstrong. She doesn’t let people walk all over her. And especially not a centuries old vampire, no matter how enticing the offers. She does things on her own terms and I love that in a female lead character. It makes for a great buildup in the story because she doesn’t immediately fall into bed with him. She’s also described as being curvy and not the typical beauty ideal we see in a lot of print and movies. Major kudos to the author for that. Readers are more likely to connect to characters that are more attainable and Abbey is believable and likeable. The fact that she is human and being chased romantically by a vampire adds an interesting twist. It makes her more vulnerable and aware of her flaws.

Right away, Lucian and Abbey’s budding relationship gave me a little bit of a Fifty Shades vibe. (Which I was not unhappy about!) There’s also a vampire/werewolf love triangle thing going on, which just adds another romantic layer. ‘Love at Stake’ is sassy, sweet and also really sexy!

Reviewer: Chelsea

Four stars

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