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photo credit: wrumsby via photopin cc

photo credit: wrumsby via photopin cc

I bought a new laptop yesterday, or rather, it was delivered yesterday, and literally since it arrived yesterday afternoon and the whole of today, I haven’t done any writing at all. All my time has been spent working out how the new stuff works.


I know it’s only temporary, and that soon everything will be second nature, but the learning curve is such a time-suck. Especially as I’ve gone from a Windows-based laptop to a MacBook Air. I never thought this day would come, LOL!

When I was deciding what to get, I worked out the thing that was most important to me was battery time. I like to move around and work all over the house, or work at the library or a coffee shop, and I need a long battery life. My old laptop was never very good at that, and was down to about a half hour at the end there.

So I picked the MacBook Air with its 12 hours of battery time, forgetting I just wasn’t used to Apple software. It’s been painful. But I think I’m over the hump now. Even if it did take me 20 minutes just to get out of my document in order to write this post, because I used shortcut keys I used to use on my Dell laptop, which did something funny to the Mac, and I eventually had to shut the computer down to exit.


What about you? Do you stick to the same product once you’re used to it, to avoid a whole new system? That was me for the last 20 years, so I’m with you there. Or sometimes does a new feature tempt you into new territory, like the Mac’s battery time did for me?

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  1. Mary Hughes says:

    Hi, Michelle,

    I hear you about the learning curve πŸ™‚ I usually stick with something that works, although if I see a better way I’ll give it a try. The biggest surprise to me is my tablet. I thought it would be a toy, games in the waiting room, but I find it lets me do email and other work anywhere out of the office. Love it!

    Hope you’re enjoying your new Mac!

    • Mary, I agree about a tablet. My husband was given an iPad mini as a speaker gift at a conference he attended, and because he already has an iPad, he gave it to me. I didn’t think I’d use it much, but I really, really do. Every day. I think that was the tipping point in deciding on the MacBook Air, although the 12 hours battery time was a huge plus.

  2. I tend to stick with the same product … until it finally dies. But then, I usually find that the new technology has lots of fun, useful features, and I’m wondering why I didn’t check it out sooner.
    Jennifer Estep`s last blog was …Finale fun … or not …

  3. Edie Ramer says:

    I stick to the same product, and I hate change. I almost got a Mac, because I wanted to upload my books to Apple instead of going through Smashwords – but then I talked Amy Atwell into doing it for me. And now she has a business doing that. lol

    Good luck with your Mac!

    • LOL. That worked out well for everyone. I couldn’t use Amy for Apple because it’s more complicated if you live in Australia, like I do, but I’m glad she started her business, that’s for sure.

  4. Dale Mayer says:

    Hi Michelle,

    I have a love hate relationship with technology. I love getting stuff but absolutely hate the learning curve! I’ve been considering getting a MAC. Not there yet. lol.
    Dale Mayer`s last blog was …Broken Protocols is here!

  5. Ada says:

    I’m not a fan of learning new technology. I had a similar problem – I’m a Windows girl through and through but when I started a new job a few years ago, they laptop they gave me to work with was a brand new Mac and I’d never used a Mac before. After it slowed my output down so much, they agreed to put one of those programs that uses the partition and allows me to use the Windows interface on the Mac. Since then, it’s been smooth sailing! :mrgreen:

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