The Shifter Mystique by Vivi Andrews

Award-winning (Golden Heart, RT Top Picks) author Vivi Andrews writes my favorite combination of sassy, steamy and smart. Please welcome Vivi in her first appearance at Magical Musings!

Recently a non-romance-reading friend of mine asked me what my upcoming book was about.  When I explained that Jaguar’s Kiss is a forbidden-love romance between the princess of a pride of lion shapeshifters and a sexy loner who shifts into a jaguar, the look he gave me could best be described as utter confusion.  He hadn’t been expecting big cats.  After some discussion, it became apparent my poor misguided friend couldn’t understand the appeal of shapeshifter romance, and I found myself in the position of trying to explain exactly why I find these stories so irresistible.

Was it the alpha male heroes?  They are so deliciously sexy—all power and authority and lovely bulgy muscles.  Dominant and determined and sexy and… *fans self*   Yeah.  What’s not to love?

Or is it the sensuality that naturally imbues a story about creatures that are so physical and possessing such heightened senses?  Shifters are dominated by instinct, in touch with their primal, animalistic sexual selves in a way that can be hot as hell.  Many shifter romances are written in a style that highlights that intense sensory body-awareness in a way that’s lush and vivid.  Hard to resist…

Or perhaps it’s the certainty involved in the popular fated mates trope in shifter romances?  The idea that there is a soul mate and when you find them you will sort of lock into place and there will be no doubt (and no questioning whether this is really the guy for you as you wade through the quagmire that human dating can be).  There’s a comfort in the feeling that the happily-ever-afters will make it all the way to the ever-after and when there’s a metaphysical mate-bond, it’s easy to believe they’re going to go the distance.

What do you think?  Why are shifters so dang sexy?  Alphas, animalism, mates?  All of the above?  Some other factor I haven’t considered?  The tight knit communities of packs and prides that exist in many of the books?  The sociopolitical elements of the shapeshifter worlds?  Or is just that we all dreamed of being able to transform into jaguars or wolves and run through the forest as kids (I know I did) and we never quite grew up?

Are you a shifter lover?  What makes them impossible for you to resist?

Jaguar's Kiss

Jaguar’s Kiss

To get what he wants, he’ll have to rattle her cage…

Lila Fallon, the Lone Pine Pride Alpha’s only daughter, has been betrothed since childhood to marry her father’s chosen successor. The match is designed to maintain peace by shoring up any cracks in pride solidarity.

She’s always known she would do her duty—she just never expected to meet a man who would tempt her to throw it all away.

As a black panther, Santiago Flores couldn’t be a less suitable mate for the Alpha’s purebred lioness daughter. But that doesn’t change the fact that for every one of the five years he’s been with the Lone Pine Pride, he’s been head-over-heels in love with her. And when the Alpha announces that Lila’s indefinite engagement is about to end in a very definite marriage, Santiago is through holding his peace.

From their very first kiss, Santiago rattles Lila’s neatly ordered world. But can a lioness who’s always lived to please everyone else risk everything to please herself?

Warning: This book contains tempting lone-wolf jaguars, lionesses who long for fairy tale endings, arranged marriages, tangled emotions and a pride full of trouble.

Available for pre-order: Amazon | Barnes&Noble | Samhain Publishing
30% off at Samhain through June 16!

Vivi Andrews

Vivi Andrews

Vivi Andrews is an award-winning paranormal romance novelist with a travel addiction. Born and raised in Alaska, she still lives in the frozen north when she isn’t bouncing around the globe. Whether at home or on the road, she’s always at work on her next happily-ever-after. For more about her books or the exploits of a nomadic author, please visit her website at, or find her on Facebook and Twitter.

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12 Responses to The Shifter Mystique by Vivi Andrews

  1. Mary Hughes says:

    Vivi, thanks for being my guest today, and your great post. I love your shifters and the way your characters explode from the page, and Jaguar’s Kiss looks like another awesome pair. But I also love how you think about what goes into your writing, and how well you express it! I love shifters for the wild side 🙂

    • Vivi Andrews says:

      Thank you so much for having me here today, Mary! I’m thrilled for the chance to gush about shiftery goodness. 😀 That wild side is pretty irresistible.

  2. Edie Ramer says:

    Vivi, thanks for being our guest today! I love the idea of a princess in love with someone who isn’t her prince. The same with the prince in love with the flower seller (or whatever). Something about those matches just appeals to me and makes the characters more interesting than if they did what was expected of them.

    • Vivi Andrews says:

      I’m right there with you, Edie. I’m such a sucker for a story about the princess pushing past what she “should” do to find the prince of her heart. Those Cinderella tales are my crack. (And now I feel the urge to watch Maid In Manhattan for the umpteenth time.)

      Thanks for letting me come play!

  3. Welcome, Vivi! I have a real soft spot for shifter stories. My friend Cynthia Eden got me hooked, and I also love Patricia Briggs, Ilona Andrews and Nalini Singh. They sort of cemented the appeal of this genre for me.

    I think it’s the power thing. Well, it is for me. A lot of raw power 🙂

    Your latest book sound wonderful, and all the best with it.

    • Vivi Andrews says:

      Thanks, Michelle! Power is so dang sexy, isn’t it?

      I fangirled all over Nalini Singh at RT last week. She was very gracious while I hyperventilated. And that right after I sat next to Ilona Andrews at the signing (thank you, Andrews ancestors, for linking me to her!). I had a lot of “I’m not worthy!” Wayne’s World moments. 😉

  4. Kris says:

    I love big, sexy alpha males with some wildness in their souls – shifter or otherwise!

    Aside from that, I guess the appeal of shifters for me comes down to fascination with the idea of men and women whose personalities and behaviors are influenced by animal traits when in their human skin, and who retain all or much of their human reasoning when in their animal skin. That duality would be amazing.

    • Vivi Andrews says:

      It is fun exploring how the traits of various animal co-pilots influence the shifters, isn’t it? Gotta love it when they get all territorial and growly. 🙂 Thanks for visiting, Kris!

  5. Cherie says:

    For me it’s “all of the above”. I love the mate bond, the strength and sensuality. I’m intrigued by the sociopolitical aspects of their world too. Basically, the shifter world just seems richer than one with just us humans.

    • Vivi Andrews says:

      Shifter lovers unite! 🙂 As a fellow lover of shifter and paranormal worlds, let’s hope the trend lasts and we get lots more shifter worlds to explore. Thanks for your comment, Cherie!

  6. Hi Vivi! *raises hand* I’m a shifter fan, too! Congrats on your upcoming release! I love your cover and the book sounds awesome!
    Robin Bielman`s last blog was …Let’s Get Wild + A Giveaway!

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