A Writer’s Day – and Free Books!

cat with computerI have a bundle with my internet provider. It also covers our land phone and our cable TV. So when there’s a problem with the provider, all three of that goes out. Those problems have been occurring daily lately, and a service person is scheduled for today to check it out. Also, my laptop had viruses, and these problems with our internet made me finally take my laptop in to be fixed. On the day I took it in, I sent this email to Dale:

We have a mouse that’s hiding in my office, and my cat is still pissed at me for taking her to the vet last week, so she’s not killing it. (That’s going in a book sometime.) And I made quinoa and wasn’t paying attention, and it boiled over – everywhere. It was awful. I ended up having to clean the stove. And then there was the computer stuff and I couldn’t make up my mind about Stardust. It’s just a weird day.

At the end, I wrote: “I’ve just decided that I might make a blog out of this. lol”

As you can see, I didn’t get much writing done that day. The problem is that I have too many days like that. I envy people with lives where everything runs smoothly. I don’t know people like that, but I think they’re out there. (I strongly suspect most of them are men with wives.)

Stardust Miracle 210x315 72dpiAs for the mention of Stardust in the message to Dale, I decided to revise Stardust Miracle, the first novel of the Miracle Interrupted series. When I wrote it, I didn’t want to put my heroine in a box. The book straddled women fiction and contemporary romance, with magical realism thrown in.

Most of my other books are more contempory romance, and I’m revising an element that some of my contemp romance readers don’t like. My heroine – who caught her minister husband cheating on her – has sex with someone besides the hero. Just once, and she soon realizes it’s a mistake.

In real life, I think that does happens. It certainly happens on TV all the time. But that scene in the book bothered some readers. Because it offended them, it festered in my mind for a couple of years. (Hey, who said I was impulsive?) Finally all that festering boiled up, and I thought of a change to the scene that will be very … different. Not what anyone would expect. Just thinking about it makes me snicker.

I’m writing this post on Friday night, and I plan on writing the scene tomorrow. But it might depend on how smoothly the day goes. Or if my internet works. And just maybe, if I’m lucky, my cat will kill the mouse while I’m sleeping.

What about you? Do you get days like that?

**The Stardust Miracle revision is done now, and I really enjoy the new twist. As I read it, I did a lot of tweaking, too. I have it free everywhere now! Dale Mayer also has many free books. Here’s her Amazon page. And I have a few, so here’s mine. And in case you’re wondering, my cat hasn’t killed the mouse yet, and we have no idea where it is.


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10 Responses to A Writer’s Day – and Free Books!

  1. Mary Hughes says:

    Yikes! I’ve had days like that–the more I’m wanting to get things done the more it seems things go worng. Wrong, lol. Hope your computer is better.

    Thanks for the free books!!
    Mary Hughes`s last blog was …Top 10 Posts Countdown #4

    • Edie Ramer says:

      My laptop seems to be working now. The cable guy is coming this afternoon. I hope he finds out what’s wrong with our connection.

  2. Amy R says:

    Hi Edie – Sorry you are having days like that! I think we all have days like that and when that happens to me I just keep wondering if I need a vacation. LOL. Of course, I can’t just leave on a vacation anytime I want. But, sometimes I do want to just call in sick and stay home to read a book. Take me into someone else’s crazy life!

    Congrats on the rewrite or Stardust Miracle! I read that book but I don’t remember the scene you were talking about – I guess it must not have bothered me much! 🙂
    Amy R`s last blog was …Review: THE ART OF RACING IN THE RAIN by Garth Stein

    • Edie Ramer says:

      Hey, Amy, a vacation sounds good right now – but I think we’ll wait until fall. Every once in a while, I do take off a day and read a book. Usually after I finished a project. It’s a reward, and it’s also part of my job. 🙂

      And thanks! I didn’t think you would be offended by what happened in Stardust. To me, it was part of the heroine’s journey, which was why I didn’t jump to change it. I like my new idea, though. I think readers will like it, too.

  3. Oh, I have days like that, too! Computers and I especially have a love-hate relationship. LOL I’m glad your laptop is working now! Have a good week! <3
    Robin Bielman`s last blog was …FREE Read! Plus a Giveaway!

  4. Liz Kreger says:

    I think we all have days like that, Edie … where no matter what you do, something goes wrong. Even those who appear to have their sh*t together. Hope everything is under control again. If not, tomorrow’s another day.

    • Edie Ramer says:

      Liz, my cat’s forgiven me now. She’s on my lap more often, wanting me to pet her, and last night she seemed to be stalking the mouse. I didn’t find it dead this morning, but I suspect its days are not going to be long…

  5. Dale Mayer says:

    Hi Edie,

    Thanks for the shout out! 🙂
    It seems like there are more days like that then there should be – especially lately! I keep trying to find a routine and stick to it, but that goes out the window as soon as I get out of bed. Here’s hoping there better days ahead!
    Dale Mayer`s last blog was …Broken Protocols is here!

    • Edie Ramer says:

      Dale, it seems to me that I can remember a time when my life was less convoluted. But as I think a little more, that was when we weren’t published. Now it feels that I’m balancing multiple balls, and they’re all a little out of control.

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