Do Commercials Influence You?

curious cat.3I guess that’s a question most companies would love to have an answer to. Are you more likely to purchase a Toyota Camry because a famous race car driver is featured on its commercial? Or are you likely to run out and buy M&Ms because of the cute cartoonish characters?

Speaking for myself, I find them incredibly irritating. Last night I’d been watching the family channel for a good portion of the evening (Harry Potter marathon) and probably saw the same five or six commercials at each break. I mean, there’s only so many Samsung or Lego ads that I can stomach on any given evening. And don’t even get me started on the car commercials. Seems like ever other ad involves enticing the consumer to buy a new car.

But would this work for books? Now, if you are a regular reader of MagicalMusings, you know that our main concentration is on books, books and more books. We’re reader-holics. Drive past a bookstore and we begin to salivate. Let us get into one of said bookstore and all bets are off. I don’t normally leave any bookstore empty handed (although it has been know to happen … twice, maybe three times).

Sheila Clover-English of COS Productions is trying to do just that. Make commercials for books. Right know I believe she has done this on city buses … the ones which have little tv monitors every couple of seats. Not sure how much success she’s had, but she tells there is some. COS Productions also feeds into a local cable channel at any conference that either RT the Magazine or RWA puts on. Sheila runs a loop of commercials 24/7 while in that city. Again, this is primarily seen by writers but I’m willing to bet that the feed goes out to other household consumers. I’d have to ask Sheila how much success she’s had with the cable channel.

Would these ads influence me? Hell, yeah. As a reader, I’m forever on the outlook for a new author to try out. As a result, I pay attention to the commercials featuring books and writers.

Producing commercials requires a lot of talent and money. I understand getting a sixty second commercial during the Superbowl takes millions. Don’t know about the average commercial played during television shows or movies.

So … what say you? Do you pay attention to commercials and allow them to influence you into parting with a few hard-earned bucks? Or are you like me and view them as toilet breaks?

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Liz Kreger writes science fiction/romances and to date, has two books published by Samhain Publishing ... FORGET ABOUT TOMORROW and PROMISE FOR TOMORROW. Liz is presently branching out to contemporary paranormals and is experimenting with urban fantasy.
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7 Responses to Do Commercials Influence You?

  1. Edie Ramer says:

    Toyota commercials… No. But if there were book commercials… Hell, yeah! I do see the James Patterson commercials on regular TV. It must work for him, otherwise I don’t think he or the publisher would put the money into the commercials.

    It just occurred to me that Hallmark or the Lifetime channels might be a good place to put commercials for certain romances or women’s fiction. They might be less pricey than the other channels. Hmmm. Maybe something to talk to Sheila about some day.

    • Liz Kreger says:

      Hallmark channel? You could be right, Edie. That would be an ideal venue for commercials featuring romance books. The Family channel might be another good one to consider, if only to get in more variety than the five or six ads they ran incessively. 🙄

      • Edie Ramer says:

        Liz, feel free to tell Sheila my idea. 🙂 And the Family channel is a good one, too, for sweeter romances with kids – though I’m not sure if I get that. I don’t think I’ve watched it.

  2. Commercials don’t necessarily influence me to buy anything, so I like fun commercials. Like the Geico hump day camel one, or the Yellow M&M in the trunk of a car having no idea that he’s in trouble.
    Jennifer Estep`s last blog was …Conference schedule for 2014 …

    • Liz Kreger says:

      Oooo, that Geico commercial sets my teeth on edge, Jenn. Sorry. The lizard is sorta cute, but I think they’ve gone as far as they can with that one. Same thing with Flo from the Progressive Insurance commercials. The latest ones are just ridiculous. I’ll admit that the M&M commercials are cute.

  3. Mary Hughes says:

    I’ll watch something fun that happens to be an ad 🙂

    • Liz Kreger says:

      When I was home during the day re: medical reasons, Mary, you would not believe how many ads there are for law firms. Now, I work for a law firm and I found these to be particularly offensive. Nothing really wrong with them, but it just felt like the ambulance chasers had a new venue to use to drum up business. Yuk.

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