New Release – Broken Protocols – a romantic comedy

Hi everyone,

My mind is a deep morasse of ideas that pop up dark and deadly thoughts on a regular basis. However, every once in a while, something much lighter surfaces. As these instances are so rare, I generally tug on them so I can take a look at them in the light. It’s a Dog’s Life was one example that worked out lovely.

About a month – maybe 2 months – I came up with another odd but fun idea. As is so typical of my writing, it crosses several genres: fantasy, time travel, romantic suspense and comedy. I guess it’s a throw-it-all-in-including-the-kitchen-sink type of idea.

Having just finished writing Rare Find, which is heavy, twisted and difficult to write, I was eager for something light and short. Broken Protocols was the result. It’s the first of 3 novellas in the series. And knowing me, there will be another series with the same characters down the road when I’m looking for another comedy to lighten my dark muse. Speaking of dark, still to come is Chilled by Death (book 3 in my By Death series, and Stefan’s story, book 7 in the Psychic Vision series.)

Much thanks to Edie for helping me with the blurb! 🙂

Broken Protocols

Broken Protocols 1.6


Dani’s been through a year of hell…

Just as it’s getting better, she’s tossed forward through time with her orange Persian cat, Charmin Marvin, clutched in her arms. They’re dropped into a few centuries into the future. There’s nothing she can do to stop it, and it’s impossible to go back

And then it gets worse…

A year of government regulation is easing, and Levi Blackburn is feeling back in control. If he can keep his reckless brother in check, everything will be perfect. But while he’s been protecting Milo from the government, Milo’s been busy working on a present for him…

The present is Dani, only she comes with a snarky cat who suddenly starts talking…and doesn’t know when to shut up.

In an age where breaking protocols have severe consequences, things go wrong, putting them all in danger…

Available now at Coming soon to B&N, Kobo, iTunes and GooglePlay!

I have to give a shout out to my son, Jason, for his work on this cover. I love it! 🙂 So readers – dark or light? Long or short? How do you like your stories?

About Dale Mayer

Dale Mayer writes romantic suspense, with or without paranormal elements like TUESDAY'S CHILD (2011) and now young adult books in various genres like DANGEROUS DESIGNS (2011). Writing stabilizes her in a life gone wild! The other stabilizers? Cheesecake and her four cats! Of course, she's dreaming to think she'll get a piece cheesecake once her four kids find out she's been baking!
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8 Responses to New Release – Broken Protocols – a romantic comedy

  1. Edie Ramer says:

    Congrats on another release! A very cool one, too. I was lucky enough to read it already, and it’s a fun read. Your cover is awesome, too, and I think the blurb turned out really well.

    I do like light books…but sometimes I like dark, too. When it comes to books, I like a variety. If I read the same kind of book all the time, I get bored.

    • Dale Mayer says:

      Hi Edie,

      I think the variety helps me to separate from some of my books. So the plots, characters, threads don’t blend in from one book to the other when I write.

      And thanks for the congrats! Glad this one is up! 🙂 It’s definitely quirky!
      Dale Mayer`s last blog was …Launch Party Winners!

  2. Mary Hughes says:

    Congratulations, Dale! I love fun stories. And I don’t think I’ve ever read one with a Persian cat, so I’m really looking forward to reading more of Broken Protocols!

    • Dale Mayer says:

      Hi Mary,

      I’m personally inundated in the flat faced suckers. lol. Love them dearly and never even considered putting one in this book, but he showed up there all on his own! 🙂
      Dale Mayer`s last blog was …Launch Party Winners!

  3. Amy R says:

    Congrats on the new release, Dale! The cover is very cool, too! Jason did a great job! I like all types of books, because I read a book depending on the mood I am in and the time I have. I like to mix up genres and if a book is lighter or darker. To me that makes each story stand apart.
    Amy R`s last blog was …Blogger Love: Kindles & Wine

  4. This sounds like a lot of fun, Dale! 🙂 I have moods of wanting short or long, dark or light. It just depends. But variety is always good!

  5. Dale Mayer says:

    Hi Michelle,
    I figure if nothing else, the variety is good for my muse!
    Dale Mayer`s last blog was …Broken Protocols is here!

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