Things that inspire

photo (62)A week or so ago I took the photo on this blog while I was out walking. It inspired me to include a rainbow in a scene I was working on (needless to say, it looked even more awesome in real life :)).

I also heard a really funny story from one of the moms at school today, about how she found a guy in her back garden who was hiding from the police. She’s from Scotland, and has that really dry sense of humour so many Scots have. I was laughing as she explained what was going through her head and the conversation she had with the man, and thinking at the same time how I’m most definitely going to use some of it in a book.

Other things that inspire me are well-written books that make me want to do better, dig deeper, reach higher when I write myself. Songs and movies are also wonderful breeding grounds for great ideas. I love that inspired work can, in turn, inspire, and that artists can feed their creativity through watching, reading or listening to the creativity of others.

Someone I know was inspired, when she saw a beautiful quilt, to try her hand at quilting, and as her first project is nearly done, her pride and satisfaction in what she’s achieved is inspirational in itself.

Everyone has something that inspires them. Either to do better at their jobs or in their personal life, or to pursue a creative outlet.

What inspires you?

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Michelle Diener writes historical fiction and fantasy. To find out more about her and her novels, you can visit her website.
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8 Responses to Things that inspire

  1. Edie Ramer says:

    Wow, so many things inspire me. Definitely other authors and blogs like this one. Often just a random comment or thought. Or someone’s bravery. Or cowardice. Or what someone didn’t say but could have said. Life is filled with inspiration, and I love it as an author and a person. 🙂

  2. Mary Hughes says:

    Hi, Michelle,

    Your post definitely inspires me, to look beyond the things that happen in my day to the people and feelings and wonder and humor inside them 🙂

  3. Amy R says:

    Hi Michelle – Great post! So many things inspire me but I think most of all people do. The joy and love I experience just from spending time with people in person or even online inspires me as a person to be the best I can be. I have a quote in my office from Steve Martin that says, “Be so good they can’t ignore you.” That is a reminder that if I am the best person I can be it will filter out in my friendships, my work, etc.

  4. Liz Kreger says:

    Well, I’ve certainly been at my job long enough that it would take a lot to find any inspiration there … although I gotta admit that in the legal field, there’s always something new to be found in the people and cases we handle … usually through their own stupidity.

    Last fall I took up floral decorating. Never had much interest before other than an appreciation for other people who can do that, but I find that I’m pretty darned good at it. So, now family and friends get gifts of hand-made items and treats. I find the process of creating these items a huge relaxation and experience a deep satisfaction in being able to create something so lovely. Family and friends don’t quite get this sudden new hobby, but they can deal with it. 😆

    Great photo, by the way. Don’t you love being able to capture something so unexpected?

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