It’s my birthday! :)

I rarely blog on my birthday – I have a schedule to blog every second Friday and so far, this year is the first year that my birthday falls on my blog day. And mocha cakes of all kinds are my preferred cake. (hint, hint…)

Birthday cake

Normally, I make a huge deal on my kids’ birthdays and try to let mine go by without any fan fare. Not because I want to hide from the proof that every year is passing and I’m one year older. In truth, that part doesn’t matter to me. I’m not afraid of aging – besides I’m too busy to even notice most of the time. 🙂

And I rarely bought myself anything special to mark the day. My kids always did something for me and that was enough.

This year, I did something I’d been wanting to do for a long time and never could quite afford it. It’s more a business thing but as an author, I am a business person (really there is no choice anymore) and my birthday gift to myself this year was to hire a Virtual Assistant! 🙂 YAY me. It wasn’t my birthday that alerted me that I needed to destress, take more downtime, and share the workload. These are things I’ve been trying to do for a long time. But there’s nothing like a birthday to make you sit down and see how you can justify something you really want.

Well I went and did just that. Now we’ll see how that wonderful-in-theory plan works in reality. lol

Wish me luck!


Besides that gift to myself, my kids are taking me out for lunch, we’ll be having special lattes on the beach, and barbecuing steaks and prawns for dinner. I hope to spend most of the day relaxing, but will most likely be pounding on a keyboard instead! 🙂

Except come evening…when I have a couple of bottles of wine waiting for just this occasion. Now is it my birthday I’ll be celebrating – or finally being sensible and getting some help???

What do you do on your birthday?



  1. Happy birthday! I hope you have an awesome day and that you have a fabulous year in every way of your life. Good for you for hiring an assistant! You are leading the way for me.

    Your birthday plans sound lovely. Enjoy! You deserve it!

  2. Happy Birthday, Dale! How wonderful, a VA! Great way to de-stress 🙂 Your plans for the day sound awesome. Sending virtual mocha cakes too!

  3. Dale,
    Love the sound of your favorite birthday cakes and I think getting a virtual assistant is the *perfect* gift for a busy writer ;).
    What I usually do when my birthday rolls around is spend it having several lunch/dinner dates with friends and family. I love having the excuse to see everyone over the course of a week or two and am very happy to have cake and ice cream more than once, LOL.
    Enjoy your birthday weekend!!
    marilynbrant`s last blog was …Prepping for St. Patrick’s Day

  4. Happy Birthday, Dale! My birthday is coming up on Sunday, and I am like you – don’t make a big deal out of it. We usually go out to dinner and for me not having to cook or clean is a birthday gift itself. Also, congrats on hiring an assistant. I am sure that will be super helpful for you! 🙂
    Amy R`s last blog was …Conquering Jealousy

  5. Happy birthday, Dale! Sounds like the perfect gift for yourself, and the day you have planned sounds like heaven.

    We usually go to dinner on my birthday, and I have some friends over for coffee and cake and a good catch-up.

  6. … And a very happy birthday to you, Dale (one day late 🙁 ) I’m a firm believer in stretching out a birthday over an entire weekend (since mine usually falls on or around the Labor Day weekend), so take this opportunity to add a few days to April 6th. 😈

    Personally I love celebrating my birthday. I always viewed it as just one more under my belt, and given my present health, that’s sayin’ sumthin. 😎 .