Guilty As Charged

Yep, I blew it this morning. What with the holiday weekend, I totally forgot that it was my turn to blog. (Thanx for the reminder, Edie). Well … I’m now here to rectify that mistake. Having this long weekend has thrown off my internal clock … big time.

2012 060My only defense is the fact that it’s a gorgeous day here in Wisconsin and I have a ton of gardening to get done. Due to various health issues, it has been around two years since I’d been able to do any decent type of gardening, so I’m absolutely wallowing in the dirt this year. (… and please, no comments about pigs wallowing in the mud, although the comparison is apt).

Anyway, I’m sure that like myself, many of you are enjoying the warmer weather and getting your gardens in. For the past two years my husband, John, tried so hard to maintain the many gardens I keep, but I have to say I have noticed that a number of my perennials have gone missing. Still, I can’t complain. He’s done a pretty good job considering the fact he wouldn’t know what a green thumb was if it bit him on the nose. (Is that even possible?):shock:

2012 057However, THIS year, despite still being on a cane and having a hip that’s more often than not killing me, I managed to get out there and begin the Great Garden Reconstruction. For reasons beyond my comprehension, John had decided to tear out three of my gardens and sod them over. Sacrilege! He gave me a song and dance about how this will make it easier on me to maintain the remaining six or so beds I have remaining. Yeah … right.:roll:  Like that stopped me from going overboard and buying a ton of perennials and annuals. Not a chance. There is no way I’m gonna admit to how much money I spent at the garden centers … but let’s just say it was obscene. I have little doubt that even with the diminished garden space, I’ll find homes for everything that I bought.

Because that’s just how us gardeners roll. :cool:

And yes … the pictures I’m adding to this blog were taken from my gardens.

So … are you taking advantage of this wonderful weather and laboring in the gardens? Or are you just wasting your time with going to picnics or BBQs?

C&H.4Either way … Happy Memorial Day to you and all of the Vets around the world who made the ultimate sacrifices so that the rest of us can remain free. They are the real heros in this day and age where sports figures, singers and actors are viewed as heros. Not in my book … not even close.

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Liz Kreger writes science fiction/romances and to date, has two books published by Samhain Publishing ... FORGET ABOUT TOMORROW and PROMISE FOR TOMORROW. Liz is presently branching out to contemporary paranormals and is experimenting with urban fantasy.
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8 Responses to Guilty As Charged

  1. Edie Ramer says:

    Liz, hubby does almost all the planting here, but for some reason he insists I do the big planter in the front. I found one big pot of red, orange and pink chrysanthemums. Last year we had marigolds. I loved them but this year I couldn’t find one big pot of them. I hope I love the chrysanthemums as much.

    • Liz Kreger says:

      John is normally in charge of everything outdoors EXCEPT the gardens. He got a bit of a crash course in it.

      The chrysanthemums should do well. They’re very pretty and well suited for pots. I had to go out and purchase a bunch of pots. When my little barrel fountain bit the dust last year, John constructed a layered structure that required different sized pots … which we didn’t have. Steins had a nice selection of plastic pots that look like they’re ceramic, and in a bunch of fun colors. Gotta love plastic. Not nearly as heavy as the real ceramic pots.

  2. Mary Hughes says:

    Liz, so wonderful to hear you’re doing well and doing up the gardens this summer! My husband does the vegetable gardens–he’s got the green thumb in the family. I do the flowers as long as they’re hardy like hostas and peonies. Can’t tell you how excited I was that my roses survived a second year! Hope to see more pictures of your gorgeous flowers next month too!

    • Liz Kreger says:

      And here I am late with responding to comments. The gorgeous day broke with thunder storms … which was wonderful. I didn’t have to go out and water the zillion plants I just got into the ground.

      Yeah, Mary, its a little tough to kill hostas and peonies. There is also Canadian Ginger which makes a great ground cover. Really pretty and really difficult to kill. Plus it doesn’t take over the garden.

  3. Dale Mayer says:

    Hi Liz,

    Happy Memorial Day. 🙂 And I do all the gardening, but this last couple of week, I, with my son, built new stairs and redid my deck, painted the huge fence around the house, and have cleaned up and seeded my gardens.

    Personally, I’m looking forward to a little rain. lol
    Dale Mayer`s last blog was …Broken Protocols is here!

    • Liz Kreger says:

      Whoa … can’t blame you there, Dale. That’s a hellava lot of projects. I think it would take us a good portion of the summer to accomplish that.

  4. It’s winter here in Western Australia, and for once, we’re getting a lot of rain. Yay! So no gardening for me. It’s pouring down most of the time, which makes me very happy, but keeps me indoors. 🙂

    PS: So agree with you about heroes.
    Michelle Diener`s last blog was …Release day: A Dangerous Madness

    • Liz Kreger says:

      Yeah, I figured you’d be in the midst of winter down under, Michelle. I remember my friend, Helen, actually calling me on the telephone to tell me they had snow. A whole half inch of it! 😯 She lives in Victoria, which normally has fairly mild winters. Still, she was thrilled, while I was pretty much unimpressed. Heh.

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